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  1. Maybe not COMPETITIVE set registries but set registries in themselves are a great way to catalog and share your collection . The fact that they now allow pcgs coins is not my favorite but even that helps with cataloging your set.
  2. I like how these tokens are researched. Thanks for sharing the histories.
  3. I started collecting canadian preconfederation tokens about a year ago. It has become an obsession.😁
  4. Why is it no one has commented on custom sets. That's where the really good sets are. The uniqueness of these set are outstanding. Here you can find complete sets that don't fall into the US competitive realm. Many of us who also collect world coins - I'm really into canadian coins and pre-confederation tokens- only have the custom sets to display our sets. I have some high ranking US sets but my favorite set is my canadian 1844 Bank of Montreal 1/2 penny token custom set.
  5. So the only way I can have a complete set - 1858 to 1920 is to create a custom set??
  6. I'm not looking for a type set. I want a complete large cent set from 1858 to 1920...all in one set. Thanks!😁
  7. Problem is it keeps mutating. There will probably never be a cure. I decided long ago I will (at 73) not live my life in fear. High risk or not I am living my life.
  8. I collect both canadian and us quarters. I think canada is WAY ahead on creativity with their coins. Looking at the colorized quarters and some of the colorful bird and flower series amazes me.
  9. Thanks for your input. I've only bought one ICCS coin (early george cent) and took it out for my raw set. Price was cheap and I didn't mind losing the grade. Pretty much an ngc guy anyway. Been thinking about buying more to submit and just wondered how close they were. Ngc canadian coin prices have gotten ridiculous. PS Could you give me a link for the CCF forums?