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  1. DWLange

    Real or fake 1916 quarter

    Your question was answered by readers correctly in the other forum. It is a modern replica.
  2. DWLange

    2015 homestead quarter ddr-008!!!

    There are numerous very minor doubled-die varieties for the Homestead quarter. The only one significant enough that NGC will attribute it under our VarietyPlus service is this one: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/united-states/quarters/america-the-beautiful-quarters/ NGC cannot place a value on the variety you have.
  3. DWLange


    The lamination is something NGC will include on the label. You will need to check the box for Mint Error service, in addition to the grading tier fee. The repunched date is a variety, but one too minor for NGC to attribute. The main reason for this is that it would likely not be visible on a worn coin or one having even the slightest buildup of debris around the date area.
  4. DWLange

    1845 Seated Liberty 1945/45?

    Anything less than a Walkthrough submission is unlikely to be turned around in one week with a stop first at NCS. The coin certainly is not worth enough to justify that top tier, so you should just submit it to NCS for conservation, grading and variety attribution. The grading tier used will be based on your declared value, and we can't provide that to you. It will be your decision, but keep in find that going through two companies will result in a time frame of 4-5 weeks.
  5. DWLange

    2014 ddo?

    NGC can't comment on values or grades without the coin being submitted, and that is entirely up to you. Perhaps, some readers can advise.
  6. DWLange

    1969 s cent ddo?

    I don't see any doubling. It appears to be an ordinary cent.
  7. DWLange

    1845 Seated Liberty 1945/45? DDO??

    Answered in other forum.
  8. That's a tiny rim break in the die, sometimes called a cud. It's fun but does not any value when that small.
  9. DWLange

    1845 Seated Liberty 1945/45?

    That's actually a half dime, and you'll find it here: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/united-states/half-dimes/seated-liberty-half-dimes-1837-1873/816402/ NGC will attribute that variety, but it requires the $15 VarietyPlus fee in addition to the grading fee.
  10. DWLange

    1983 ddr maybe ?

    It looks like a normal coin that got scorched or stained.
  11. Here's a link to NGC's VarietyPlus page for that variety: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/united-states/cents/lincoln-cents-memorial-reverse-1959-2008/819614/
  12. DWLange

    Is this what they mean by...

    Though I can't blow up the photo it does appear to have 6FS. That's not unusual for Jefferson Nickels of recent years, as their overall low relief has resulted in much sharper strikes since the 1990s.
  13. DWLange

    1983 ddr maybe ?

    That is simple strike doubling, aka mechanical doubling or machine doubling. It occurs at the moment of striking and die withdrawl and is common enough to carry no premium. Here's link to an NGC tutorial that includes good examples of strike doubling: https://www.ngccoin.com/pdf/US_Coin_Die_Varieties.pdf
  14. DWLange

    1969 s errorsssss

    It's just an ordinary 1969-S cent that's seen some hard knocks. There is no variety or mint error.
  15. DWLange

    Dansco Coin Albums

    That's not a part of Dansco's regular product line. The company will custom print it's binders, and this service was combined with stock, unprinted pages. I've recorded dozens of such custom concoctions.