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  1. Heritage auctions question

    I just bought from them and had all options available. I'm waiting on my catalog for that auction.
  2. Tracked auction lots

    I sometimes win bargains - sometimes I lose. Set your prices and be satisfied with the outcome.
  3. Conserving World Coins

    Replied via PM
  4. I've never thought about conserving any of my coins using NCS. On my recent submission, I was contacted by NGC advising me that two of the coins could benefit from conserving. I didn't think there was anything wrong with them, but decided to go ahead and try it. I'll be interested in comparing the before and after. One of them was bumped up a grade after they conserved it. Overall - I am very satisfied. Anyone else have good experiences with NCS?
  5. I'm looking forward to it - may be there on Friday.
  6. Anyone going to Baltimore for the Whitman Show on 9, 10 or 11 November? It should be a good show.
  7. Gearing Up

    Now that summer is over and the leaves are starting to fall. There are many good shows coming up. Want lists are being updated. Have you expanded or narrowed your list? I'm distracted by a nice looking coin and have begun a few series because of it. Now, I am trying to concentrate on one area, but I'm sure that I'll be distracted atone of the upcoming shows. What are you looking to add this year?
  8. Interesting and good luck for us. The more research the better. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Roger, you've mentioned many times that you are not a collector, but how did you become interested in coins enough to research and write about them?
  10. 1956 dime MS66

    Add some photos - something isn't right
  11. 1864 Indian Head. L? Real error?

    This is the wrong forum for your questions. Please repost in US coins. Sorry I cannot help you with the answers as I am unfamiliar with that series.
  12. Look at the completed auctions on eBay. That will give you an idea of what it is worth. ANACS will not sell for as much as PCGS or NGC.
  13. Oops

    Picked up a duplicate by bidding low - second time for the same date/mint. At least the quality is a bit better - just have to sell the old one now. I didn't think I had a chance - oh well.
  14. Ebay Bucks

    Did you have to post after the offer came out or could the item already be posted and sold during the time frame?