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  1. These are circulating coins - in the Isle of Man. They make NCLT and legal tender. The goat is: A Manx Loaghtan, a native breed of sheep, whose serene face is centered on the coin. These distinctive sheep are charactised by their four (or occasionally six) horns. The word Loaghtan comes from the Manx words lugh dhoan, which mean mouse-brown and describe the colour of the sheep’s coat. 2 Pounds—The reverse of this bi-metallic coin depicts an image of the Tower of Refuge, along with two seagulls in flight. The tower is an instantly recognisable feature of Douglas Bay and was built on the instigation of Sir William Hillary (1770–1847), the founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
  2. What do you think of the new Isle of Man designs for 2017? They switched mints this year. It is the first time since 1980 that a five pound coin has been minted.
  3. Will the new 2017 Pedfort sovereign fit in a NGC Slab? It is twice the thickness of a regular sovereign. Will the slab fit into the a regualr NGC storage box? Thanks
  4. FS: 1880 CC Carson City GSA Hoard VAM 5 Top 100 Silver Morgan Dollar $1, NGC MS 65 CAC. $ on hold - pending 1881 CC Carson City GSA Hoard Silver Morgan Dollar $1, NGC MS 65 $931 1882 CC Carson City GSA Hoard Silver Morgan Dollar $1, NGC MS 64 $325 1883 CC Carson City GSA Hoard Silver Morgan Dollar $1, NGC MS 65 $579 1884 CC Morgan Dollar $1 GSA Hoard NGC MS-64 $306 1885 CC Carson City GSA Hoard Silver Morgan Dollar $1, NGC MS 64 $879 Plus postage - shipped USPS insured
  5. CSNS Author Grant

    Very nice! I really like the cover.
  6. Please help me find a coin

    Check with Six Mile Rick
  7. CSNS Author Grant

    What is the book? Good luck!
  8. Great Collections

    I must run into those that have a high reserve because I can purchase the same grade and condition, often times for much lower at Heritage, Goldberg or Ebay. GC is in line with some of the foreign auction houses, however. I may try consigning a few to see how they perform.
  9. When will your next book be out and on what subject?
  10. Is NGC on Holidays?

    That's true - I forgot it was in QC.
  11. Is NGC on Holidays?

    If they have to research the coin or it is the first one of its kind being graded, it may take longer. I had one delayed while they contacted the British Royal Mint for information on a new issue.
  12. I'll try and stop by at the Denver show and provide feedback in person.
  13. NCG Coin Explorer and PCGS Coinfacts?

    Thanks DW for your input. interesting questions. I enjoy seeing my coins posted now and then.