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  1. NYINC success

    Any one having any success at the New York show? I've been the under bidder on several items, but have not had any success yet. Any show reports?
  2. What is your favorite coin that has a well known pedigree? While not my favorite - I'll start things off with this ex-EPN holding. I will also add one of my favorites with a great pedigree - my father. Happy New Year!
  3. Happy New Years

    Same to you!
  4. What do Original early US gold coins look like?

    Did you take the photo? Very nice! I'll have to have one of mine photographed and see. oh ya - love the coin
  5. Merry Christmas

    These were taken a few years ago at the Middleburg Christmas parade in Virginia. I happened to be in town and participated in the parade. A few of the nicest Christmas photos came as a result of the snowy day. The Queen wishes she was there. Maybe 80 Corgis.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  7. Merry Christmas to you all.
  8. Never submitted to NGC before...questions

    Or - you could have someone submit it for you if you are not a NGC member. It is cost effective to send in multiple coins at a time.
  9. 5 pounds

    Better photos help, but now I cannot speak to authenticity. If genuine, it would have a value greater than melt. Possibly as much as $2,300, in an auction, possibly higher. These sovereigns were counterfeited in large numbers. so authenticity is key. Do you have a coin dealer near you? better yet - send the coin in to NGC for grading. If it grades high - it would be wise to watch the results of the Baldwins/St. James auction occurring in New York - Jan 2018. This auction has several up for sale.
  10. 5 pounds

    It looks counterfeit to me. If gold, it would be worth melt value only. The photos are bad so I would have a dealer check it out for you to be sure.
  11. Why sell it - a keepsake from your grandfather should mean more to you that just $$$.
  12. No Mistakes

    Excellent advise. Research or be fleeced.
  13. Krause

    Thank you very much - there was a 20 issue limit for the proof and a 40,000 issue limit for the BU version. If Krause is correct - there must have been very low interest in the issue or the mint either decided or mistakenly only produced 20 in BU. I've been corresponding with the mint, and they seem confused (to be nice).
  14. How do you grade a Cent like this?

    WI-3, waffle Iron 3