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  1. You actually want the green circle with the plus in it. See the attached image.
  2. I am bumping this post because it was posted to the wrong forum and it has now been moved here. Just giving it a fair shot to get a reply.
  3. I am bumping this post because it was posted to the wrong forum and it has now been moved here. Just giving it a fair shot to get a reply.
  4. I am bumping this post because it was posted to the wrong forum and it has now been moved here. Just giving it a fair shot to get a reply.
  5. I am bumping this post because it was posted to the wrong forum and it has now been moved here. Just giving it a fair shot to get a reply.
  6. I am bumping this post because it was posted to the wrong forum and it has now been moved here. Just giving it a fair shot to get a reply.
  7. We did find a specific configuration issue that was causing a reproducable (every 5 min) problem, and fixed it. With that issue behind is, in the monitoring that I'm doing, I'm still seeing some occasional slow downs where a page load is >8seconds something like 3 to 6 times per day - each episode seems to last about 1 to 5 min. I'm trying to determine whether that's an issue specific to the monitor or a real world event. I'm monitoring every minute, so the average user probably would not see all of these events, but you might experience one or two 5min periods where things are slow. AFTER the fix that was applied on Monday, have any of you personally experienced a pattern like this? Long page loads a few times per day for a handful of minutes? (We know it was terrible before Monday, I'm primarily interested in whether there is still an issue now.)
  8. Hi, Yes, I saw this, and am tracking the conversation. I have a ticket filed with the host over the performance issue, and have created some in-depth monitoring to look for slow downs. Here is what I have seen of this behavior so far: The automated monitoring isn't always showing the issue you are referring to because it loads pages as a"guest" (i.e. not logged in). The content is cached for guests to reduce load on the system (for about 5 minutes) - and so those pages have been loading faster. As a logged in user, I've seen that loading a page like the U.S. Coins forum has a long delay when you load it for the first time in a while, but that it's fast when you re-load it again. However, if you wait a bit (like waiting for new content to be posted) and refresh it again it's back to slow. I assume some query results are being cached and then uncached when they are unused for long enough. I've made some caching adjustments on how images are loaded to cut some load time - but that isn't the core of the issue. The core of the issue seems to be related to database queries. I've filed a ticket with the boards host / software maker. One thing we did was update the boards software itself, which does seem to have cut down on some generic slow downs, but not solved the regular slowing of the U.S. Coins page load. Our host is also planning to upgrade the version of PHP running the servers, which they think will have an impact. Once those known steps have been taken, I'll push them on the issue if the performance hasn't improved.
  9. Yes. In your notification settings, turn OFF the "Notification List" sliders for the two entries in the "messenger" section. You will still get the red badge on your envelope icon, but you will not get the red badge on the bell, and you will not get the pop-ups at the bottom of the page.
  10. Did you read the tips post in the announcement section on the side bar? Also, try the new themes out (see announcement)
  11. Those are two things that aren't really adjustable in the new boards. We can set one default number per page, and that's it. The all button is also gone and is unlikely to come back. I think that the software developers of this product don't support it because if you hit "all" on a very lengthy thread is causes performance problems and bogs down the whole database. That said, there are some features here on these boards that make if very convenient to easily view new content - specifically in the "Activity" drop down. There you can use the existing activity feeds, or you can create a new activity feed to your specifications that easily shows you new content in a variety of ways. You can use the "Condensed" choice in the upper right to see more posts per page. These things help to find threads faster, although I understand they do not explicitly address your "more posts per page" issue. I am very interested in your issues with slow loading, however. These new boards now feature separate server instance for each board, which means that the coin boards don't share traffic with the comics boards and should improve performance. We have something called a CDN turned on that offloads static resources onto a network of distributed servers that are geographically closer to each user. Also, the code is generally cleaner and more modern. The combined effects of these things should be faster performance for everyone - and by and large that's been my personal experience. Can you give me more feedback about what you are experiencing? Are you still in the U.S.?
  12. Hello everyone, Now that we've split NGC out, the only theme available here is the NGC theme. With only one theme currently enabled, I don't think that the theme menu shows up. HOWEVER, we've been working on some updated themes on the CGC site and rapidly evolving them based on the feedback from their higher traffic. As we finalize all the adjustments, we'll be making a couple of flavors of those themes available here once they have been adjusted to look right for NGC. We'll post a notice as that happens so that you can all check them out. Key things that are changing in those themes: Some other colors that help break up the bright white of this starting theme A denser list of threads on forum pages Clearer separation of one thread from the next, one post from the next, and the difference between a quote and the main body of a new psot A variety of other smaller tweaks
  13. That's weird. Permissions look ok, but maybe someone else tweaked them. Can you see it now @WoodenJefferson ?
  14. There is nothing in your preferences that can do this, no. There are some plugins that work on the server level that change that behavior, but it's not clear that they won't cause other problems. The plugin I have seen that does it also changes a bunch of other things at the same time that are questionable. We may make this change, but probably not very near term.
  15. If you mean in the Ask NGC area - you can post a question, but a moderator has to approve it for it to appear. Which questions are are you talking about? We've made some adjustment to image attachment settings. If you try this again, it will probably be fine, but let me know. What EXACTLY happens when you try to post a second reply? I've not heard of or seen this particular problem for anyone else yet. @ldhair
  16. Well, we've been working with the settings in the new boards to try to hit the right balance of file size and storage management with ease of use for the board members. Right now here is how it works, and I'd encourage you to try it and offer feedback: Any size image up to 100MB can be uploaded, so you should just about never see a "too big" warning When you upload an image the system will do the following: Reduce and save the image to a maximum size of 1250x1250 on the server Display the image in the post at 900x900 with an ability to click on the image to view it larger and a link in the lower left to view it full size See how it feels and let us know. Thanks!
  17. Do you guys feel we need images that big in terms of pixel dimensions for the boards, or is it more that we just want to make it easy to attach and upload without having to mess around resizing it? We have some features we can work with to automatically reduce the images for you. The question is just what is a big enough image to serve the needs of posting it?
  18. Hi all, We actually raised the limit when we moved to the new boards from 200k to 450k. I'm curious what exactly is happening that you are unable to upload things now that you used to be able to upload. Both the intent, and the physical change to restrictions all should have resulted in you being able to upload more / bigger images. Can you tell me more specifically what happens? What device are you using to upload? Is there anything unusual going on when you try it, such as attaching an image, removing it and attaching another one? By the way, we may raise the size restriction even more, but I wanted to see how the new servers reacted to the load without changing too many variables. However, either way what you should be experiencing now is MORE ability to upload, not less.
  19. We did automatically merge accounts. HOWEVER, if you had an account on the boards wtih a DIFFERENT email address than you account on the registry, then we didn't have any information by which to know that they should be merged. We made a post asking people to sync those up quite a while back, but not everyone saw it or did it. Please read that announcement and make the request in the suggested forum, as that is where customer service will be looking for that information and processing the queue.
  20. Hello, You will need to make a post in the Account Merge Requests area, per this announcement:
  21. Hi all, You may have noticed that on the NGC and PMG forums we have installed the NGC theme to make the place look a little more like home. You can also go to the very bottom of the page on the lower left and find a "Themes" menu item that will allow you to change your overall theme to NGC across the site rather than JUST in the NGC / PMG specific forums. It's still not perfect, as there are some things not controlled by the theme (like the menus at the top) that have to remain CGC oriented, AND of course, the URL is still CGC right now - but it's closer. We are actively working to get us all moved to the real domain name and instance, and I just want to say again that we thank all of you for your patience during the transition. I know it can be disorienting, but we really think it will be worth the hassle once everything settles out. Again, thank you.
  22. Working hard on tweaking the new boards!