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  1. Hi every body! A friend of mine, who is an amateur coin collector, have a small collection of US coins. Recently when he was showing me his coins, I saw this Liberty coin, and as a person who don't have any knowledge on coins, found it quiet big and heavy and wondered why there is no sign of value on it Then the geeky person inside me encouraged me to search Wikipedia to find out whether there is any article about it. After which I found this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1804_silver_dollar. Which says it is a US coin of one dollar value, worth of millions of dollars today. I showed that article to my friend, and he said that he was told that the coin is extremely valuable by a coin expert, who also asked him to sell it to him for a hundred thousand dollars. I asked him about the story behind that coin, and he told me that his entire US coins were a gift from an old Armenian lady in his neighbourhood who claimed that it is a heritage of his father's father who was a christen priest of Iranian origin living in Western Iran, he decided to move to US about 150 years ago and came back to Iran after years of struggle finding happiness in America. We know that there is many fake 1804 Silver Dollars around, but, the story behind this coin suggests that it may be a genuine one. I asked my friend to take pictures of it so that we could find out the true value of this coin. So here it is: I also uploaded big versions of pictures at http://alvandi.org/foo/liberty-1a.jpg and http://alvandi.org/foo/liberty-1b.jpg