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  1. If you are sending in silver or copper - please let me know how you think the photos came out. I haven't seen examples of those @coinbuf. I only wish they came out with this service earlier - so I could have had all of my collection photographed before stabbing.
  2. It is very close. I do not think it picks up all of the luster, however. I do like the photos. The combined photo for the 1880 S is a little blurry. That wasn't the case with the others that I have. They were all sharp. One thing to know is that they will photograph all of the coins on the submission form - you cannot, or at least you couldn't then, pick the ones you wanted photographed. Here is another one that isn't in the greatest shape.
  3. This is not one of my attractive coins - I just had it in for grading and they ran a special introductory offer for Photo Vision. I wanted to test it out to see the outcome. They send you the individual photos and the combined.
  4. It would be interesting to see the coin out of the flip.
  5. Even though I haven't purchase it yet Roger - it is high on my list.
  6. It is really nice to hear that you kept your grandfathers collection and are building on it. The first words out of Many people's mouth that inherit a collection is how much is it worth and where can I sell it. So I applaud you for keeping a bit of your grandfather.
  7. Interesting - GSM is located in central Florida - did not provide a city. Highland mint located in Melbourne Florida specializes is sport related silver rounds.
  8. How do you define and differentiate what you consider your core collection from everything else you collect (coin related)? Does your core collection have sub-sets? If so, how many? Do you have a core U.S. collection and a World (or multiple country) collection? Will you ever be able to complete your core collection/s?
  9. I was wondering the same thing, but didn't want to ask. Lisa's explanation works for me. The coin was minted in Melbourne Florida, I believe, but it sure does look like a Mexican copy.
  10. I stopped in my local county seat today to purchase a personal property (vehicle) county sticker. They told me how much it cost and then said" will that be check or cash". I was a bit dumbfounded as I put away my credit card. With everything going digital these days - it's nice to conduct business in cash.
  11. Can't wait - could use something interesting to read. Welcome back!