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  1. Dealers and collectors interested in profit are flipping them ASAP before they are worth 25 cents again. You can already buy them raw on Ebay for under $20. I check my change though just in case.
  2. Establish a market value based on recently sold auction prices (not asking prices) for the graded coins and proof coins as a first step. For this exercise you will get a range to show you what is fair. The info is available from a few sources. No one will buy the entire set as a single transaction btw, unless you offer it to a dealer for a fraction of the value. To maximize the return will take time and effort. Good luck with the process.
  3. You’ve made quite an impression as a brand new member. If you can’t develop some online etiquette maybe you should not be here.
  4. Errors, maybe, ‘damage after strike’ as Condor noted, never.
  5. I would return it. You want your best shot for a PF70.
  6. I agree. I was referring to participation frequency.
  7. There is a seller on Ebay who appears to have 10 of them remaining available for $100 and $139 depending upon the listing (seller has multiple listings). I appreciate the enthusiasm it has created but I think 2M circulated quarters will be worth 25 cents very soon. I'll check my change and maybe get lucky for a flip, or not.
  8. There is exponentially higher message board participation ATS, and I find it a bit of a mystery. When I submit coins I do so to our hosts, and they do a ton of coins, and I wish there was more activity here.
  9. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I too think these will be virtually worthless once many are found. We are talking about 2M banged up modern coins in circulation.
  10. I'd buy at $15. A few years ago I bought 3 kilos, kept the bricks for two years, and then sold them for a 23% profit. Not bad.
  11. My earliest 'purchase' was an 1853 Seated Liberty quarter. I was in the 4th or 5th grade and mowed lawns for a few bucks. One of my customers was an old lady up the street who had some old coins, among them an 1853 Seated Liberty. I agreed to mow her lawn for the summer if she gave me that coin. It was my treasure for decades and almost lost to time in an unmarked shoe box that ended up in the garage. I lost interest in collecting coins through college and early 30's. I stumbled upon this box and the coins in my mid-30's. I looked at all the coins I had in the box (just a handful) including this coin. I have looked at this coin 1000 times as a kid of course. Well under magnification I noticed something funky with the date and the arrow. I did a search online and read about the 1853/4 error. Hmm....I had never sent a coin in for grading so I decided to send this one in. It came back as EF45 and confirmed to be the 1853/4! This reignited my interest in collecting which has remained. I sold that coin and used the money to buy my first gold coin. Sadly I don't have a picture of the coin.
  12. I have just one holder that is beat up but this is a crime for this coin: I am about to send to NGC for a new holder and then back to CAC.