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  1. That is simply untrue. The CT mods are quite responsive. Have you considered the possibility that the registration emails are being blocked or dropped by YOUR ISP? Check your spam folder(s).
  2. CT and CCF are both general purpose boards that have a focus on YNs. In order to allow US persons under 14 to register and participate the COPPA (US Law - see Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - Wikipedia) puts some restrictions in place. Both boards take this very seriously and so behavior that will get you merely scolded or is accepted here and ATS will get you permanently banned. The easy way out is not to let people 13&under register. More generally, boards are not public spaces, they are owned and operated by individuals who set their own policies in place. I
  3. Two come to mind Bi-metallic coins - how they are made (sort of like how do they get the filling into the Twinky) CNC die manufacturing - if every die is an original yet an exact copy down to the resolution of the tooling and stepping of the CNC motor Thanks - looking forward! -----Burton
  4. If anyone HAS to have one of the old SilverTowne holders - pricey, but ... found this by accident at zmanscoins dot com.
  5. I suspect these will - like most of them, such as last year's 225th enhanced set - be more than the market can take up and will sell at/below issue for a long long time.
  6. It comes from other people buying in.
  7. If your bank pays you interest, it's just an electronic entry, right? If it's a gain, it is taxable. As soon as you sell, you've locked in a gain and the tax man wants his slice...
  8. Win10 has a native scanner app. I'm in the camp that hates scanning coins, but there is one. If it didn't come preinstalled, it's on the Win10 store.
  9. ngc has their basic costs listed ... under "Services & Fees" on their website... If you qualify for economy (no gold, value under $300/coin, minimum 5/coins), it's $20 per. Plus $8/invoice (submission) and return shipping / handling which is about $25 for that 5 coin order. Plus you have to pay shipping/insurance to NGC. If you figure $32 or $33, it's a good base estimate. If you need other services, well, check the page. You also need a membership, which runs $39 for the lowest level (or $149 which gives you a $150 cred
  10. They are available on the mint web site / phone today, 8/3. However the mint site is having problems and I had to call in to complete the order.
  11. Actually, once-upon-a-time he was a reputable coin dealer. It's when he got into PMs and the prices started to swing in the 2010-2012 timeframe. Out & out fraud by 2013. But that was "The Tulving Company, Inc." which is different from Hannes Tulving Rare Coin Investments, Inc., which had it's own issues, for example:
  12. Fun. You can start a family collection of tokens et al from the various national parks. I have magnets from gas station stops in many of the states I've driven through. It's the same kind of "I was there" satisfaction.
  13. There is this site called eBay, lots of people sell lots of stuff there...
  14. I've bought from them and more importantly I've talked and emailed them. Ian is incredibly responsive.
  15. Frankly the best solution may not be a free one, but somebodies cheap hosting offer. This is pretty typical for the $1/month crowd 100 GB Storage 1 Website 1 Domain, free for the first 12 months (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .website, .club, .me) SSL Certificate You put up a garbage page (or a professional about me if you want) and use the 100GB to host images with https:// links and you use something like winscp (or Linux scp if that's your thing) to move images to the hosting sit