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  1. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Update on the two Edward VIII medals sent for grading (as above): 2827920001 seems to be almost completed (grading/ Quality Control). For the 2nd medal, I am assuming that the residue has been removed and will now undergo grading by NGC...
  2. Here is the submission entery note awaiting the kind review of Dave Camire: To aid Dave and other NGC graders in coming to a conclusion, I sent them a free printed copy of the MTB coin catalog on South Africa coins (2018 - 20) as the information in the catalog does provide a health account of the three QEII South Africa Mint struck coins / medals. The SA Mint have also verified they did strike them. So far all compliments to Matt for his continuous assistance on this website. This method of contacting NGC has been most helpful and so far for the majority of inquiries. Thank you MATT from all Numismatists
  3. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Awaiting the results of a lovely silver Edward VIII medal: Then had to resubmit a Pobjoy mint Edward VIII that came back with suggestions by NGC to have it submitted for conservation rehab...why would they not just send it direct there as they have done so with numerous other coins? Anyway the coin has been sent back and also undergoing grading:
  4. the three coins in question have arrived and now lets wait and see what the NGC Graders will revert back with?
  5. All - good news! South Africa Mint Official confirm minting the 1995 QEII two crowns and gold sovereign! Matt I will be sending shortly the information and coins to Dave Camire. Thank you for your help.
  6. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    NEXT WONDERFUL MEDAL RECEIVED. The medal is actually Matt Silver but the photos came out brownish colour ?! Made by Pinches. Will send for grading next week.
  7. Hi Matt and NGC Team A while back I sent off the above Royal Visit of QEII to South Africa commemorative set only to have the gold Sovereign and the two crowns come back with the grading 'Ineligible/ No COA'. Herewith the grading results from NGC of two of the three coins (The Gold Sovereign I have not included the number but had the same grading result description): Below is link to a picture of the issued coin set in the top left of the picture with the full set of coins. The South Africa Mint used stock they had of older coins as part of the set and minted three new coins to complete the set. These coins consisted of a newly struck 1995 gold Sovereign (that is stamped with 'SA' as depicted in the below picture) with two new crowns dated 1995 (refer to the picture that show the crowns flanking either side of the gold sovereign). One crown is made of silver and the second crown is made of nickel. The gold Sovereign and two crowns were minted and issued by the South Africa Mint to a selected Dignitaries during the QEII visit to South Africa. The QEII also received a set of these coins. The Effigy is of QEII and the reverse on the gold Sovereign is the usual St George slaying the Dragon (with the usual' 'SA' initials indicating South Africa). The two crowns have QEII effigy on the obverse and the usual ER on the reverse flanked by supporting wording and South Africa. Although the gold Sovereign and two crowns is, in my opinion, very poorly made and not to the standard we are used to seeing coming from the SA mint, they nevertheless were minted by the South Africa Mint and should be graded by NGC. Here are the pictures of the empty set case with the inside showing SA Mint and the outside (Box is black with no writing on the outside): In the 2018 2nd edition South Africa MTB Coin reference book on page 263/4 you can clearly see the pictures of the obverse and reverse of the gold sovereign and crowns. Reference numbers are NE22 (Silver Crown, NE24(nickel Crown) and NE23 (Gold Sovereign). An estimated 30 complete sets were issued to various Dignitaries. Would NGC please review the three coins in question for grading. Many South Africa Collectors would be most appreciative if the NGC Graders would accept the three coins (Sovereign and two crowns) to be graded in the future. I look forward to your kind response. Regards, Morgan
  8. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    MK123 - this is the same kind of medal however the original one sent through had a weight variation and I have submitted the additional paperwork through to them so fingers crossed on that
  9. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    and the results are in from NGC:
  10. morganthebrave

    Tagged Ear Silver Coin variety - South Africa

    Some collectors have submitted their tagged ear variety and await NGC to grade them. I will post the grading once I obtain feedback.
  11. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Thanks MK123 and Just Bob for the comments. As long as it does not grade details I will accept any grade! Yes - I would say 203 qualifies for a low mintage classification. Hard to obtain one of these medals. I was fortunate to acquire this medal in such prestige condition. The owner obviously took great care in maintaining its quality. Lets see if NGC also recognize the prestige medal in terms of a good grade.
  12. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    I am eagerly waiting for the Edward VIII Austria medal of which only 203 were minted....The oversize medal came in a maroon case and I eventually decided to send it to NGC for a grade: Lets hope it get a grade!