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  1. Curious as to what you might think this coin deserves. The color is close to the way it looks under my daylight 6500k lamps and the coin has a generous amount of luster. No overly distracting marks that I can see (possibly hidden by the toning). I will also add that the coin is in a problem free graded holder so some of the streaks you may see could very well be from the slab. I have not taken the time to buff the plastic out as of yet.
  2. You ever going to reveal the grade or are you having it graded at this time?
  3. This coin is a bit beat and scraped up but the mirrors are very deep and the devices are frosty. It shows the DMPL on the printed out scale on both sides. I know these are very common coins but for some reason this one just seems different from any other PL or DPL that I have seen in that there are not the regular die polish lines on it rather the lines that can be seen look like they are from the original planchet prep and not polishing the dies. More than likely nothing but I thought I would throw it out there regardless. The first and third mirrored photos are using one 60 watt regular light bulb that you buy these days curly fluorescent type) and the second and fourth set are using three Jansjo LED's. White balance set one each scenario using 18% grey card.
  4. Should NGC consider adding a section/category for Precious Metals?