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  1. NGC Awards

    Thank you for your participation and for your support of the NGC Registry. We appreciate it.
  2. 1971 Dahomey Gold and Silver Coins

    Hello, Josh. Thank you for the interest and for the request. Our team will begin research on the best way to display these silver and gold issues. We will send you an email when the set structure has been determined. Thanks, and have a good day.
  3. Hello, Dustin, and welcome. If you have questions or comments about prices for US Coins, please direct your inquiries to our US Price Guide specialist, Jim Bisognani at He will be happy to assist. Thank you.
  4. After continued customer feedback and careful consideration, our team has decided to update the following NGC Registry set: Niue: Silver $2, Disney Characters, 2014-Date, Proof We have just renamed the set: Niue: Silver $2, Disney, 2014-Date, Proof This will allow the inclusion of the current “Disney Pixar” coins and potentially other “Disney” labeled coins to be included in the future. If you have any questions, you may reach us at Thank you.
  5. Hello, Morpheus. Again, a coin must say "Disney" Characters/Princesses on the label to be eligible for the specialized Silver $2, Disney Characters, 2014-Date, Proof Registry Set. The Registry department is not involved at all with the labeling of coins. Only NGC Customer Service could look into labeling questions for you. You may reach them at 1-800-642-2646 or at The other sets you mention are denomination sets by year for Silver $2 proof coinage. Any silver $2 proof coin from Niue for that given year would be therefore eligible. Our team is considering changing the name of the Silver $2, Disney Characters, 2014-Date, Proof Registry Set to include other "Disney" coins. We will let you know when we have made a decision. Thank you.
  6. Hello, Joe. Thanks for the request. We will get these added.
  7. Hello, Morpheus. A coin must say "Disney Characters" on the label to be eligible for inclusion in the Disney Character registry set. NGC Customer Service can assist you with what is eligible for the Disney label and what is not. If you have a coin with "Disney Characters" on the label, and you do not see a slot for it, please email us at Thank you.
  8. First post of 2018!

    Star City Homer, and ilLOminatus, thanks for the feedback. Making a programming adjustment to the set description editing and allowing a custom set "header" photo is something that is in the works with our programmers for our new site. Any future feedback can be sent to Thanks very much.
  9. Hello, ste53. Thank you for the request. Your pattern coin is not available in a competitive registry set. You may create a Custom NGC Registry Set for this coin, if you wish. Your Ionian Islands coin may go into this competitive set, if you wish: World Sets: Greece - Crete & Ionian Islands: 1821-1862, Complete Circulation Issue. If you need assistance, you may reach us at Thank you.
  10. PCGS graded 1/2 Cent

    As of January 2017, PCGS coins are no longer eligible in the NGC Registry. Thank you.
  11. JustBob, Please contact NGC Customer Service at or at 1-800-642-2646, and they will walk you through your account settings. Thank you.
  12. JustBob, you need to be logged in and on the Collector Society web site. You need to go to your Control Panel to find email preferences. Thank you.
  13. Hello, erwindoc. If you prefer not to receive emails from other collectors, you may go into your account and change your email preferences. You check the circle/radio dial that says: No, do not allow users to send emails. Then hit SAVE when you are finished. Thank you.
  14. Thank you for the request, quarter. We will research this and send you an email to the email address we have on file for you once a decision has been made. Thank you.
  15. First post of 2018!

    Hello, ilLOmnatus. Thank you for the feedback. We are already in the process of a new release for the US version of the NGC Registry, so it will be more similar to the HK site. ANACS coins are accepted for grading here at NGC. The process differs from PCGS because you may not specify a minimum grade when you submit the coin to us. We will crack it out and treat it as raw. NGC Customer Service can assist you with any grading or submission questions at Thank you.