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  1. From a very unpopular series, and only 400 coins minted...
  2. I think I agree with @Zebo but it is also possible I am not bidding high enough.
  3. This rarity, both absolute and condition, was recently adopted by Abuelo. The Emperor abdicated in March of 1823, and while his coinage did not stop production immediately, the coins were produced the same year making imperial coinage for the year rare. The coin has the characteristic cud in the bust (some examples have it very pronounced). I looked for this coin for years! And at MS64 I just cannot complain!
  4. This very nice Mexican peso use to be in the Mexico Collection auctioned by Morton and Eden last year. Now is in Abuelo's 😎 These balanza pesos are very rare in high grade (this one is PCGS top pop) and very difficult to collect as they were minted in many many mints even if only for few years (as they were rejected by the Asian market).
  5. Certainly not. But I do not see a coin with thousands of specimens as rarities. Cheers!
  6. Fully agree @World Colonial. The TPG was just an example. I certainly own coins that have been in my collection already for four decades, as well as others that have been in my family for close to a century. But that should be another thread.
  7. The coins from Guatemala are in general far less common than Mexico or Potosi as the country was not a silver producer. There are exceptions to this statement. But PCGS has graded none 2R for 1812 and NGC has a couple. Stuart had an AU. Heritage has one in its archives. So you can do the math. Issues from the late years of the colonial period are a bit more available. As far as the 1778, I am not aware that Guatemala minted 2R coins that year. There are likely many more Morgan dollars for one year, any year, than 2 reales for Colonial Guatemala for all years combined.
  8. @World Colonial is absolutely right. If we call rarities modern coins that are minted at the 240,000 level, what are coins of which there are 5 specimens known?
  9. When it comes to Mexican XIX century coins every one goes after the 8 reales. But the decimal coinage is super nice. I have never seen one as pretty as this one before. And it is even more beautiful at hand...
  10. @World Colonial unfortunately I don not own a 1/2 grano. But that will change one day.
  11. For sure if the budget is 500/year competing is out of the question. But not sharing, I think. I really enjoy visiting both NGC and PCGS registries to see coins owned by other collectors in my areas of interest (not Morgans). That triggered communications with other collectors and good camaraderie. So I think they serve collectors even with modest budgets. The diploma is the least of the perks. BTW @World Colonial would love to see your coins in the Signature Set. I am positive you have some great pieces! Stay safe everyone!
  12. The idea of collecting is to have the best coins, irrespective of label. Therefore, there is a point to the OP. The ANA might solve the issue, as they will launch a registry that will take the coins but so far only US coins.
  13. Unfortunately that has been discussed ad nauseam and with no success. In the right forum you can actually request it (there is a forum for the registry set). Good luck...
  14. Well, for sure the 8 reales featured is a fantastic coin. I wish the images were available when checking for certification. The pictures there are usually poor enough that sometimes is impossible to even see enough of the coin to confirm is the one in the holder.