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  1. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    1937 G.BRIT BHM-4278 EDWARD VIII ABDICATION SILVER - hard to imagine this rare coin graded however its pleasing that it did. I hope to find a better quality medal of this kind in the future....
  2. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    1937-DATED G.BRITAIN FM-17a SILVER 1972 POBJOY ISSUE CROWN. Did not think it would grade due to a some small scratches but it did and that is most pleasing!
  3. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    and another coin... NGC Cert # 2814222-003 NGC Description (1937) G.BRITAIN CM-347a EDWARD VIII ABDICATED EDWARD VIII MEDAL BRONZE NGC Grade MS 67 BN Pedigree MORGAN CARROLL COLLECTION
  4. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    latest coin NGC Cert # 2814221-001 NGC Description 1936-DATED G.BRITAIN CM-215C SILVERED EDWARD VIII BRONZE NGC Grade MEDAL MS 61 Pedigree MORGAN CARROLL COLLECTION
  5. Yip 50 proofs only minted in 1892. The reverse design is very open and has a heroic appeal in my opinion. A good mint state coin.
  6. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

  7. ZAR 2.5 shilling (half crown). 1896. 55 000 circulated. Only 50 proof minted in 1892!
  8. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Most available Edward VIII, apart from memorabilia (This includes badges, mugs, tie pins, flags etc), are the coins produced by Geoffrey Hearn's (1954/5), Pobjoy mint (1972), International Numismatic Agency (minted in 2000 by Peter Jackson), International Currency Bureau (I.C.B)1996 Minted by Peter Jackson and Patrick Dean; Richard Lobel (from 1984) for coin collectors using the original crown dies intended for King Edward's 1936/7 coinage. King Edward VIII abdicated and the coinage dies did not get used for minting apart from several trial and pattern strikes. These trial and pattern coins are exceedingly rare and most sought after. NGC and PCGS mostly use reference codes from the Book "Portraits of a Prince" by "Giordano and the British Historical Medals'' catalog (BHM). If you plan to collect all Edward VIII medals, tokens and coins (including fantasy coinage) use these books as a guide. These books cover the majority of Edward VIII coinage, medals, tokens and fantasy coinage. In the book on South Africa Numismatic pocket price guide (MTB) only the South Africa Edward VIII coinage is listed.
  9. President B.J. Vorster coinage of 1982 is, in my opinion, a very poor effigy. Then the Mandela 2000 Effigy seems to also be of a very poor design.
  10. The KGV is the scarce 1931 proof obverse! Lovely is all I can say!
  11. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Adam of Leeds, a minter, used several designs of other minting companies to produce his own fantasy medals/coins/tokens. Would this be considered forgery or just copies as they are really fantasy coinage as such. In any event, none of the medals have surfaced onto the market. If any collector could share some information on Adam of Leeds that would be great.
  12. Different effigies of George V . Last effigy is on a die made by Balmberger mint. The company C. Balmberger was once, besides competitor L. Chr. Lauer, a leading minting institution in Germany from 1871 to 1980.
  13. Thanks World Colonial -always interesting to read your views. Pertaining to collectable varieties - it is true that a published variety will gain popularity. There are several varieties in the South Africa coinage. Just thinking out aloud on the pre-decimal (Geo V, VI, QEII) - no KG initials on the 3d, no stop after dates, 3d of 1945 struck over 1943 name a few. Hern, MTB, Krause list most of the varieties. More varieties have surfaced recently thanks to the internet social platforms.
  14. morganthebrave

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Pobjoy Great Britain silver coin 1972. You can view a collection of King Edward VIII at: