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  1. Every week Eric. At least 2-4 fakes, hijacked accounts or pirated images per week. I'm suspicious of his other ended listings, especially the 89CC that ended on Aug14th. Every week people are burned and don't return to the hobby and tell their friends about it, not good for any of us.


    EDIT: How many slip through, are sold, with a buyer happy as a pig n , until he later finds out he was bent over.

  2. It's in a thread ATS, but decided to try my luck here. It's the type B reverse which means the reverse was struck with a proof die. Is it possible this piece was meant for circulation but was struck with proof dies? The fields aren't deep and hazy as the image suggests. It's some what grainy, if that's even a word and doesn't look like any proof quarter I own. This thing is hammered as well. Thanks for any input.





  3. Submission going out tomorrow, this is one of them. The fields are that of other PL pieces that I own. This date n MM is common for having a PL obverse and semi PL reverse. The reverse isn't as deep but I can clearly read text from 6" away +or-. Up to the graders now.