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  1. Abuelo's Collection

    Recent submission

    Very well.
  2. Abuelo's Collection

    Recent submission

    And the results @Zebo?
  3. Abuelo's Collection

    Obsessed with status of submission

    We all do...
  4. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent world acquisition thread !!

    Extremely rare coin. I am very happy...
  5. Abuelo's Collection

    Latest round of Grading: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Your set is amazing. As far as the images provided by NGC for verification...
  6. Abuelo's Collection


    ... I imagine you told them that these coins were coloured by the mint? I am sure a phone call, not an email, will fix this in no time.
  7. Abuelo's Collection

    First submission! Excited and can't wait!

    Best of luck!
  8. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent world acquisition thread !!

    My last mistake... 😀
  9. Abuelo's Collection


    Surprising, in my experience not even mechanical errors are fixed this fast!
  10. Abuelo's Collection

    They killed the Collectors Society.

    April 16, 2014. Almost 4 years to the date: Some members were not in agreement. But I am sure by now they agree. NGC killed the society expelling PCGS coinage and changing the Journals. They had a successful platform for collectors and damaged it. And members posted about it tiresly and NGC did not hear.
  11. Abuelo's Collection

    Recent submission

    So you do not even have the results of the one finalised?
  12. Abuelo's Collection

    They killed the Collectors Society.

    Sadly, I think this is correct.
  13. That 1902 is interesting. It is the only one graded by any TPG and as such very rare. I am not aware of any other example. And it is not as famous a rarity as the other 2 very rare coins on the set, 1901 Zs AZ or the 1903 Mo MA. As far as the G50P, it was my grandfather's favourite, so now, it's my favourite coin just for that very fact.
  14. Abuelo's Collection

    Recent submission

    I am never good to guess dates. They always grade a month later.
  15. And the most important even if the holder doesn't mention the pedigree, my grandfather's...