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  1. South - Africa Union Coinage:At last, got hold of a 1925 3p protea reverse last night with a very nice grade of MS63
  2. i like it, wish i could get my hands on a set
  3. Im thinking of selling below coin, what would a fair starting price be?
  4. NGC Cert: 257395-007 Date/Info: 1882H NEWFNDLAND Denomination: 5CS Grade: MS 63 Price Guide: N/A NGC Census: 2 NGC Coin Explorer: N/A If the information displayed above is incorrect or does not match the coin you are verifying, or if you believe that you have a counterfeit or tampered NGC holder, please contact ConsumerAwareness@ngccoin.com. To learn more about counterfeit or tampered NGC holders
  5. good day, i have forwarded numerous coins to ncs with some good results, in some cases the grade stayed the same but the coin looked much better. I am no expert on the above coin but NCS will definately get the grit off, the only problem i see is that at the bottom picture on the right hand side of the coin seems to be some damage (the green spot). you might get a details grade. The response time you get from NCS is quite shocking, i have posted questions before and it takes weeks to get answered.
  6. very nice ponde Morgan, true beauties, for the novice collector they should look at the shafts pulling the wagon, one has a double and the other a single shaft, hence the names, but not a lot of people know there is actually a diffirence in wheels, the ground in front of the wagon on the left i would also say.
  7. South Africa MS65 1958 2.5 shilling...this might be a good candidate for NCS.....any feedback welcome