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  1. Ebay Bucks

    Did you have to post after the offer came out or could the item already be posted and sold during the time frame?
  2. Smithsonian Collection visit

    I need to make another trip there and spend a bit more of time.
  3. Battlefield Coin Show

    I was there on Saturday - we did not meet. I showed up around noon. I had nice conversations with four dealers. I really liked a couple of them. I thought it was a good show. Maybe I just hit a lull. In any event - I did not have to wait to look at coins and went through a good number of them. Unfortunately, I had them and couldn't use them. I am planning on attending your next show.
  4. Ebay Bucks

    We'll see how this 8% sellers offer works or doesn't. I'll let you know on the 30th when the bucks are supposed to appear.
  5. Ebay Bucks

    I've seen the others, but never a 8% bucks offered for sellers and buyers.
  6. Ebay Bucks

    I noticed that Ebay has a buyer/seller promotion. How long have they been including Ebay Bucks for sellers?
  7. Battlefield Coin Show

    I stopped off at the Battlefield coin show today, first time, and was pleasantly pleased. The show attendance was light and the dealers said it was slow. I didn't find anything to buy, but met a couple nice dealers from out of state. Possible business down the road. I did have a nice time. For a smaller show - I will visit again.
  8. Beginer on grading Morgans - need advice

    Photograde application on the PCGS web-site is very good to see some of the differences. Also - going to coin shows and looking at a lot of graded Mogans will help.
  9. Jason's advice is sound. I figure there are a few ways to tackle your situation: 1) Learn about coins, enjoy the hobby, and concentrate on what you'd like to collect and sell the rest. 2) conduct some research (internet auctions, books, coin shows), find out what is rare or semi-rare, put them aside and attempt to give them a rough grade. Also put aside those coins that stand out - those with eye appeal. Sell the rest unless you want them in your collection. Conduct additional research on these - ask the best place to learn about these or where to sell them. 3) find someone that you can trust - easier said than done. 4) Then there is always Ebay. All of the above require some work by you. Ask questions - enjoy and learn. as far as your 1817 half-crown, you have a type 1. See the approximate retail price below (in pounds): “GEORGE III.925 fine silver, 32mm. Weight 14.1g Date ESC Mintage Fine VF EF UNC/BU 1st ‘Bull’ style head 1817 616 8,092,656 £20 £65 £250 £450/ 1817 616A ‘D’ of ‘DEI’ over ‘T’ £50 £200 1817 ND E of DEF over R&E £400 1817 ND S of PENSE over I £200 2nd Type, with re-designed smaller head and new reverse. 1817 618 Included above £20 £65 £300 £500/ 1817 618A S’s in Motto mirrored Very Rare I would grade yours (obverse) Fine, but would have to see the reverse to give you an accurate grading and to see if you have a rare one or not. I am conservative in my grading.
  10. Some very nice coins auctioned at Hertiage the past two days. Noteworthy sovereigns included: 1962 SY, 1838 and the most impressive, the 1879 in AU55. Unfortunaitley, I lost all of them. The 1879 went for over 15K with buyers fee. anyone lucky?
  11. Registry Points

    Thanks Ali
  12. Very nice web-site George. Some great coins too.
  13. 1858 Double Eagle

    Love the reverse of the DE -
  14. Registry Points

    Why does the 1938 Great Britain and other early Victoria sovereigns score higher than the much rarer 1879 sovereign? Just curious.
  15. The Royal Mint of England before Pobjoy started in the early 1970s and the Royal Mint of Canada issued some commemorative for the IOM.