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  1. I chose the 8TF, thinking maybe getting IGWT in Old English above it, we'll see. I started a thread about ATS, everyone gave me the thumbs up, even the guys that aren't fans of tattoos. My first and only tattoo. Good conversation starter, I tell em it's the reverse of a Morgan dollar and then pull out a pocket piece. Maybe I'll land some consignment work.

  2. 1/320, f5.3, ISO 100, 46MM




    1/250, f8.0, ISO 100, 46MM




    I'm having better luck hitting the shutter with my finger, I know that sounds crazy, but it seems there's less shake. Also don't forget I'm using the bottom of the line 18-55 that came with the kit. I think the second pic came out sharper.


    EDIT: I'm not happy with either image, your talking ASE's the easiest to shoot. They have the amateur look. Right now my cheapo FUJI P&S takes much better images. I'm hoping better glass will do the trick.

  3. I just picked up a D3100 on the cheap from a pawnshop. I'm using the supplied 18-55 that cam with the kit and noticed that when using the timer, at the moment the shutter is released there's a bit a shake caused by the shutter. I'm using a pretty sturdy tripod and have determined that this is causing a bit of blur in the final results. Would a heavy copy stand eliminate this? Tried some pics with the VR on and doesn't seem to make much difference. Actually hitting the shutter with my finger works better. Do the 3100's have clunky shutters? The shutter count was at 3899 when purchased and the cam looks barely used going by the cosmetics. Thanks :)

  4. Could you post some images with your 3100? I just picked one up (kit 18-55) from a pawnshop 2 weeks ago. I had to buy it for $250, didn't come with the charger and it only had 3899 shutter actuations. It was a pawned item, the owner never came to pick it up, my gain I suppose. I tried to use the 18-55 the images are ok but realize it's NOT the lens for coin photography. I'm currently using ArcSoft Photo Studio5 that came with my Cannon scanner, it allows me to circle crop a coin image 10 years old but it works.

  5. This was being discussed ATS, another member found the image from Heritage. I just found it necessary to inform members here. I do spend considerable amounts of time combing Ebay for fakes, counterfeits, pirated pics etc.



    EDIT: This has gotten so bad IMO, all of the TPG's need there own task force to combat the counterfeiting. I wonder how many slip through?