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  1. Abuelo's Collection

    What is your definition of Rare and ...

    For sure I use the rarity scale. However, a practical rule for me is... is the coin has not been available for purchase in over 5 years, likely is rare. Perhaps not technically (i.e. perhaps there are more than 10) but if I want a coin and comes out for auction once a decade is rare enough to caught my attention.
  2. Abuelo's Collection

    A box to store both NGC and PCGS slabs?

    These are a great but really bulky. You need a lot of space for even a small collection.
  3. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    And the last one... MS64, fantastic.
  4. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    This beautiful 65+ just arrived today!
  5. @World Colonial yes, the 4R series are as rare as they come. I have seen very few in "good" shape. But find them charming and under appreciated.
  6. I collect few series: 1. Central American Republic. Likely the most beautiful coins ever minted, IMO. The Sun shinning, the mountains, the three. Just a great design. And they are rare. 2. Mexico's Iturbide. A very interesting historical period. Misunderstood by many. And very rare issues. Despite the few coins in the set, it is likely impossible to complete (try finding a KM305 or 311). And his proclamation medals are both beautiful and rare, so a challenge. 3. Mexican republic gold. I just like the design. Particularly, the 2 and 4 escudos. 4. Mexican peso fuerte. An amazing series, less popular than 8 reales but very challenging. 5. Mexican Ferdinand VII half escudos. Short lived, incredibly difficult. This I hope to complete one day. As well as a high quality Caballito Mexican peso. These 2 series are the only ones I think will get complete as they are just a few coins. 6. If I ever get the money, perhaps I will branch to Chilean 8 escudos (book and hand). Not as pretty as their Mexican counterparts IMO but very beautiful in their own right. I have never been interested on completing these sets ($$$), but I enjoy collecting them. Great coins with fantastic stories and histories behind them. I have been always more interested on quality and rarity than quantity. I think that is why I will not complete these series.
  7. Abuelo's Collection

    Not a good time to sell gold

    Have to say that during the last auction by STACK'S, I bought 5 gold coins that did not sell, in their post auction sale for a steal. I was very happy.
  8. Looking forward to reading the next postings.
  9. Abuelo's Collection

    FIFA World Cup - Did you know?

  10. Abuelo's Collection

    Combining of Forums

    Not happy so far. I do not care for US coins and finding postings in between US coinage posting makes me think I will miss stuf. Will see. As far as I can tell, NCG keeps on missing the point IMO.
  11. Abuelo's Collection

    May was a great month for coins

    Yes, good for the collection, not so good for my bank account
  12. Abuelo's Collection

    Cap & Ray 8 reales

    You are correct @World Colonial the 8R are impossible to complete!
  13. Abuelo's Collection

    Cap & Ray 8 reales

    4R are substantially rarer, but really nice.
  14. Abuelo's Collection

    Cap & Ray 8 reales

    Yes. That is it.
  15. Abuelo's Collection

    8 Reales of Republic of Mexico

    As always, thank you @Ali E.