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  1. 1890 Seated Dime - PCGS MS65 (CAC) (Toned): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356756/1890-Seated-Liberty-Dime-PCGS-MS-65-CAC-Toned 1941-S Mercury Dime - NGC MS67 FB PL (CAC): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356761/1941-S-Mercury-Dime-NGC-MS-67-FB-PL-CAC 1853 Seated Quarted Arrows & Rays - PCGS VF35 (Toned): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356757/1853-Seated-Liberty-Quarter-Arrows-and-Rays-PCGS-VF-35-Toned 1819/8 Capped Bust Half Dollar (Small 9) - PCGS XF40 (Toned): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356758/18198-Capped-Bust-Half-Dollar-Small-9-PCGS-XF-40-Toned 1929/7 Capped Bust Half Dollar - PCGS VF25 (Toned): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356759/18297-Capped-Bust-Half-Dollar-PCGS-VF-25 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar - PCGS MS65 (Toned): http://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/356760/1942-Walking-Liberty-Half-Dollar-PCGS-MS-65-Toned Thanks for looking! Tyler
  2. I haven't posted here in a little while, but I am still in the market for nicely toned Walkers from 1941-1947. These Walkers must be certified by PCGS or NGC in 65-67. Thanks for your consideration! Tyler
  3. First, I would look at the dealer list. Check out as many websites as you can before the show. Make a list of the dealers that sell what you are interested in and note their table number. Visit these dealers first. After that, roam the floor and have fun. I would advise to take a pen and notepad to write down coins and the dealer who is selling the item. Instead of pulling the trigger too soon, write down some notes and revisit the dealer after you've seen a good amount of coins. This will help focus your buying, and it has worked well with me.
  4. I'll probably end up getting the book at some point. For now, the free online info is working well. I guess I'll go off of what seems reasonable without spending any significant amount. I will research HA, etc. as much as possible to find prices. I came across the piece pictured above on eBay. This led to researching SCDs and the HK website/info. As of now, I have been looking exclusively at ones listed on that website. Thank you for the info and, hopefully, at some point I come across some nice ones that are not in that book,
  5. Lately, I have developed an interest in So-Called Dollars. I have been researching them, reading about the events they depict, and picking out my favorite designs (which seem to be ones issued for Expositions and Fairs). Many of the designs are beautiful! I have found Hibler and Kappen's so-calleddollar.com website to be extremely helpful. The only snag I am running into is finding a price guide. I don't want to buy any without first knowing a roundabout price. Are there any good websites/books you (anyone) use? Or should I just use Heritage? Note: many of the pieces I am interested in very seldom show up for auction. Thus, HA's data is very scattered and spread out. Am I not looking hard enough? My favorite so far: Thanks for your help! Tyler
  6. Pictures are a must. Maybe add some more info to your post... Dates, mint mark, price, etc.
  7. As always, thank you!! I'm waiting to send a few more to Mark Goodman. I have some coming back from PCGS so I will contact him and send them off once they're back. The 41-D, 43-D, 43-S, and 44 will all be sent! I don't like how I have several different looking photos in my registry now.
  8. Much brighter in hand with lots of luster. These are HA's scans. 1943-D NGC 67
  9. Mostly true. Most home burglaries are committed by heroin addicts looking for a quick buck for their next fix. Most home robberies (also called home invasions) are committed by thugs with prior knowledge of valuable items/drugs inside of another thugs house. These home invasions very rarely happen to the everyday family. Burglaries, on the other hand, happen non-stop to good people. I would feel violated either way. Imagine some scumbag with your coins... Not knowing the value or your appreciation of them. Just to pawn them for a few bucks.
  10. To me, the Buffalo is definitely UNC. As I've stated before in PM, love the coins!