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  1. Perhaps one day, in a galaxy far far away, NGC can find a way to not put any color in the mix and we can get clear cores that allow the coin to be seen better than hidden? We need a core like PCGS uses so we can see the coin clearly, a shell like NGC uses that can take a beating and not scratch, and a label like ANACS so that you can see what the coin is from the top of a box.
  2. It's likely that NGC had some sort of documentation that pointed to this being Estonia. Perhaps the coin came from a mint roll of Estonian coins or even sealed in a mint set of Estonian coins. Or it is possible that the submitter wrote down Estonia and when entered into the NGC system, the person confirmed it met Estonian secs and didn't look any further. Given the fact that there is really $0 value difference between this being from Estonia and Austria or France or any other country, and the coin isn't exactly valuable as is, they probably aren't going to be super strict on documentation.
  3. @Matt G What would be very helpful is if the grades posted before the coins were shipped. It's rather infuriating to see the grades post and see MS63 when the coin was a PROOF, or that NGC put the wrong KM number, or wrong country, or in one case, gave a color designation to a non-copper coin. It'd be very nice to be able to call NGC and report a problem before the coins shipped.
  4. That could be shill bidding, but probably not. You and others were OK at $180. It sold for $200. Most likely someone else wanted it in that range also. If an item is at $180, why risk buying it back for an extra $20, when if you buy it back, it costs you $16+ in fees? Yes, the seller can cancel the sale and get their fees back, but eBay watches this very carefully. There is only one rule with eBay and that is eBay always gets its money. Cancel too many sales and they will yank your account. As always, bid what you're willing to pay and forget about it.
  5. Specimen = Special Strike. It's not a circulation strike, but not a traditional proof strike. These coins were made high quality cameo PL, but not proofs. SP seems like a valid designation. PL6x could have also worked, but that kind of implies that all the examples are PL and some may not be.
  6. I responded to a question on 3/17/21 from you. It's possible I missed another question. When I have hundreds of auctions running, I get flooded with questions and requests. What was your question?
  7. From what I know about these, they were not technically minted in proof. These were issued in mint sets and the coins came full cameo prooflike. Ivanauskas lists them as only coming in business strike. Krause calls them PL. NGC calls them proofs. PCGS called them proofs (before they heavily instituted the SP designation), but apparently switched to SP. My guess is they choose SP instead of MS since the coins were specially struck (hence Specimen) and if they called them MS, people would complain since the coins don't look MS. SP is probably the correct term for them. By the way, I was the submitter of that coin. I sold it back in 2012 to a guy named Mantas in Lithuania. Is that you?
  8. There is no benefit to this. If a seller places fake bids above what the item normally sells for, that fake bid is going to end up winning the auction almost every time. How does that benefit the seller? It's only going to benefit the seller if another bidder placed a bid above normal levels. Considering the seller/shiller is going to have to pay fees on that fake win, that's a pretty lousy risk, hoping for a dumb bidder to come along and overbid. I believe that shill bids just replace real bids the vast majority of the time. Item worth $100 is at $50. Shill bid placed at $95. Item sells for $100. Did the shill increase the sale price? Nope, they just replaced the bids of other bidders that would have bid in the $51-$95 range. Only time shill bidding can really work is if you know the high bidder is willing to pay significantly more than the underbidder. That's a difficult, but not impossible thing to know.
  9. Normally at auction people bid until the one willing to pay the most has outbid all other bidders. However, one of my eBay buyers found a FOOLproof way to pay less. He placed his first bid at $86 and then two other bidders came in and bid higher amounts. He came back with several more bids and was high bidder three separate times before the auction ended. At this point he decided the underbidders had bid too much, so he sent me this email: Could you please cancel the other bidder's bids? They bid this up way too high. Thanks. Yes, he wants me to cancel the underbidders bids because they bid too much. The item sold for $410 with him as the high bidder. When he saw that I didn't cancel the underbidders bids, he tried another approach: My bid of $86 seems like an appropriate price to pay for this item. Could you please send me an adjusted invoice? I think the other bidder got carried away. Thank you. When no new invoice came his way, he tried to reason with me: All the other Israeli commemoratives you have sold of similar types have sold between approximately $68 to $125. Perhaps they did it to be antisemitic. This auction turned into an overpriced disaster. This completely ignores the fact that the other commems were common coins and this was a very low mintage, top pop example. At this point I canceled the order as I prefer not to deal with crazy. He then let me know that he did not want to cancel the order and he was ready to pay $86. When that didn't work, he let me know some awful news: Historically, this is a bad week for the Jewish people. I had a feeling something wasn't going to go right for me. FYI, I received a total of 8 emails from him over a couple hour period and did not reply to a single one of them. Anyway, I'm off to chastise the underbidder (forum member ATS) for bidding this coin up just due to anti-Semitism. I bet he's going to be very confused about being an anti-Semite considering he's Jewish. That's just something he'll have to deal with...
  10. If this were a sophomore paper, I'd be forced to include how COVID was caused by whiteness and I'd be canceled for calling Mr. Grenier Mister, without first finding out their preferred gender pronoun. I'm sure he/his/they/them Grenier would want that. As for my facts, try a search engine.
  11. But the government needs the death total to be high. Look at what the government did: Spent trillions of dollars fighting COVID. Destroyed the livelihood of millions of Americans. Caused the permanent closure of tens of thousands of businesses. Created massive unemployment. Allowed an unconstitutional taking of property from hundreds of thousands of landlords. Caused inflation that will end up harming the elderly the most. Created a disincentive to work, so businesses are struggling to find workers. Inadvertently caused a spike in housing prices that further puts homeownership out of reach of the people they say they want to help. On and on and on... They need to say they did this to benefit us. Look voters, it killed millions, but thank god we stopped it. It was all worth it. Vote for me for reelection. In reality, they massively overreacted. To save face they need to attribute a ton of deaths to COVID.
  12. I believe this is the coin. Listed under India - British, Bengal Presidency, Bengal Coinage. It's page 950/951 of the current 18th century catalog.
  13. It's India - Bengal Presidency. AH1195//22 and based on weight/size, it is a 1/2 Anna. Probably KM-126.
  14. Similar story. Distant relative had terminal cancer. She got COVID and went in the hospital, but she fully recovered and went home. Few weeks later she died from cancer. What was her cause of death? COVID! Even though she was COVID-free for weeks before her death and she had terminal cancer, the government called it a COVID death.
  15. The 64 has some surface residue. The 64+ appears to have a more consistent look in the fields. Over all, not a big difference between the two.