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  1. I've learned a lot here, made many friends and at one time really enjoyed both TPG's. I made many attempts to educate on GSA's and VAMS, all fell on deaf ears. I pitched a fit this summer because the powers at be didn't even know thier competition even graded the large black govt packaging. I discovered a new VAM which was denied certification to later be accepted from a dealer who offered it to me at 10x market value. I've tracked 3 new VAMS all discovered in Florida and not on any of he alleged list; hotlist 40, top 100 etc. I also in June 2016 made several posts for warning of this change coming of disallowing other TPG just to be be told no that's not happening. Now all this behavior; be it greed or childish it's has sucked the joy out of all boards for me. I'm headed back into the dark or closet if you will and be very happy to sit at my desk and (as my wife says, play coins) all by myself. After all playing with ones self or alone as not to offend is the most pleasurable as on ones self knows what they like. I don't need points, paper awards or anyone's approval to be happy. I really should thank at least eight members here for thier over the top help including one who made a change to thier account simply because I asked a question and he didn't want to offend me. Please change it back as this is my last visit here. The others I believe know who they are and how much I appreciate them. Lastly, Roger I left ALL kind of openings here for your witty remarks; so go wild and enjoy yourself ?. I'm literally sick at my stomach from all this lack of common decency not to mention zero respect. I'm headed to the registry here and ATS to delete everything possible. Nothing could bring me back into this mess. Don't brother responding I'll never see it. Thank you my firiends and I wish y'all the best of luck. Also, I do admire those who continue to fight for our hobby; I just have other priorities. HashTag, #, David in Texas❤