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  1. I wrote to NGC several times objecting to their exclusion of PCGS coins - and explained that accepting both was the major reason why I chose membership in NGC. I thought it was a bad business decision, especially since they were giving up a competitive edge. I did get very pleasant replies to every message I sent. I am so pleased that they have realized their mistake and corrected it. Everyone makes mistakes. It takes guts to admit it and make changes. Well done NGC. I'm glad I re-upped this year.
  2. That is refreshing in this day and age. Good for you not taking it either personally or seriously.
  3. My understanding, and experience has been that items that cannot be proved to have been delivered after a reasonable amount of time will be refunded by the seller and if they don't pay, Ebay will pay the buyer and get the money from the seller the hard way. Sellers need to use insurance. I certainly do when I sell anything worth enough to worry about. DUK
  4. Yes, I just discovered this when i obtained a PCGS coin and thought I'd try to add it to my collection manager - expecting not to have that option - but was pleasantly surprised that the registry does accept them and values them. Good to know DUK
  5. One of the few real uses of price guides is the relative value between issues. For example, if an 1840 quarter was valued at X and and 1840-O quarter at Y, the relationship between them would be useful when buying or selling one or the other. Otherwise, within each issue it's sooooo subjective. Usually the price guides, all of them, are way over market, but there are cases where a coin that is superior to most of those available for one reason or another, or in cases where demand is way higher than supply - that the guides are way off to the down side. But in relative terms, issue to issue, they seem to be more accurate than not. For what that's worth. DUK
  6. Yes - I'm sure - I usually don't ask about CAC for lower cost coins - I should have mentioned that my experience in that rehlm is primarily regarding pieces in the $1000 to $10,000 range - where for me CAC is both more useful and more relevant as I don't have enough experience or expertise to wing it all that much.
  7. I've found that some, maybe I hope most, of the dealers I buy from are honest about whether or not a certain coin - or most or all of their coins - have been sent to CAC. I always ask! It's remarkable to me how many dealers are honest about it and say, yes, they submitted this coin and it didn't sticker - and others who acknowledge that they send nearly everything they have to CAC - or that they never submit to CAC - and in those cases you don't have to ask - you know right off what the circumstance is. I find this very helpful when I'm trying to decide about a particular coin - and I tend to trust the dealers who I believe are honest about it. Sometimes I will buy coins knowing they didn't sticker and sometimes I buy them knowing I might have a chance of getting a sticker. I've had pretty luck both ways.