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  1. I have a friend(fellow collector), who was seriously injured in a car fire and really needs some help! If you can do anything to help him and his family please follow this link: If you can't that is understandable at this time of year, send a prayer his way! Please add William to your churches prayer list also. Thanks for your time, help and prayers and I hope you all have a Blessed Holiday Season!
  2. If you can or would like to help a fellow collector with serious injuries follow link: if not please pray, either way you will help, thanks
  3. The U.S. MINT SUCKS , I Too, knew about the release and the first time S minted Silver Eagle being included in the Congratulations set, but got distracted by my three year old daughter wanting me to play Barbies with her. And almost cried(I am lying, not "almost" I did shed a few tears) at 12:23pm, when I looked up at the clock and realized what time it was! I knew then it was already too late, but hoped that maybe there was still a chance to order a few of them for my father, brother and myself, but no luck. "Unavailable", is what I seen when I logged in. I guess I will have to wait until the second-hand market has them available for some ridiculous price! Thank you U.S. MINT, thanks for nothing!