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  1. 1983 P and 1983 D Washington Quarter Can this be considered error or just ugly?
  2. Hello thanks again I’ll say there’s nothing really significant about this 1983 P Quarter I thought something special the way it’s made thanks again
  3. Hello I’m on the hunt in finding some truth about this coin
  4. Hello thank you and I’m grateful for your suggestion and comments on a particular note it’s been with me for decades. Well seems they’re a chance this could be important
  5. Hello I’m thinking how do you grade this particular 1983 P
  6. Well it’s appealing. Compare yours in the photo and you’ll see how or should it looks
  7. What's significant about this penny ? Let's us know what you think about this 1974 Bronze Cent
  8. Seems that the 1974 Bronze Cent is Magnetic I have followed your suggestion and thank you it helps me clearly. Happy to know and see what you think about this 1974 Cent