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  1. Slightly better date O mint Morgan purchased today from a local flea market. At first glance through the glass case it appeared 65, upon further inspection, 64 tops. When I returned home and spent time examining it, all the chatter came to life :( At least the strike and luster is decent. Your opinions? TIA.





  2. Can anything be done? Housed in a PR69DCAM PCGS slab cert# 24066884. I was thinking it might be better off in a NGC holder. Seems anything modern spots in a PCGS slab, not so with NGC. I don't want to return it, as they are hard to locate. Any suggestions?


    PCGS image no spots.




    My images taken today spots clearly visible.






  3. Surprised there wasn't a thread about today ATS. The first image is of my Grandfather's Kbar and M1 bayonet. Served in the Coast Guard during WWII and was part of an operation which flushed out Nazi soldiers taking refuge in Greenland. The second image is very popular, the 5 star in the center needs no introduction. God bless those serving, those who served and those who gave all.