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  1. Thanks everyone for the support and ideas. The Rev Proof set are all Blue Label but he first 2006 is the Anniversary coin is a Black Label and the others are Early Releases + First Releases. There is a Blue label 2006 W Anniversary out there but, the only one I've seen is listed at $3900.00 and I'm never going to pay that!! All the Burnish Set Labels are all Blue Label Anniversary, Early Releases + First Releases. Those that want to seen them can look my set's on line here.


    I do need to get better photos. My camera is not the best for HD photos. The Burnished Set is now ranked #1 also. Thanks again Tom

  2. Back in the collecting game. Best Label Set's!


    Hi guys been gone a while but, I'm back. For the guys that know me and also, love to collect and try to get the best labels in their best coin set's I finally got one of mine, Tom's Complete Reverse Proof Set Best Possible Labels" completed. Or at least I thought so. I also, finally got my first awards "NGC Best In Category" and "Best In Category". I completed this set only to find out that one of the coins had a even better label out there that I didn't know about. The "PF 2006 P S$1 REVERSE PF EAGLE 20TH ANNIVERSARY" coin known to be a very nice coin in a Black Label also, has a very rare Blue Label! I've only seen one in nine years and the guys wants SIX times the book value. I have to ask all of you has any one else seen this Blue Label coin and does anyone know how many are out there?


    I'm now hoping to complete my next set soon. "Tom's Perfect Burnished American Silver Eagle NGC Set! Best Labels Possible". You'll see it posted soon.


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