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  1. I got out of bullion for this very reason. When I first started collecting my coin of choice was US Silver Eagles. I competed in the years and varieties category and it just got to be too much. Struck at West Point (no mint mark) vs. West Point with mint mark. 4 or 5 coins per year just to stay current and not to mention the MS70 vs. more affordable 69's. I then had a top ranked Proof Gold Buffalo set (all PF70). Buying one gold coin per year not so bad. Buying two (reverse proofs, etc.) starts pushing you. Then you ask, when the hell is this series going to end. Will I be buying proof Buffalos forever??? All of that got sold! and rather than spend say $2,500 or $3,000 on a gold coin, I would rather buy a beautiful lower grade Draped Bust Dollar. Now that (in my opinion) is numismatic treasure. All of this colorized, themed, added signature on the slab with special label, minted at XYZ limited production "stuff"...I don't buy. Go test the waters with your coin. Go try and sell it after 3 years and see if you get what you got for it? You will be surprised. Dealers ignore the grade on that label when you are trying to wheel and deal. They call it bullion and give you spot pricing for it. To each his/her own. I acknowledge the joy in collecting Modern. It's just not for me.