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  1. WTB-Vintage Silver Bars

    Hi everyone it's been a long time since I've been around here but thought I'd give it a shot. I am searching for abc/Omega/foster/Alexander westerfall silver bars preference is under 10oz. Also I'm looking for half kilo and 25oz Engelhard pours. If anyone has a lead I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks and I appreciate y'all reading.
  2. Hi everyone I took a hiatus from collecting for a few years due to tough times but before I took my break I had a conversation with a spectator upstanding fellow by the name of WDROB and I would really like to get in contact with him. According to his post he hasn't been on since June of this year. Does anyone know him personally? All I know is his first name is Bill. It would mean a lot to me if someone could either relay this message or point me in the right direction to find him. Thanks and happy collecting.
  3. Barber Collectors - Post your images -

    Also I still think it was gna be an S and they removed the MM. Just to coincidental. We can always dream right?
  4. Barber Collectors - Post your images -

    There lies the Ghost S. I hoped you still had her and she is still a magnificent coin with a solid strike and plenty of luster. Needless to say we both would've taken a free vacation destination wherever the heck we wanted
  5. Barber Collectors - Post your images -

    Mike- wow sir the gems keep coming. I won an NGC 58 and figured I'd post it here although some may have seen it ATS. Probably not gna make the cut but definitely a tough coin in 58
  6. eBay Auctions .... No More on eBay

    I really like the half real and the 35peace dollar. I will be able to start rebuilding my collection soon..
  7. Barber Collectors - Post your images -

    I could love that crusty quarter forever!! I like my toning with a little quarter on the side
  8. Hello everyone, So is the price of coin #3 not market acceptable? Like I say these are a friends and those are his prices.
  9. emergency inheritance investigation

    Maybe the dealer looked thru those albums and there were some key date Buffs.
  10. Your Favorite Coin Denomination? Reply w/Pics only

    I would like to see the obverse of that Barber Quarter..
  11. What's your take on this eBay sellers items?

    I'd call his BS anyday. My opinion is that we can't weed them out fast enough.
  12. What's your take on this eBay sellers items?

    As far as what? The toning? Maybe he's a coin doctor? The coins look AT to me and I would never buy them