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  1. Something you don't see everyday - 11th & 13th century Hungary Denars in unc condition. While none are very rare, these are much nicer than you typically find. A pair from the rule of Ladislaus III. When is the last time you saw an 800+ year old coin in MS65! From the rule of Coloman the Learned From the rule of Geza I
  2. Real coin submissions or bulk or moderns? It's easy to have a high number for moderns. Send in 100 proof or mint sets to be graded and you can easily have 1500+ coins on one invoice. I'm sure they've received tens of thousands of generic moderns (silver eagles, modern commems, etc) and classic coins (pre-33 gold / Morgan/Peace dollars, etc) one a single submission. I think PCGS mentioned doing 88,000 Morgans a couple of years ago. My largest non-bulk submissions for NGC was around 700 and for PCGS around 2,200.
  3. While it is not exactly difficult to find home addresses on people, I sure wouldn't willingly offer mine on a forum where I discuss collecting coins. I'd also use a PO Box for all coin related items. You never know how close people are to you. I once sold a coin to a person who lived about two blocks away. Years later (after I had moved), I ended up selling a coin to a person who lived a few doors down, across the street from me. I could have throw the coin to his door.
  4. MS70 can react with some copper and give it a blue appearance. It is not accurate that it only happens on BN copper. I have had red copper react. I've also had it turn copper ugly pink and others gray. It's a gamble. Most times it does nothing other than clean the coin. NGC seems to be OK with blue copper. PCGS is hit and miss, but I'd say more often than not they will allow it in a problem free holder. Blue copper is not only market acceptable, it is sought after.
  5. Concur. Anything else is disingenuous and an attempt to deceive, in my opinion. Or just incorrect, without any such attempt. Or misdirection. Get people to focus on the MS/AU inconsistency and they forget about the fact the coins are overgraded garbage that do not have CAC stickers. Worse, some are NGC coins without CAC stickers. I'm so confused. I thought it was PCGS + CAC + professional representation only when buying coins and now it seems like that is inconsistent with their auctions. I guess I'll never learn this hobby. It's almost like people keep changing the rules when it comes to them making money.
  6. Yes, they work in a darkened room, but it is still bright enough that you can clearly see the entire room and everything in it. From what I recall when I was in the PCGS grading room, there was no outside light coming into the room. Each work area had a small desk light which was not super bright - I'd guess a lower watt bulb was being used. Computer screens in each work area gave off minimal light. The biggest light source was a computer screen used by the person distributing the boxes for grading and they were 10-25 feet away from the graders. Honestly, it would kind of be depressing to be stuck in that type room all day.
  7. Fair enough. My first belief that I will remove is that an open ( also requires a closed ). Looking at this objectively, the OP is playing a game where the rules are dictated by a company looking to make the most money possible. The OP should have anticipated that the rules of the game could change to help the company achieve its objective. If the slot was extremely hard to fill, not due to the rarity of the coin, but rather due to the burdensome process of achieving a special insert, then it seems logical that the rules maker should ease this up. Sucks for OP that it happened to him after he jumped thru all the hoops, but someone has to be the guinea pig.
  8. I've blindly submitted bulk orders to both PCGS & NGC of things like proof Silver Eagles, modern commems, and modern proof sets. I've had some really bad grades mixed in with the usual 69/70s. Laughably bad grades. The mint makes pretty good quality overall, but garbage slips through. Also, any haze at all on a modern proof will generally knock the grade down to 68 or below. Dealers get the benefit of looking at vastly more coins than you. They get the benefit of years of grading where knowing how to grade makes the difference between putting food on the table and not. They get the benefit of their losers being muted by the large pool of accurate and overgraded results. Some get the benefit of speaking with graders, not to get the coin upgraded, but to get an answer as to why the coin graded a certain way. Who said grading was a science? It's not, it's an art. There are guidelines to generally accepted limits on how much wear or marks a coin can have for a certain grade, but it is still subjective to the person looking at the coin.
  9. For eBay, the Coin category is 6% flat. PayPal is 1.9% if you do 100K+ volume each month, but most people are in the 2.5% fee area. How exactly are your selling costs 7.2% on eBay? I just checked my April ebay charge: 5.02%; paypal: 2.2%, over 10K in volume they give you the better % with paypal, but you have to ask for it, check all the right boxes, etc., after you get a store and the other user-friendly options. You must be including a "discount" that they give to Power Sellers if they meet some ever changing, extremely hard to achieve, never know what it is going to be this time, and jump through these 15 hoops standards. They give a 20% discount I believe, which could knock your eBay fees down under 6%. Or you're selling items that are above $4,166.66 in value and max out on the $250/item eBay fee. I check several months and I was typically in the 6.1%-6.5% area for fees. Gotta include that added fee on S&H and those insertion fees and those timed listing fees. And lets not forget the eBay favorite Sellers Are Scum, Buyers Are Angels fees that eBay loves and forces you to bend over and allow buyers to steal from you. Those fees add up to a lot!
  10. For eBay, the Coin category is 6% flat. PayPal is 1.9% if you do 100K+ volume each month, but most people are in the 2.5% fee area. How exactly are your selling costs 7.2% on eBay?