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  1. Ali E.

    Score correction request

    Hello, Star City Homer. Thank you for the information and for the request. Our team will research this and get back to you via email when any necessary adjustments have been made.
  2. Ali E.

    Add new slots

    Thanks Six Mile Rick, for the request to expand. We see you have successfully added your coin to the new 1970 D REV 68 slot. Please let us know when we may assist next.
  3. Hello, Mohawk. Thank you for your continued interest in the NGC Registry and for the feedback. The Turkey sets you mentioned were created in 2012. The scores for those sets had not been updated since the creation of the set. As such, they were updated based upon current market values in February of 2018. Pricing is only one of many factors taken into consideration in the scoring algorithm developed by our senior numismatists. I will send you a description via email. Thank you and please let us know when we may assist in the future.
  4. Ali E.

    Competitive set update.

    Thanks for the request, S&S Collection. We will get those slots added. Please let us know when we may assist with the NGC Registry in the future. You may reach us best at
  5. Ali E.

    Registry Awards Question

    Hello, Physics Fan. Thanks for the question. Any PCGS coins that have been grandfathered in to an existing NGC Registry set are still considered to be part of the set and therefore eligible for awards. Grandfathered PCGS coins are still considered for awards in US Competitive sets, as well.
  6. Ali E.

    Request a new slot here!

    Hello, Christipher. Thanks very much. We will get that slot added.
  7. Ali E.

    1988 Libertad PL slot

    Thanks for the request, TMCGRADY. We will look into this and send you an email. Thanks very much.
  8. Ali E.

    how to register American coins from Mexico

    Hello, roxannfidel. Welcome to our chat boards. What exactly is it you are trying to do? Our website is for collectors to display their own coins for their own enjoyment and to interact with other coin collectors who are interested in the hobby.
  9. Ali E.

    1970 and 1970-D Roosevelt dime

    Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm, Six Mile Rick. We currently have graded 48 of the 1970 D REV of 68. We have only graded 9 of the Philadephia REV of 68. Our senor team has concluded that the number graded would need to be close to 40 to add a separate slot for that coin, as well.
  10. Ali E.

    1970 and 1970-D Roosevelt dime

    Hello, Six Mile Rick. Our team has approved the addition of a separate slot for the 1970 D REV OF 68 10C in the variety sets. We do not have enough graded examples of the 1970 REV OF 68 to add a separate slot. Thank you and please let us know when we may assist in the future.
  11. Ali E.

    1970 and 1970-D Roosevelt dime

    Thanks for the request, Six Mile Rick. We will look into your request and get back to you.
  12. Thank you for your interest and participation, as always, Tom. We truly appreciate your input!
  13. Thank you for the request, Mohawk. We have sent an email to you with directions.
  14. Congratulations on having a #1 ranked set in the NGC Registry! You may now access and print your award certificate(s). Log in at Your winning set(s) will be listed for printing. Prefer that we mail your certificate(s)? Please follow these directions by February 28, 2019 by logging in at Click on the Head and Shoulders icon. Click on MY ACCOUNT. Click on the AWARDS tab. Click the selection box to indicate that you would like to receive your award certificate(s) in the mail. Click SAVE. Questions? Please email us at Thank you for your participation in the NGC Registry.
  15. Ali E.

    new set for california fractional gold

    Hello, conklescoins. Thank you so much for the request. Due to the very unique and varying nature of the CA fractional gold, our team has determined that this type of coin is more suitable for a Custom NGC Registry set. Thank you and please let us know when we may assist next.