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  1. I also have a 1959 silver toned cent, the seller had a few and I bought them for a few dollars. NGC graded them MS64 and one of them MS65. Heres one of the 64s. Photos done by Robec of course.
  2. Former Coyote Ugly Piece. Now part of my registry
  3. I can definitely agree, but they did well overall which is what counts
  4. Here are 2 of the MS66 Brown that they certified. The template and imaging was done by Robec who always does an amazing job no matter what. Certified the coins for their color, not high value.
  5. So I subbed 18 Moderns and 16 Economy and it was a nice wait that turned out to be worth it, got some nice toners graded and a lovely 1885 CC morgan that was freshly graded as it supposedly came from an older gentlemen from the 90s. This will be my 11th year and I finally built up the courage to sub coins.
  6. Possibility of environmental damage, counterfeit which would kill me if it was since its a war nickel, i dont think it be worth it to counterfeit that. And lastly an underweight planchet used for the striking of your coin which is worth a little premium
  7. Machine doubling, just face value, flip the coin though, maybe you got a close AM
  8. If you dont appreciate advice then I dont know what to say for you.