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  1. So far I have just viewed it on a PC. (a Windows XP machine lol!) The new notifications are neat. The new way of quoting is what is catching on. Ad placement is annoying but hey, it pays for things. Really on my old PC it loads pretty well.
  2. I may have. You said nothing offensive. The news is on so perhaps I am just in a sensitive mood. My bias towards unusual coins is showing.
  3. The point of collecting coins is to have neat things to look at and I think its neat as can be. A better find than showing up on the mint website and ordering some 2017 MS69's or having ordered some 1985 MS69's. JoeVeteran, I'd put it someplace I could show it off to people. Its a neat thing that may start conversations. Whatever you do, before you push it into a soda machine PM me!
  4. In my loud opinions: It is a security blanked against our perceived inability to judge how much we like any particular coin for ourselves. It is some verification the grading company wasn't high on submission day. People like certifications or validation. Everyone wants to be "the best".
  5. I am a dabbler or newb myself but I think you are on the right track. Advice from me: Enjoy yourself. Focus on one type first. I say the Lincoln cents. Most are relatively inexpensive but get familiar with what from the run is rare and keep an eye out for it. I'd make a set for me then other sets of commons and auction them for fun on fleabay or give them to your younger family members. Sounds like you have a huge number. Edit: drop in on a coin store or coin show and get a look at various grades and rarieties first hand. When you get bored with those go on to the next.
  6. Guys, what do you see which singles it out as a fake? I have not developed the eye yet. To answe the OP's question, it is my understanding even a cleaned common date Peace dollar is worth silver melt value.
  7. These guys are not your friends. If they were mine I wouldn't associate with them any longer. This is a good article someone posted back in page 1. "He was dead center of his next misadventure after launching a coin grading agency, Numismatic Certification Institute, in 1984. It, too, went out of business, after the FTC found that Halperin was giving inflated grades to coins and marketing them through a Heritage-backed outfit called Certified Rare Coin Galleries. Using television ads to draw in victims, they sold high-grade silver and gold U.S. coins for more than twice what they would have fetched in more-reputable retail channels. Heritage agreed in 1989 to pay $1.2 million in restitution. The FTC also insisted that the company include a document with every NCI-assessed coin stating that it had been graded according to loose standards. Halperin shuttered NCI, but insists most of the grades he gave then would hold up on regrading today." "Still, Halperin has found a way to exploit the system. In lieu of running his own grading agency, he has invested in them and, by his own admission, has made millions in capital gains over the years (the agencies process perhaps 60,000 coins a month). He and Ivy each own close to 12.5% of NGC, and Heritage recently bought a music memorabilia auction business from Collector’s Universe, the publicly traded company that owns PCGS and similar grading services for baseball cards and postage stamps."
  8. Let me start by saying the century long effective act of genocide the United States committed was terrible. I will also say if I were President i the 1880's I dunno what I would have done. 1820's I might have stopped it. Our disagreement comes in regarding the military prowess of the Native Americans. If we are talking any one unit fine, but they had a military industrial complex and lack of unity problem themselves. Perhaps if the Sioux could not tell the difference between themselves and the Comanche or Apache or Cherokee but their world view was on par with Europeans of the time who seriously thought there were differences between the Irish and British and Welsh and Scottish not to mention whites and blacks.
  9. Hey buddy. You do good work but it creates a bit of controversy. Don't be too embarrassed to put "David Carr Overstrike" on the ridge. My guess is that would clear up alot of hate.
  10. What did they do wrong? They all essentially authenticate them now without too many sneaking by, right?
  11. I blame the economy in general. My work doesn't sell coins but we are selling more quality items than a couple years ago but not stumbling into "free money" like back in '05 and '06. Give people a bunch of money to pull out of their houses based on imaginary refinanced values and the coin market would improve again.
  12. Seems a good percentage of the letters typed on the board are complaining about the accuracy of grades given to coins. After watching the Olympics I have determined one Judge's (er, grader's) 10 or 70 is another's 8 or 68. Do any grading company's offer an option to have your coin encapsulated and certified as "Authentic and Uncleaned" or undamaged or whatever? They can even include a high res neutral light photograph of each side for an additional dollar. In my position of just collecting relatively inexpensive coins I can live with just knowing what I'm buying on ebay is really a $20 Flying Eagle or whatever. The fun is picking one with good eye appeal for whatever quality I want to pay for. This should hold down our costs tied up in grading and resubmitting thus putting more $'s into coins and the hobby itself which would help our coin values.
  13. Don't be offended. I have a MarkVIII and while I have driven it 90,000 miles I really want something different next time. Life is only so long ya know. So if you were hanging about asking what I'd give you for one I'd low ball you.