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  1. jpcienkus

    Such a shame

    I was thinking the same thing, what a waste of peace dollars. His concoctions are not even mildly attractive to me.
  2. jpcienkus

    outrageous auction fees

    I just won a 1853 Seated Quarter at GC. Because I didn't send them a check, my BP was 12.5%. If you pay by check or wire, it's still only 10%. They're still the most reasonable when it comes to BP, there shipping is very fast, but I still think they could do a better job with their pictures.
  3. jpcienkus

    Are Heritage auctions real?

    I think you mean 'Make Offer to Owner'(?), none of my wins at HA have ever been put into a Post Auction Buy it Now. Best, HT You are right. I was using the wrong terminology. I admit, that when I was typing my response, I was too lazy to look up the actual phrasing. My overall point was it's a default setting that can be changed and not an indication of anything nefarious.
  4. jpcienkus

    Are Heritage auctions real?

    Don't mean to accuse Heritage. But I am feeling that they are not real auctions, where if there is no real demand, you can swoop the the item for a better price. It's a rigged system, where if those coins are not having enough bidders, the house competes with me knowing what my secret / proxy bid is. So, secret bids are not a secret! I am just saying, its unfair practice, though they have it somewhere when you sign up. Now, this makes free market theory invalid if we want to track values of the coins, in addition to crack-out re-grade to get a better grace from TPG's! If they claim to be gold standard in selling coins, I would assume they should not have this unfair advantage. I do not buy from other coin auctioneers, so, I do not know. But, if everyone does that, the whole coin auction market is rigged! (BTW, I am not the end of the world guy) I've purchased many, many coins at HA. I believe they are very transparent with coin values. At the bottom of EACH listing, there is a table of recently sold material and another table listing pricing from a variety of sources. They are the only auction house to provide so much pricing information in the listing. If you believe the coin you want is priced too strongly, then don't bid on it. Due to the sure size of HA's auctions, they attract many buyers and dealers, so the competition for nice material is high. While I've paid strong premiums for coins at HA, I've also been able to win auctions at favorable prices. When you sign up for an account, the default setting is that every coin you win will automatically go into the "Post auction buy it now". Those prices are always inflated over the auction price. My recommendation to you is to stay away from these. On my account, I turned this off. None of the coins I win are available for Post Auction Buy it Now. I'm buying coins for my collection, but many of the winners are buying them for resale. I've also won coins at Legend, Stack's, Scotsman's, Great Collections and eBay. In all cases, it's best to do your homework before the auction. That includes deciding what your max bid will be on a particular coin. In any situation, if the coins rises above your comfort level, than don't buy it. However, IMO, you'll need to pay above average market value for eye appealing coins.
  5. @physicsfan, based on the chart you posted, it still equates to around a 14% drop. I guess it's all relative, but I don't see that as a free fall. A downturn, sure.
  6. I love the toning on the reverse! Very nice.
  7. jpcienkus

    For the love of copper

    Love the old British Pennies and 1/2 Pennies. I'm also a fan of anything with Victoria on the obverse. I picked these up recently and I hope you like them as well. This ones a bit over graded. I'd give it AU58 ish. I love the hair detail on this one. IMO, it's correctly graded.
  8. Super Nice!! +1 Love the die clash
  9. Some great NEWPS! Orifdoc, all I can say is WOW! I love those Peace Dollars.
  10. jpcienkus

    For the love of copper

    I love the die crack on that large cent Neko! Cool color on that Australian copper.
  11. PKLEM: That's a beautifully toned Peace Dollar!! Kenneth: Nice score on that Battlecreek. I haven't seen many from that hoard above 64, let alone 66*. Very nice! Clarkbar04: I love the look of that WLH!! From the coins I've seen you post on this site, you must have a beautiful collection.
  12. jpcienkus

    I have Captured my White Whale

    Congrats Jason! Looks great in your pictures.
  13. Sorry no. I don't think it has much panache. I just liked the coin. Heritage was selling many, many toned coins from this particular collection.
  14. Some real beauties. Mine are modest by comparison.
  15. jpcienkus

    1794 dollar - BBC article

    Not to worry. I have a spare in the boot.