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  1. Blue with Textile. You don't see Morgans colored like this very often. Nice Coin Jack.
  2. Tom, Great Post. As you know I have been away from the boards and coins for a long time. After reading your post I have a much better understanding of the CAC sticker.
  3. More than likely Conder101 who is a member of this board could answer most of the questions you have pertaining to slabs.
  4. Davids5104, Buy what you like regardless of what holder it is in or if it carries a star or CAC sticker.
  5. Like MarkFeld in the early 80's mainly at the Silver Dollar Conventions I saw quite a few Morgan Dollars with what I call great toning that were fresh out of Mint Bags. Many had what some collectors today call crazy toning. I also meant to say that I still own quite a few Morgans that came out of these bags.