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  1. he forgot his password and asked someone post for him, so I did.
  2. As posted over on CU. I am still going thru all the boxes but I've been robbed for quite a lot of money. Among some of the items , 1799 half eagle ngc au-58 CAC, 1800 half eagle AU-58 CAC . I wil post as much as I can determine has been stolen as soon as I have full power after the hurricane. PLEASE advise if you see any of these and note than again, as soon as I have full electric I'll have the police here and file a FULL report and yes I do know who is the thief and I shall prosecute to whatever extent the law allows me to even be involved. Total value 6 figures. I wi
  3. Don't be discouraged JC, this place is a ghost town as of late. To attach a picture you can drag and drop into the text box or just click the "choose files" link bottom of box and then choose the picture you want to upload. Good luck.
  4. I agree with Roger, this site has a lot of extra "stuff" to scroll past to get to the meat, it is also very slow to load pages (although it seems a little better than before) I too hope it picks up, So you lurkers, sign up and post away......
  5. Wasnt there a retraction from the mint stating they made a mistake in their FOIA release ? I've heard a lot of different info regarding the Philly minted ASEs. From magic marker codes to WP straps on P minted coins. What a mess. Especially the coin hacks on TV selling them for crazy money. That being said, if I had a MB of a potential Philly minted set, (that could be proven) I too would try my best to authenticate them. Good luck.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing super slow load times. Plus we spend more time scrolling than anything else.
  7. This thread brought back memories. I have slabs that are hard to tell the label color, insomuch as some of the brown labels do appear to get bleached out or fade and have a greenish hue. But i'm talking mainly samples.
  8. It does have a strange look to it. The rims look almost squared? I would be curious as to the weight also.
  9. It is the ASE in the 2017 Congratulations sets that sold out in under 2 minutes at the US mint. The issue price was under $60, but now they are getting $150-ish for them raw, and as you noted they are getting crazy money for them graded at 70. There will be another S coin released later this year, so if I were in the market I would wait. And Welcome to the forum.
  10. Maybe the mint was coining for some other country? Didn't they do that sometimes?
  11. I emailed Dena (one of the Administrators) after getting no response elsewhere and within 2 days it was done, so don't give up they will get to it.
  12. Yes, I just went thru this also. There is a Merge request form that you need to fill out. Give them a week or so after your request and supply them with your old username and i'm sure they will help you out. BruceS
  13. I have an NGC 70 2011 (w) PM with offer if you like. I don't think they were a big seller early on, now registryguys can't find them.