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  1. It is a little disappointing, I must admit, that a few months before the registry awards NGC has decided to remove 100,000 points from my registry sets. In some cases, this has reduced my rank from #1 to #2 or #3. In many cases, these sets have required a decade to complete and are the result of $100s of thousands of dollars of diligent investment. To see the extreme punitive measures taken on these sets in such a short period of time is something I struggle to understand. NGC prides itself on its grading consistency, and I believe that collectors seek that same consistency in the registry sets as well.
  2. Hi Ali, I can not add the coin 2835896-017 (2007 Canada G$10 Maple M7 Privy) to my registry because it says “invalid certification number”. Josh
  3. Hi again Ali, Just a small request, I promise. Could you add the following slots: - 2005 1/4oz G$10 MAPLE LEAF - M7 PRIVY - 2007 1/4oz G$10 MAPLE LEAF - M7 PRIVY to the following set: Canada - Bullion - Gold Maple Leafs with Privy Marks Examples of these coins include: 2835896-016 2835896-017 Thank you! Josh
  4. Hi Ali, Can you create a Netherlands > Bullion Issues > Lion Dollar Restrikes Set ? They are released annually by the Royal Dutch Mint in the following versions: 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver MS 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver PF 2017 Lion Daalder 2oz Silver PF 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Gold PF 2017 Lion Daalder 2oz Gold PF 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver MS 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 2oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 5oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Gold PF 2018 Lion Daalder 2oz Gold PF I have appended an image of an example of one of these coins and a link in this post. Thanks, Josh
  5. A quick question for the community. Would you consider the Royal Dutch Mint’s restrikes of the silver daalders to be coins or medals. They bear a date and are struck by the Nederlandse Munt, and are commemoratives of the original daalders/ducat/ducaton. NGC appears to recognize it as a ‘daalder’ or ‘dollar’ coin, but it doesn’t have an assigned Euro denomination. So is it a medal then? Thanks in advance.
  6. The great thing about collecting is that you can hit ‘pause’ for a few months/years while you sort out other areas of life.
  7. NGC, There is no need to drastically reduce points in the World Sets. Some extremely rare coins have been assigned very low points in your latest update. Registry points are subjective anyway, but I’m afraid that all this does is further discourage collectors from participating in the registry. It can be frustrating to compete in the registry if the rules are constantly changing without notice. See: Canada>Commemorative>$1 Proof for context Josh
  8. It is true with 90% of modern commems.
  9. So, I was getting a little tired and fatigued over all the coins that the RCM has been releasing over the past few years. The designs have been great, the themes often tired, and they fell into a market with little demand. Then this came along: Although obscure to the rest of the globe, I am excited that the RCM has released a piece of nostalgia that is unique to growing up in Canada. Captain Canuck is our cheesy, well-mannered version of Captain America. As with all Canadian content, he was a low-budget defender of all things Canadian 🤣. I really hope this kicks off more Canada-themed pop-culture coins in the future. I must admit, the rapid rise in price is also a welcome change in this market, as many other coins have depreciated after initial release.
  10. The 1992 Canada S$15 Plain Edge Olympic Rarities Link to the set: The PF69 example of this coin is 1 of 3 known examples certified by NGC. This coin has a very dubious history and an extremely interesting pedigree. This coin was originally acquired by Ohio lobbyist Tom Noe in 1998 for his $50 million rare coin investment fund headed by his company ‘Capital Coin’. The fund held this coin, and two others like it (in PF68 grade) as part of the pension fund for the Ohio Worker’s Party. Sometime before 2005, the coins were sold to Greg Manning and Jim Halperin in a closed auction. In 2005, Noe was found to have been illegally skimming money from the coin fund and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Greg Manning and Jim Halperin then sold the coins to Mike Byers in a closed auction. Greg Manning was later accused of purchasing coins below market value from ‘Capital Coin’ but was never convicted of any wrongdoing. Mike Byers is a self-proclaimed expert in rare coins from around the World. The coins were then split up in 2009-2012, with the two PF68 examples being sold to Ian Russel of Irvine, California and the PF69 example being sold to Alan Hager (former founder of Accugrade coins and himself tied to an ANA lawsuit accusing his company ‘Accugrade or ACG’ of grading inflation). In 2016, both of the PF68 examples were acquired by the Augustus Collection, and in 2018 the PF69 example was acquired by the Augustus Collection. All three coins are now safely together again. These three coins are stunning modern numismatic rarities. In a twist of fate, luck, or a bad omen associated with these nefarious coins ... not 10 minutes after completing the purchase of the prized PF69 example, a porto-potty blew off of the 58th floor of a high-rise building and landed 10 feet away from me on the ground. Yes, I was very nearly killed by a box of poo from the sky. Coincidence?!? ———————————- Total population is unknown, but very few exist.The certification of the PF69 example is 17XXXXX-001, and this example is 17XXXXX-002. One more coin ending in -003 also exists, but NGC has 'deleted it from the registry (?). Very few examples known, only 3 certified by NGC. Pedigree: ex. Tom Noe Collection, ex. Jim Halperin Collection, ex. Greg Manning Collection, ex. Mike Byers Collection, ex. Alan Hager Collection, Augustus Collection, 04/04/201