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  1. Biggest Story of the Year

    Waiting to hear more of the story.... Glad it went to NGC.
  2. Noble 117

    Anyone bid on anything in the Noble #117 auction this week? I went zero for five. All five sold for under the estimate but above my bids. Out of the ones I was tracking about half sold for over the estimate and half under. The standout, the 1920 S Sovereign that had an estimate of $600,000, appears did not sell. There were some low ball bids, but no dice. This was actually a bit cheaper than past auctions. This is only the fifth time this date/mint has come to auction. Interesting legacy.
  3. Recent submission

    I just noticed the 20 day approximate wait time for NCS - then grading. The other two are ready I believe, but are waiting on the third to finalize and ship.Mid May?
  4. Recent submission

    Well it's the 18th. My raw and cross over coins went through the process quickly and before my estimated date. My conservation coin is still scheduled to be evaluated. This is the one that is holding up the process. So maybe the 30th is a better date. Can't wait to see the results.
  5. While I like gold, that 1902 is really nice. I also like the fact that you honor your grandfather - now that is a pedigree
  6. Recent submission

    Same status - looks like I'll miss my date unless that last coin moves quickly through the system.
  7. Coin Photography - U.S. And World Gold

    Very nice! Thanks all - I'll check them both out.
  8. Charlottesville Show

    Anyone go? If so, how was it? Might make the journey one year. Beautiful area
  9. There has been previous mention of forum members that excel at photographing coins and presenting them with background. Who would you recommend? Would like to contact them regarding cost, time required and whether they will be at any of the east coast shows. Appreciate your recommendations.
  10. IOM Pickup

    I really like the below design, Norse Ring Cross, of the Isle of Man penny. In 1971, the Isle of Man ordered 100,000 of these penny's from the British Royal Mint. The Royal Mint also produced a 1970 Crown before decimalization started in 1971. The 1971 set, consisting of a half penny, penny, two, five, ten and fifty pence, were the first year issue of circulating coins since the 19th century. In 1972, The Pobjoy Mint, also in England, took over as the Isle of Man's Mint. Sorry about the crummy photos.
  11. Recent submission

    Just checked the progress. The raw and crossover are in quality control. The one that was conserved is scheduled for grading. I'm cutting it close.
  12. 1 Peso Paraguay 1889 Help for Grade

    F with the reverse a bit better.
  13. Interesting submission this time. One for conservation, one for cross over and one raw to be graded. The one being conserved is listed scheduled for grading after two days from receiving the coin. If it was conserved that quickly - that's amazing service. I assume that it is listed as schedule for grading, but still needs to be conserved first. Any guesses on a date when all three are graded? See who has the most accurate finger on the NGC pulse. Might be a fun pool. My guess is April 17th, maybe 18th.