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  1. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    NGC MS64 It's hard to catch the right picture as what we see in hand, it looks more colorful in hand than my own pictures.
  2. What is your favorite pre-1933 Gold?

    I don't have any favorite gold coin because it usually out of my price range, but I would love to own any gold coins including the Double Eagles! I only have 2 Prussian gold coins (common one).
  3. It looks like grease. I don't think it affected the grade. Similar grease on wing on my previous 1881-S MS66*. After looking at your coin, it looks like the grade is almost spot on.. perhaps MS62+ or *, my opinion.
  4. I immediately bought this from Northeast coin website when their description shows "2 feathers" which I thought it's unusual variety. When I dug it up on Google and it stated that it's a minor variety, is that right? Also it shows that 21 of 1929-S Buffalo nickel 2 feathers have been graded by PCGS and 2 by NGC. So I'm wondering if it's not important variety in Buffalo nickel series?
  5. 45 Rolls of Morgan dollars

    Wow!! I wish I have that treasure!
  6. I am selling my brilliant 1903 Morgan Dollar NGC MS64. I accepted cash, check, or Paypal (add 3%); Free shipping. IF you have any question, feel free to ask me. I am asking $125 OBO. Now $110.
  7. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I am envying that you, Mark, have that holder! Cool purchase! Got all 3 coins 2 weeks ago, nothing really high ending coins.
  8. New Pix, old coins, some toned Morgans

    That's really cool eor toning on 79!
  9. Small date 1982d penny does it look right

    Since it's 3.1 grams, seem it's a genuine small date 1982-D penny. Congrats!
  10. How do you grade a Cent like this?

    That's unusual penny! I like it! I would guessed AU, but I'm surprised that it comes back as MS64. Congrats!
  11. Natural Toning vs. Artificial Toning

    I agreed with coinman1794.
  12. Recent Submissions

    Well, it would be better if you are being honest with buyer when you are going to sell it as a raw.
  13. 1723 Hibernia 1/2 cent

    I got an email from James today, he said: Hi Alan, It looks like a contemporary forgery due to the evidence of wear. - I have not seen a Type I Woods Halfpenny dated 1723 - only 1722. - it is too early (and too good a copy) to be a evasion halfpenny Its not a particularly valuable or rare coin, so it is "unlikely" that it is a modern forgery designed to deceive collectors. However, if it "IS GENUINE" you've got a great find. - have you shown it to anyone at DNW ? - their email is auctions@dnw.co.uk This is a link to my article on the Woods' patent halfpennies and farthings, if that helps. https://oldcurrencyexchange.com/2015/03/05/william-woods-irish-coinage-1722-1724-for-george-i/ Best regards, James Perhaps you can try to contact with someone at DNW (Dix Noonan Webb)?
  14. 1723 Hibernia 1/2 cent

    That's quite interesting coin. But the color on both sides are different which it lead me to suspecting of something. Also I did looked closer at that date "1723" and it doesn't looking right neither because 1) I usually see the thick "bubble" on the tail of "7" on many half pennies, but it doesn't show that much on this one. 2) The "2" looking like filled on its tail instead of separate line. I am not 100% sure, but I did copied your pictures and sent to one guy, who have more knowledge with Hibernia coins, on an email. I will let you know by then.
  15. Welcome to the NGC forum! That seller is not only one who done that. There are more than hundred thousands of ripped off seller on eBay. You should've looked at his feedback before make a purchase.
  16. Error List

    If you can add the picture, we can help to see if it's worth to get it graded.
  17. Need help with coin!

    I don't think there is special about that, not error nor variety.
  18. I only have a little knowledge with this Chinese coin after I researched on websites, and I couldn't figure what year was it. So I would like to know what year was it and what grade would you give it?
  19. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Perhaps he is trying to post here to tell us that he is selling the fake coins on ebay. It's quite interesting to see that Russian (ebay seller) is telling the truth that the coins are fake.
  20. is CAC overrated?

    I think that's the Mercury dime that I mentioned earlier. https://coins.ha.com/itm/mercury-dimes/dimes/1943-s-10c-ms67-full-bands-pcgs-cac/a/1208-3527.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515
  21. is CAC overrated?

  22. is CAC overrated?

    Sometimes CAC get a grade spot on and sometimes not. For example, someone did posted here on this forum a year or 2 ago about the toned Mercury dime that got NGC MS65FB without CAC sticker. Then after someone resubmitted that exactly same toned Mercury dime to NGC and come back as MS66+FB and later got green bean sticker. Somehow, someone got it cracked out and submitted to PCGS and come back as MS67+FB!!! and got green bean sticker again! How is that possible that CAC give a green sticker on that the exactly same toned Mercury dime when they already gave it (MS66+FB) a green sticker (not gold sticker) in the past? So does that mean CAC couldn't tell the difference between MS66+ and MS67+? I did see some people said from ATS, "No bean, no buy," I think it's ridiculousness statement. My opinion is that I think CAC is pointless, just want to make the money from submitters... business is business.
  23. Joe

    Welcome to the forum! The picture of your coin will help.
  24. From your pictures, I didn't see any doubled die obverse on your pennies.