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  1. So I could pay my taxes with these? Couldn't covering up an essential part of what defines legal tender (like the motto) be considered mutilation? And, yes, I am looking for something to complain about here because I think these are a clear rip off with ethically questionable marketing. I think it's this exact kind of stuff that adds to giving coin dealers a bad rap.
  2. These coins are being marketed as "Genuine collectible 2016 half dollar U.S. coin and 100% legal tender" Are they? Can a coin be anything other than "100%" legal tender, or simply not at all?
  3. Why did the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 call for one troy ounce coins to have a face value of $50; as opposed to any other figure. Where did they come up with $50? Why not $100 or any other number? Does the $50 face value on one ounce AGEs have anything to do at all with the last fixed Bretton Woods price of $42.22 (or $42 and 2/9ths) ? Maybe the $50 figure was used because that's the face value of a one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf? From my understanding, the CML (as well as the Krugerrand) played an important role in the formation of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. But if the 1oz AGE gets its $50 face value from the 1oz CML, where did the Canadian government come up with the figure? What's the justification for a $50 face value for one ounce AGEs, $25 for 1/2oz...and so on? "Because we said so" works fine for me. But is there a real justification? It should be mentioned that the average cumulative price of gold in 1984 was USD$360 an ounce. So the face value doesn't seem to have anything to do with market prices at the time.
  4. Expected Shipping to Begin 07/20/2016 Ebay link:
  5. ...with each of the hands cutting off a finger of the next. The reason I own this coin, BTW, doesn't have anything to do with Brexit or the EU. This coin actually represents one of my first introductions to world coins. When I was about 10, someone got me a fact-finding book, which I loved, and had an image of this coin and brief description. I still have it...
  6. 1973 Great Britain 50 Pence (KM# 918) MS 66 NGC The European Economic Community (EEC) was created by the Treaty of Rome of 1957 as a cross-national political and economic agreement among European countries. The U.K. joined the EEC on January 1, 1973. This 50 pence commemorates Britain's entrance into the community. In 1993, the EEC began to be incorporated into the new European Union's wider framework and in 2009 the organized community ceased to exist.
  7. Looking to buy any 1/10 Platinum Eagles for $150 or 1/10 Platinum Maple Leafs at $140 right now. Also looking for other 1/10 ounce platinum bullion. I'll buy any 1/10 Manx Nobles and any 1/10 bars (Baird is probably the cheapest) at $115.
  8. Update..... I've heard nothing since. I missed the tread ATS because I've been busy with work. Can someone give me the gist of it? Lablover, you were having the same kind of issues too with Shane? (And hey, aren't you a Roosevelt dime guy, as well?...that's what I consigned with him.)
  9. Yeah. That's not me. I very rarely have posted ATS. And my username is the same....SmithGuesser or something like that.
  10. I'm not necessarily angry. (Anger is a waste of energy.) But it's frustrating. I just want to be done with the deal so I can take it off of my plate of things, ya know.
  11. I have both of his email addresses. But has only responded through eBay messages. MF: I haven't called him. I don't know his number. Like I said, he's auctioned off coins for me before. But just won't get back to me about these. We're talking a few thousand dollars. To add: I'm speculating with this... But my suspicion is that due the there being 80 or so NGC-slabbed coins he's having a hard time figuring out which all belong to my consignment. But even if that is the case, I mean, just tell me something. Don't leave me hanging dude. Also to add...And this isn't really his plan was to immediately convert the cash into gold. And gold prices went crazy on day since I think 2007. I really wouldn't had minded waiting longer if this didn't happen...
  12. I've had Shane auction off a few of my coins a long time ago. Most recently, I had him auction off about 80 high grade Roosevelt dimes. The coins were auction back in February/March. I gave Shane a month to allow for returns. Then emailed him about payment, but didn't hear back immediately. On May 14th, I emailed him again. This time he said that he would get the spreadsheet together and get me paid. Here it is June 4 and I have not heard back from him since. I sent two emails this morning without a response. Has anyone else had this problem with Kryptonitecomics before?
  13. I'm looking to buy any 1/10 ounce palladium bullion rounds much closer to spot that I can find. I'll pay 50% over spot for any 1/10 ounce round. I'm not particularly interested in the gram denominations. I know that a 10 gram PAMP Suisse bar can be bought for like 10% over spot. But I'm really looking for 1/10 rounds specifically, which I also know are not super available.