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  1. Pittman without a doubt. It would be especially nice if you could get a gold coin from his collection that could also be attributed to the Farouk sale.
  2. I attended the ANA Convention in Chicago in 1991. While out for dinner one night, I think at Garibaldi's near the convention center, I saw Breen at a table with several young boys. I thought that was a little strange. This was sometime around the time that he was charged with child molestation involving a 13-year-old boy which resulted in a conviction and his incarceration. What a sick person he was.
  3. Slides I probably took in the 1970s(?) of the Lilly Gold Collection when it was displayed at the Smithsonian. I scanned them all with a Nikon Coolpix scanner in 2008. The quality stinks but it gives you some idea of scope of what was there at one time.
  4. I don't have the info but what have populations done during that time period? Unlikely that original rolls of bust dollars or kegs of uncirculated large cents are out there but boxes of proof silver eagles, that's probably another story. I would think as long as more come out of hiding and get submitted prices will continue to drop.
  5. Condor101, It is actually 17mm by 17mm and closer to 20 grains so maybe more like three or four sheets of copy paper. In hand it is more rigid than you would think and looks about 1/3 the thickness of a Austria 1 Ducat gold or about 1/4? the thickness of a dime.
  6. Just got home from the GNA show in Dalton GA where it was scanned with a spectrometer at the Southern Precious Metals Exchange booth where it registered as .9803 fine or 23K. I bought it in 1986 from a very reputable dealer so I wasn't worried about it but after reading the comments here I figured I better check it out. Guess I need to take some better pictures and maybe weigh it again. Whoops, make that .9603 fine, not .9803.
  7. Ali, Over a year ago I submitted the following request..... "Message: How about creating a new competitive set titled Liberty Head Half Eagles 1839 - 1908 one per mint The Liberty Half Eagle is the only series coined at seven different mints, Philadelphia, Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega, Denver, New Orleans and San Francisco. It would be nice to have a competitive set for these. (PCGS has such a set) Regards, Tom" On January 17, 2014 I received a response from you indicated my request had been approved and it was being added to the list. To my knowledge that set is still not