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  1. Nice MS-65 example Bill. The one presented by me was in an old ANACS white holder graded at MS-64. I bought it a while back (been quite a while now) and freed it from the confines of the holder and placed it in an envelope and coin cabinet. I hope over a period of time the toning in the 12:00 to 3:00 position will continue around the entire peripheral. I think it could be a very nice example if it did. Of-course - I will probably have been pushing up daises for quite some time when and if that happens. Thanks for the opinions.
  2. Yes it is silver but I don't remember if I ever looked it up for the amount of silver or if I ever noticed if I happened upon it.
  3. 14 - 1 Gram 1 - 5 Gram 19 Gram Total in Assay Card with pictured holder. All for $700.00 + 3% PP Certified Coin Below SOLD 1247-1272 AD King Henry III Penny – S-1364 – NGC AU55 – Attractive Toning Listed for $525.00 but make me any reasonable offer and it is yours. Contact through forum, website, or email link on web site.
  4. When I was over in that area in theatre during Desert Shield/Storm - waiting for our turn to get on a plane and come back home, I had purchased a ring, necklace, and a bracelet for my wife. She wore that ring for a number of years until it wore through on the bottom side. The jewelry does indeed have a high gold content. This ring is 21 kt. gold and does not last long when worn daily.
  5. You might get more clicks on your links if you put http:// instead of http// Nice coins!
  6. I have heard it said many times when CAC stickers are at the center of a discussion, that CAC and JA are nothing more than "market makers". That seems to make everything OK since they are not market manipulators but market makers. But why does one not consider the possibility of a coin such as this one, selling for such a ridiculous price, possible market manipulation on behalf of a concerted group of individuals that specialize in majority of toned coins, nearly exclusively. Before you dismiss this possibility look at it this way: You have 6 dealers that specialize in toned coins. They collude by putting one of their middle of the road toners up on GC and then they all bid it up to a predetermined price level. The winner (if you can call them that) pays for the coin. The original owner, reimburses the high bidder and the only cost to all 6 is approximately $1,262.00 or $210.00 from each person involved. So for a measly $210.00 I could get in on an exclusive advertising and awareness campaign designed to create a false sense of desirability for crayon colored coins that would otherwise be common date coins not worth much at all. Someone sees the results of this auction and looks at the coin in question and concludes that they have to get involved in toned coins - after all, that is where the money is. I would believe the above BS scenario before I would ever believe a legitimate bidder bought that coin for $13k
  7. "immediately starts exchanging user data with vortex-win.data.microsoft.com and settings-win.data.microsoft.com" Have fun with that!
  8. Teletrade - A company that Stacks and Bowers bought out.
  9. You can find that information quite easy. I stand corrected. It seems as though the links they provide are dead ends as you stated. I tried searching using the item number and that did not work for 2014. Go to My eBay>Account>Sellers Account on the right hand side you will see a drop down for "Invoices" - select that and I can go all the way back to March 2014. In the invoices it has items that you sold, links to the listing, prices, etc.. Good luck!
  10. The sooner folks learn that you submit coins to a TPG company for preservation in a slab and they throw in an opinion for free, is the day that something such as this submission will no longer surprise.
  11. Beautiful and rare piece no doubt. Could you have possibly meant "spots on the obverse" instead of reverse? I don't see anything on the reverse.
  12. Wow! The possibilities of what pieces of lost artwork that the train could hold is very exciting. That will be one story that I will follow with great interest.
  13. My gun safe is not quite as full as I would like it to be on all the various calibers that I have to buy. I just recently added my old Ruger New Model .45 Long Colt Single Action Black Hawk with a 7-1/2" barrel that I purchased in 1986 when I was stationed at Fort Hood, TX. back to the arsenal and those rounds are not cheap. Although Dad did take real good care of it all these years. I have a couple things for sale on my website that I think would probably enjoy a new home for a fair offer. Make my day! Items For Sale Guns are not for sale
  14. And from me as well. Happy Birthday Chris!!
  15. In hand it may better fit the grade but from the photos, I think you are on to something.
  16. AU55 - and I know very little so just a shot in the dark by comparison.
  17. Both sides have cartwheel luster with the reverse having a higher level which I think is due to greater toning on the obverse that the reverse. What I find interesting is the the ANACS triangles on the reverse of the slab are green colored (to my eyes) however - no matter what camera I snap a shot of the holder with, the triangles are reddish color. Is that normal and engineered that way?
  18. For those that don't like to read, 3 movies for your list: The Manhattan Project Pearl Harbor The Railway Man Excellent piece of history you have there Bill - radioactive or not.
  19. x2 Must have missed it prior somehow. Sounds like you had a great day with the family. (thumbs u
  20. Thanks Joe. I did as Kenny had suggested and looked at it a few times through the slab with a 45X loupe and the largest possible problem area that is noticeable is just right above her left shoulder. You can see it a little better in the slab photos then on the larger images I took. That was because of lighting and not necessarily intentional. Here are the second set of photos(slab photos) cropped and reduced to 1024 x 768 from the original - Sorry for the large size. Possibly it was net graded at the time of grading and placing it in the holder and time has done well by masking any problem that was much more pronounced at the time. I am by no means familiar with these commemorative pieces but comparing with a great many Heritage photos of problem free higher grade examples, I don't immediately see anything that says MS62 material. Dipped at one time and retoned - probably given the age of the coin. Some like myself would say "absolutely and without a doubt" that a coin this old has been dipped at one time or another. However the toning does seem to be consistent with a great many high grade examples. So I think "bizarre toning" would not fit on this one.
  21. No need to apologize at all. There is absolutely no way for me to make that determination with the coin inside the slab, so I can't argue against that possibility. I have to say I have great interest, and was without luck, Googl'n "setting the cob" as I do not recall ever hearing that phrase. Do tell .... I think the slab dates to about 2003 to 2004 time frame. It is what it is.
  22. Curious as to what you might think this coin deserves. The color is close to the way it looks under my daylight 6500k lamps and the coin has a generous amount of luster. No overly distracting marks that I can see (possibly hidden by the toning). I will also add that the coin is in a problem free graded holder so some of the streaks you may see could very well be from the slab. I have not taken the time to buff the plastic out as of yet.
  23. This coin is a bit beat and scraped up but the mirrors are very deep and the devices are frosty. It shows the DMPL on the printed out scale on both sides. I know these are very common coins but for some reason this one just seems different from any other PL or DPL that I have seen in that there are not the regular die polish lines on it rather the lines that can be seen look like they are from the original planchet prep and not polishing the dies. More than likely nothing but I thought I would throw it out there regardless. The first and third mirrored photos are using one 60 watt regular light bulb that you buy these days curly fluorescent type) and the second and fourth set are using three Jansjo LED's. White balance set one each scenario using 18% grey card.