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  1. Hi Ali, I am having this problem too. I am trying to add the coins: 2845337-016, 2845337-017, 2845337-018 to my registry set Canada/Bullion/Gold Maple Leafs with Privy Marks. These are the correct coins for the corresponding slots, but NGC keeps auto declining my request to add them to the set. Can someone manually add them to my set for me, I have the coins in-hand and I was very excited add them to my registry set because they graded so well and they were very expensive. Josh
  2. I'm glad PCGS coins are back in and I hope that they extend this to World Sets as well. By allowing PCGS coins, NGC is creating a more comprehensive database of coins. This data is almost priceless in many ways, and can be used for a variety of business expansions ... like scan data leasing to eBay, creating a sight unseen marketplace, creating a live market virtual trading platform (like a discount brokerage), etc. Very valuable. Secondly, a more inclusive registry will benefit all users in the long run. Eventually, most users will abandon the PCGS platform and migrate over here. I have a few dozen PCGS coins that are either too high value, or not valuable enough, to cross. The thing you have to remember about super valuable coins is that they have been cracked a resubmitted a dozen times to achieve the highest grade. When you are talking about coins worth $10k+, it simply isn't worth the risk to cross them. Anyway, a bit of stream of consciousness here. Bottom line is this, over the next decade you will see people abandon the PCGS registry in droves and make their way here unless PCGS starts including NGC coins in their registry. I do not believe that PCGS has the software infrastructure in place to do so however.
  3. Yes, but for this reason NGC has opened ‘best presented set’, ‘best custom set’, etc. A $250k coin should be ranked higher, no matter the holder it is in. Average collectors will never be able to compete with that, I agree, but nor should they be able to! Highly pedigreed, top grade rarities will always win the day no matter what. I enjoy seeing these top coins displayed on here and I also find it inspiring.
  4. But also, if he or she has spent one hundred million dollars on rare coins, then they do deserve to win all the registry sets.
  5. I believe they will migrate towards inclusion in all sets, US and World. I’m sure it will take time. I’d imagine that it is a daunting task.
  6. I believe that I am speaking on behalf of most collectors in here when I say that I welcome the inclusion of PCGS coins back on the NGC registry sets. I think that NGCs construction of an all inclusive registry/database will continue to set them apart from other grading companies. I prefer the design and layout of the NGC registry, along with the user friendly interface, will continue to attract the best coins to their site and service regardless of the holder. Thank you NGC, from all of us.
  7. I believe it is a good thing. NGC will have the upper hand by building a more inclusive registry.
  8. It is a little disappointing, I must admit, that a few months before the registry awards NGC has decided to remove 100,000 points from my registry sets. In some cases, this has reduced my rank from #1 to #2 or #3. In many cases, these sets have required a decade to complete and are the result of $100s of thousands of dollars of diligent investment. To see the extreme punitive measures taken on these sets in such a short period of time is something I struggle to understand. NGC prides itself on its grading consistency, and I believe that collectors seek that same consistency in the registry sets as well.
  9. Hi Ali, I can not add the coin 2835896-017 (2007 Canada G$10 Maple M7 Privy) to my registry because it says “invalid certification number”. Josh
  10. Hi again Ali, Just a small request, I promise. Could you add the following slots: - 2005 1/4oz G$10 MAPLE LEAF - M7 PRIVY - 2007 1/4oz G$10 MAPLE LEAF - M7 PRIVY to the following set: Canada - Bullion - Gold Maple Leafs with Privy Marks Examples of these coins include: 2835896-016 2835896-017 Thank you! Josh
  11. Hi Ali, Can you create a Netherlands > Bullion Issues > Lion Dollar Restrikes Set ? They are released annually by the Royal Dutch Mint in the following versions: 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver MS 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver PF 2017 Lion Daalder 2oz Silver PF 2017 Lion Daalder 1oz Gold PF 2017 Lion Daalder 2oz Gold PF 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver MS 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 2oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 5oz Silver PF 2018 Lion Daalder 1oz Gold PF 2018 Lion Daalder 2oz Gold PF I have appended an image of an example of one of these coins and a link in this post. Thanks, Josh
  12. A quick question for the community. Would you consider the Royal Dutch Mint’s restrikes of the silver daalders to be coins or medals. They bear a date and are struck by the Nederlandse Munt, and are commemoratives of the original daalders/ducat/ducaton. NGC appears to recognize it as a ‘daalder’ or ‘dollar’ coin, but it doesn’t have an assigned Euro denomination. So is it a medal then? Thanks in advance.
  13. The great thing about collecting is that you can hit ‘pause’ for a few months/years while you sort out other areas of life.
  14. NGC, There is no need to drastically reduce points in the World Sets. Some extremely rare coins have been assigned very low points in your latest update. Registry points are subjective anyway, but I’m afraid that all this does is further discourage collectors from participating in the registry. It can be frustrating to compete in the registry if the rules are constantly changing without notice. See: Canada>Commemorative>$1 Proof for context Josh