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  1. And the other two coins in my submission.
  2. As promised here are the composition NGC photos from my recent small submission, I have blocked out the numbers as the grades have not posted yet and resized them otherwise these are just as sent by NGC. Overall the quality of the photos is excellent, the two Morgans.
  3. Depends on what you want to do with it, if your plan is to keep it then I would not. If you plan to sell it or are worried about it being a fake then depending on how much you have into the coin already it may be worth sending it in. I'm in agreement with the other posters that from the pics it does look cleaned and wouldn't imo receive a straight grade.
  4. Not at all please do post the images, I'd love to see them.
  5. Fairly sure that internet image is the photo of the full slab no close up of the coin itself.
  6. Thanks for providing that link @tejas1836there have been multiple threads ats in the past where someone had used coinfacts to show where a coin had upgraded, then upgraded again, and at times a third upgrade many times within a very short timeframe. I suspect that there were others but Laura was the vocial one that posted how it was bad for the hobby. IMO she was mad because some of the big registry buyers were unhappy about the constant upgrades and the subsequent repurchases to stay on top of the registry list when it was clear that coins were being moved up in grade very rapidly. Very soon after all that, all but the top three pop coin images were deleted from coin facts, gutting all the other images so that folks couldn't continue to point out the rampant gradeflation. Many believed it was in response to the complaints, I suspect that and also because it was embarrassing to the TPG ats. As new coins are graded and imaged the library of photos is being repopulated but the old images and information is gone for good. My small submission is at NGC now which does include one high grade silver coin (a crossover attempt which is rare for me) and I'll update this thread with the photos that I receive. However I have no proofs in the group.
  7. A new addition for my 1958 year set. Not FBL and not a high grade coin but a nice original mint set toned coin in an NGC 4th gen holder with a CAC green bean, I'm happy with it.
  8. I may have misunderstood you, I assumed that you would only be searching for that TPG's graded coins. No TPG is going to place the competition's photos (it would actually be a copyright infringement to do so) on their website; no way no how; those photos belong to and are the property of the TPG that took them. ATS has a feature that allows you to see as many photos as are currently available on their site, once you click on a date/mm you will see the top 1-3 and have the option to click on view more to see others. Its sad that the feature was recently gutted due to a single unhappy major dealer who saw how easy it was to id the gradeflation issue using the feature and screamed about how it was killing business. More photos are being populated as they are taken but steps have been put in place so astute viewers cannot see the gradeflation as before. If you want to search across multiple TPG's then Heritage is really the best choice, you can also use the recent auction archives both here and ATS which will show several auction sites such as Heritage, Ebay, Stacks, and one other I think. The only one not in those records is GC, Ian has said that he prefers to not share his sales records at this time.
  9. Coinbuf


    Wow that is a lot of money, if I recall correctly PCGS has said in the past that they will not cross MS/PF70 coins at grade. Something to do with an expensive coin that they had to eat once it was cracked out of the holder due to an issue. I don't know if NGC has a similar policy or not, I hope not for you. Honestly I think you would have been better off selling the ones you have and just buying new coins in the holder you want, but best of luck hope it works out in your favor.
  10. Well as the competition already does this it would not "one-up" them; however it would be a very useful tool and a welcome enhancement that certainly could bring more business to the photo side of the company.
  11. Mailed in my submission on Fri, very small group of only 7 coins but did ask for photos of all seven. I'm assuming that photos will only be taken of the coins that are slabbed so I'll update with the photos once I receive them. Bty is it too early to check my submission status.
  12. I have a very small group consisting of some copper (toned and bright red) and a couple of bright untoned silver coins so I'll update this thread when I have the pics, will be interesting to see how these turn out.
  13. the obv surface texture is amazing on that 1852 Robert.
  14. Really nice original coin in a cool holder as a bonus.