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  1. I've always thought that the Krause numbers were very limiting compared to Spinks and Marsh for the series that I collect. I've never purchased one of their catalogs, but have relied on others for the same content.
  2. The archive feature will be nice. i never used their platform to bid, almost did a couple of times - but the St. James folks handled my bids for me.
  3. Even with the flaws in this poll - it is providing some interesting results. It still has a little over a week to go, but ... 1) Completing a series is leading followed closely by Type and Other (other surprises me) 2) collecting MS is leading by a good margin followed by VF or below - no love for XF or AU??? 3) Completing a series and collecting a series that is attractive are tied, with a distant third of financial gain 4) silver leads by a long shot. Copper has overtaken gold for second place (Where are all the gold bugs???) 5) U.S. Is leading 2-1 vs. World. World had the initial lead. We'll see if these change over the next week.
  4. It appears that SixBids, the on-line auction platform was hacked and the criminals are sending out false invoices. This is reportedly happening in conjunction with the most recent Baldwins of St. James auction. If you are going to use the SixBids platform In future I'd question them on their security. I say appears and reportedly above because of the possibility that the email sent out by Baldwins is fake. It's a shame when you cannot trust anything digital.
  5. There was a company that was on Shark Tank that added content behind the scenes so that the reader who had an interest in a place, thing or reference could select the reference in the book and it would open additional content over the Internet - such as photographs, maps, background. It seemed like a very neat concept, but it also had it draw backs. First - cost, the burden for the additional content would be with the author. So you have to figure if the additional content would be worth the effort and cost? Don't know. Second - it's for digital books only. I prefer hardcover books with high resolution photographs/images. For digital readers - it would be very nice and I would probably pay a bit more for the additional content. Not that Roger doesn't fill his books with enough information - far from it. Roger - you probably collect large amounts of information that does not go into your books. Do you think that any of this research would appeal to the vast majority of your readers? I also have a few of Roger's books and enjoy them. I just wish I had more time to read them.
  6. I'm new playing with these polls and already see improvements to be made. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. It depends on what you are trying to sell. Each of the above has its advantages and disadvantages. Certain coins work better with one than the others - depending on the coin. What are you trying to sell?
  8. I didn't realize the there was a red book for world coins. I see there are mixed reviews on it - mostly because it is not complete and is also limited in scope. I'm not that crazy about Krause either, but it is a good reference in general terms. I wouldn't use Krause for valuation. But that's me.
  9. Bumping because of possible interest so that they can find it quickly.
  10. Description 1881-CC $1 GSA MS65 NGC. A GSA box is included, along with a certificate (COA) for an 1881-CC Morgan dollar. Mintage 228,000 $900 plus shipping - USPS insured
  11. Congrats on the award. Loved the report - especially the exhibit photos.
  12. Sounds like a good time. Thanks for the report.