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    Collector is an understatement.
  1. Half way there

  2. The Key Date!

  3. Secure Storage

    Storage is a serious problem here South. No places available anywhere.
  4. Post your most recent world acquisition thread !!

    First coin for the year.
  5. NYINC success

    Quoting My Cousin Vinnie "Win some, lose some..." Several coins caught my attention. Not enough money for all. But want to believe was ok.
  6. Older and Wiser

    Well said.
  7. RMW Collection of England and Great Britain

    Very sorry to learn this. I have enjoyed your posts and collection here. I hope the doctors will be able to help you during this time. Best wishes for your fight.
  8. 1812 BD-1 Half Eagle, MS61 Wide Denomination

  9. 1909 VDB 1C Doubled Die Obverse, FS-1101, MS65 Red PCGS.

  10. 1932 $10 MS 64+ (Grading missed Doubling and misstrike)

    I think sometimes graders do a lousy job. Nice coin however.
  11. 1836 PG $1 PF 66 Cap & Rays Original Strike CAC

    Quite nice.
  12. Update on The Roman Empire, Page 4 = SUCCESSION

    Thanks, interesting.
  13. Four Nice Pick-ups in one Shot