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  1. All pre-1933 US gold coins are worth getting graded and slabbed (choose our hosts or PCGS).
  2. Based on the pictures, you should spend them, no numismatic value unfortunately.
  3. Welcome to the forum! To help set expectations, #1 as suggested above is true 99.9% of the time, common coins with very little numismatic value. How many coins are we talking about? There is a time cost in going through boxes/jars of coins (for you and for the dealer) and they have no reason to invest their time unless they can make a profit. If you want to invest your time, itemize each coin by specific series, date, and mint mark. If you don't want to commit that level of time, at least identify each coin group by series on a list (i.e Washington quarters, Morgan dollars, Mercury dimes, etc.) and share here. We can quickly tell you what to look for. Those new to coin collecting and value are often shocked to learn 100 year old coins can be worth pennies over their face value for example. For example, a normally worn 1955 penny could be worth 2-3 cents but the same coin if the double die error could be worth $1000. It would be awesome if you really had something of value!
  4. No, machine doubling only on the coin posted. No numismatic value. When you see a real one for the first time, you will blink because you think your vision is blurred.
  5. What happened? Nasty pm’s or such?
  6. Yes!! You have it! Quickly send it to NGC for grading and let the bidding wars begin! I’m definitely in for 75% of 1 penny if you pay the shipping. The gift that keeps on giving....
  7. The only way to legitimize a coin for widespread potential sale is to get it professionally graded. Submit your coin to NGC or PCGS if you're confident it's real.
  8. Ha ha ha! Well.....he's persistent if nothing else!
  9. Definitely worth grading and worth more than melt! Get it graded by NGC or PCGS.
  10. I would save yourself the hassle in the future and only buy PCGS or NGC slabbed coins. Very cool you picked up the crosslet 4 Classic Head though.