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  1. Thank you for the inquiry. The photos on the NGC coin site are proprietary, low-resolution photos. They are taken for certification verification and for security purposes. We do have imaging services available which include much higher quality resolution images. If you are interested, please contact NGC Customer Service at 1-800-642-2646. Or, you may take your own photos and upload them via your personal computer to your NGC Registry sets. You may reach us at registry@ngccoin.com, if you need assistance with this. We also do prefer to keep certification numbers private. It is up to the discretion of the owner if s/he would like to display a cert. number in an image. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the request, granbecoin. We have added the appropriate slots. Please let us know when we may assist next.
  3. Customer Service would be happy to assist you at service@ngccoin.com or at 1-800-642-2646. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the question. You are correct: the 2017-S Proof Silver Eagle should receive more NGC Registry points than a 2017-W Proof Silver Eagle. When a coin is first released and market values are not widely available we will sometimes use the NGC Registry score for the next-closest coin. Market values for the 2017-S Proof Silver Eagle are now available and we have updated its NGC Registry score. We do not generally assign different NGC Registry scores to different special designations or pedigrees. These generally receive the same point scores as the non-designated or non-pedigreed coin. We believe that collectors should collect what they like, and they can choose whether they want to collect coins with or without special designations or pedigrees.
  5. Upon further consideration and discussion, we have made some Silver Eagle Registry corrections. The 2013 Enhanced SP Eagle is now eligible with a separate slot in the following sets: Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Including Varieties Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Specimen, and Proof Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Specimen, and Proof, Including Varieties If you have questions, you may also reach us at registry@ngccoin.com. Thank you.
  6. Hello, freerider41042. For assistance with your account or membership, please contact NGC Customer Service at service@ngccoin.com or at 1-800-642-2646. Thank you.
  7. Hello, namvette68. Please click below to read our article about the Silver Eagle mintages: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/5888/ Thank you.
  8. Hello, freerider41042. If you are viewing a particular NGC Registry competitive set, you may click on the HISTORY tab to see any score changes that occurred. Thank you.
  9. Hello, Morpheus1967. If you go to the NGC Registry Set in question and click on the HISTORY tab, you will see what changes have been made. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for the request, KEVYNWEBER. That coin is already available here: South Africa - RepublicSet Name: Silver 2 Rand, 1992-Date, Proof Please let us know when we may assist next. In the future, you may reach us at registry@ngccoin.com.
  11. Hello, physicsfan3.14. Our programmers are looking into this. I will let you know when I have a response from them. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the feedback. Any set labeled "Mint State and Proof" (with or without varieties,) refers to the strike of the coin. As such, only Mint State or Proof struck coins are eligible. "Specimen" coins are neither Mint State nor Proof. This is why the 2103 SP coin is not eligible for a "Mint State and Proof" Set. The only Silver Eagle set that is not titled either MS or Proof is this set: US Sets American Eagles & Bullion Coins Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Bullion Issues Hence, the SPECIMEN coin is eligible there. Varieties are not in question with the 2013 SP; it is the strike, the method of manufacture, that is different. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, you may reach us at registry@ngccoin.com. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the requests, Gentlemen. Please follow the directions here: My coin is "NOT VALID FOR SLOT." What do I do?
  14. Hello, Morpheus1967. Only coins that say "DISNEY CHARACTERS" on the label are eligible for the DISNEY CHARACTERS set. The FROZEN coins are eligible in the S$2 Proof sets. For questions about labeling, please contact NGC Customer Service at 1-800-642-2646 or you may reach them via email at service@ngccoin.com. Thank you.
  15. Hi, TerryZman. Our census reflects we have graded 63 1908 coins as MS. Also, we have added a slot for: GEORGE V - MUMBAI MINT (1918). Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please let us know when we may assist next.