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    If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...

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  1. Glad was solved without blood
  2. I would actually return the coin after contacting both eBay and the seller given that you received a broken slab. But if you are to keep the coin possibly yes for 2 reasons. One, the radio silence, and 2, the sloppy packaging of an expensive and breakable product.
  3. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    Very nice @TwoKopeiki, the 1800 is particularly sweet!
  4. Abuelo's Collection

    Upgrade or new addition to the collection?

    Go for the one you like the most.
  5. Happy New Year! My favourite additions: CAR escudo MS64 1844 Mexico 1/2 escudo MS63 1818 Mexico 1/2 escudo MS65+ 1846 CAR/provisional Guatemala real XF45 1829 Love them all.
  6. Abuelo's Collection

    What makes a Great Collection?

    That is all.
  7. Abuelo's Collection

    Collection - scarcity vs eye appeal

    I have done it a few times. But only for very rare issues.
  8. Abuelo's Collection

    Portrait Question

    Pedro González de Sepúlveda was the successor of Prieto as Chief Engraver in Madrid.
  9. Abuelo's Collection

    GRADES ADDED! GTG post for my recent world submission

    My guess... 1. 58 2. 63 3. 35 4. 45 7. Environmental damage. Will see...
  10. Abuelo's Collection

    What is your definition of Rare and ...

    For sure I use the rarity scale. However, a practical rule for me is... is the coin has not been available for purchase in over 5 years, likely is rare. Perhaps not technically (i.e. perhaps there are more than 10) but if I want a coin and comes out for auction once a decade is rare enough to caught my attention.
  11. Abuelo's Collection

    A box to store both NGC and PCGS slabs?

    These are a great but really bulky. You need a lot of space for even a small collection.
  12. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    And the last one... MS64, fantastic.
  13. Abuelo's Collection

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    This beautiful 65+ just arrived today!
  14. @World Colonial yes, the 4R series are as rare as they come. I have seen very few in "good" shape. But find them charming and under appreciated.