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  1. * Please ensure you have logged into your account on 1) Click on the green plus sign. 2) Type in your NGC certification number and then click Save to Inventory. You will receive a message that the coin has been saved to your inventory. 3) Next you may upload photos or click Continue. 4) Enter your personal comments and click Save or click Skip This Step. 5) Click on any set names you have already created or click + Create New Set. 6) Scroll down and click Add to Set(s). 7) You will then receive a confirmation message. Click Go to My Sets or Add to More Sets. Please let us know when we may assist with the NGC Registry. You may reach us best at
  2. 1. Log in to the NGC Registry on the web site. 2. Click on the head and shoulders icon: 3. Click on My NGC Registry: 4. Click on View Competitive Sets: 5. Click on the name of the set you wish to edit: 6. Click on Add Image for your set photo: 7. Choose the image from your computer/device. 8. Follow the directions on your screen to SAVE the image.
  3. Thank you, Star City Homer. We will create a platinum Queen's Beasts set in the near future. We are aware of the discrepancy with Great Britain and are working on streamlining the two. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello, Star City Homer. We are happy to help. What are you looking for?
  5. Hi, David. Thanks for your interest and for the request. You are free to copy the framework of a competitive set when you create a Custom Set. You can have an empty slot as a "want to own" option. I will send directions to your email on file. We will also introduce a new format for Custom Sets on the new NGC Registry on in the future. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us at
  6. Thank you for the request, laymantao. Our team will research this and get back to you via email when a decision has been reached.
  7. Thank you for the inquiry, Just Bob. As of January 3, 2017, NGC Registry Competitive Sets no longer accept PCGS coins. NGC has no plans to remove PCGS-certified coins that have already been added to NGC Registry Competitive Sets. PCGS coins may be added to the Collection Manager, and you may also add PCGS coins to NGC Custom Registry sets.
  8. Hello, asdfgh. Thank you for letting us know of the discrepancy. We have sent this information to our graders for review. They have corrected it.
  9. Thank you, Bob. That coin would be eligible in this set: Canada: One Dollar, 1969-1987, Specimen. Please let us know when we may assist next.
  10. CYF, can you please send any relevant certification numbers you may have to Thank you.
  11. Hello, Bob. Thank you for the inquiry. Can you please provide the certification number or the year and denomination of the coin in question? We are happy to assist.
  12. Ali E.

    NGC registry

    Hello, gtw-123. Thanks for the inquiry. If you utilize the new NGC Registry on, it will automatically take you to all eligible sets when you add a new coin. When you edit a set, it should be showing you the highest available coin/score in the list of eligible coins. You may find the new site here: If you have more than one available coin for a slot, you will need to click on the number in the lower right corner of that slot to see your available coins and scores. Please let us know if you have further questions.
  13. Thank you for the request, CYF. We will research this and get back to you.
  14. Ali E.

    Pics added

    Hello, SSB. You will receive NGC Registry points if you choose to add your coins to a competitive NGC Registry set. If you care to send us your certification numbers, we will be happy to assist. Thank you.
  15. Ali E.

    Pics added

    Thank you for the request, SSB coins. You may find the directions here: ***Please note: We do not guarantee that NGC security photos for all coins exist. NGC did not start taking security photos for coins until 2008. Also, some large submissions (bulk submissions) do not have security photos taken.***