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  1. There is no question about these. We know who made them.
  2. While I agree 100% that collectors should learn how to grade, the fact is that most dealers aren't even that good at grading. Few can split the 60-70 grades accurately. Asking collectors to learn how to do this is just wishful thinking. As for pre-grading, I'm sure at least one of the TPG offered this MANY years ago. It was not pre-screening/bulk, but rather an actual grade assigned to a coin and for an additional fee you could send it back and have it put in a slab.
  3. Haven't added too much to my core collection in a while, but when these were offered for sale a little while ago I jumped on them. Not very often that gem 17th century Talers become available. 1614 Germany Saxony Johann Georg I and August Taler Dav-7573 in NGC MS65 Super rare condition for this type. It's by far the top pop at NGC/PCGS. For type, the next highest graded are MS63 (PCGS) and MS61 (NGC). Heritage auctioned an MS61 last year that they described as having a handful of minor flan imperfections, yet they stated that "Without a doubt the nicest example of the type that we have handled, and a type that rarely comes so nice at all...". This is just plain rare in nice condition. 1641 Germany Augsburg Ferdinand III and City View Taler Dav-5039 in NGC MS65+ Not nearly as rare as the Saxony Taler, but still an awesome design in extremely high grade. There is an MS66 (NGC) and a couple of MS65 (PCGS). There are also a small hoard of them that came on the market around 10 years ago in gem condition, but they don't seem to have made it into the US TPG. Probably mostly still in European hands.
  4. Who the hell are these old time members? Never heard of any of them before.
  5. Something you don't see everyday - 11th & 13th century Hungary Denars in unc condition. While none are very rare, these are much nicer than you typically find. A pair from the rule of Ladislaus III. When is the last time you saw an 800+ year old coin in MS65! From the rule of Coloman the Learned From the rule of Geza I