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  1. It is silver. This site here should help you determine what you have.
  2. I am not seeing it, just a regular 1960 penny.
  3. Yea, not too valuable, just your regular silver war nickels and a 1954 nickel. There are some different varieties to the nickel. I believe how many "steps" that are in front of the Monticello could determine the value greater or not. Some info on the steps here: Although by those pictures I don't think you'll be able to tell how many steps there are on those coins. You got about 2.60$ in silver there, figure you'll get around that for the nickels.
  4. Were you able to get this authenticated? This coin doesnt appear right to me.
  5. That's often how I look at coins - if it doesn't look right, or your brain is telling you something is "off," go with your gut.
  6. You know, my skepticism was the same about NGC not supplying the info, as they should if their grading it right? How can one go about grading the coin with no info on it to back it? Then I thought,"it's NGC... they wouldnt make a mistake like that would they?" I wonder if there's someone I could contact about this, maybe if I just called them up? haha
  7. its funny you say a shipwreck coin like the atocha because I have one of those. Probably one of my favorite coins. Yea the premium is steep on these, and I feel like all the research in the world wont give me an actual fair ballpark figure. I havent come across any web sites yet with price guides and such, and like you said, NGC doesnt supply any info on the coin.
  8. Thanks Tom, I will check out the site. I have only been looking at these slabs because I wasnt sure if there were a lot of fakes out there and how to determine if one is a fake lol. I am wet behind the ears with these coins. That price does seem a little steep, I veered away from that particular coin. Well if you ever happen to pick up any coins, please share! Been nice talking with you Tom. -Peter
  9. HOLY COW MAN! I am looking at a few of them now and boy oh boy are they sexy. The gold tone of it is something extraordinary I tell ya. I think I have to own one of these now Tom! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!?!?!? hahaha. I like your idea on collecting the silver coinage from each empress. It's really hard to tell where to start with these coins. I think its really all about preference, just like anything else. There is a lot of varieties of each coin too as you probably already know. I think for me I am going to start checking more of these gold ones out. Expensive but I wouldn't mind selling off some silver bullion for one of those gold bad boys. As far as starting your collection, what do you think about this coin? Price fair you think? I might snag it..
  10. Good stuff Tom, I have my eye on one of those already hehehe. I'm hoping one like it will be around when I'm willing to spend the money. This recent buying binge has to come to an end soon or I'm gonna end up at the poor house! Fortunately though, the prices seem reasonable for coins that are so ancient. I honestly would have imagined these coins to be unattainable as the value would be ridiculous. Apparently they're more common than I thought? That's another part I'm still not close to sure about - how rare are these coins?
  11. ahhhhhh now i gotcha. I knew she was his wife I just couldnt remember if she was his aunt as well because i've read a lot of "the son of so and so who is the father's uncles nephews cousin" so its a bit hard to remember it all. I will definitely keep up on buying these ancients coins as I learn more about them. So interesting! which coin do you have your eye on if you dont mind me asking? Thanks Tom - Peter
  12. Thanks Tom, I think I did too. The history behind these coins is so incredible, to be able to hold a coin during this era is just amazing to me. I am so fresh to this topic but i cant wait to learn more. So was Faustina II Marcus' aunt? I am confused about that one.
  13. It's funny you said you're not much of a US coin guy any longer because I think I am starting to transition over to ancient Roman coins. Ironically I discovered a deep interest in them as I was looking for an Indian head slab to buy on ebay. I came across a promoted coin that struck my interest and since yesterday I have been doing research on the Roman period. I happen to pick up these two coins because I thought they were really cool.
  14. Yea, I've been thinking I need a camera for quite some time. Anyone have any suggestions on a cheap camera that takes good pictures? I haven't looked through an actual camera in over 20 years.