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  1. Hi, Is there a reason the 1992 - 1998 Silver Proof sets are included in the annual proof set and don't have a separate set designation like the 1999 - Date of Silver Proof Sets? DFA
  2. DFA

    SMS coins

    I sent in, awhile back, US Mint packaged Mint Sets (Invoice #2701343) and I was wondering why some of the coins in the Mint Set (still in US Mint packaging) would not be graded as SMS when all the other coins in the set graded as SMS? For instance, 2007 and 2008 Nickels. DFA
  3. DFA

    2018 Coins

    I have added the coins that had "Available" shown, and I added some that did not following the instruction to save and let the admin evaluate. I still see that some of the "to-Date" set in pennies, nickels, dimes, etc still don't have slots for 2018 coins. I have clear my cache and refreshed the page, but they still don't show. Thanks DFA
  4. DFA

    2018 Coins

    Thanks, I have done this for some of the coins, but there are sets that don't have slots such as the Lincoln Cents, 1909-Date, Complete (Incl. Varieties) only has a slot for the proof coin for the penny and there are additional sets that don't have any 2018 slot to put them into. I have a lot of sets is there a faster way to put in coins then having to enter all of the Cert #s and save, I have whole sets such as the 2018 mint and proof silver and clad set that I would have to enter every coin this way? DFA
  5. DFA

    2018 Coins

    I have 2018 Silver Proof, 2018 Clad Proofs, and 2018 Mint sets that do not show any coins that I have grade by NGC as available for those slots. I have also noticed that some sets do not have 2018 coins slots. DFA
  6. I don't remember which set I was looking at, but the question is still valid for the AU55 not being listed as the best coin available?
  7. Why are MS coins not rated as Best Coin Available in some of my sets? I have attached a screen shot related to the question.
  8. MS Set for 2017 Please.