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  1. It would help to see a close up, in focus photo of the obv and rev (not under the microscope) to get a better perspective of the overall coin. I have said before that everything looks like something at high magnification. I think its just some strike doubling and reflection at your super high magnification, but hard to be sure from just one tiny area of the coin.
  2. Would like to see a better photo of the obv, however my gut reaction is it has spent some time in the ground or been subjected to some caustic agent like acid. What you see on the rim is that the core has been eroded/eaten away to produce that valley effect. The eroded surfaces explain the slightly underweight weight you mentioned in your op as the mass of the coin has been reduced. This doesn't look to be an error to me just damage or what we call PMD (post mint damage).
  3. The best guess is that some of the date and letters are missing due to grease in the die at the time the coin was struck, if you can provide better more clear and in focus photos we will be better able to help you.
  4. As mentioned we will need to see photos (clear in focus close-ups) to be able to help you.
  5. You may need to contact customer support, I'm not certain but I think the gold has to be a separate submission from the other two coins which will increase your costs.
  6. I just want to know when Quintus is going to propose to Richie, its a beautiful bromance.
  7. On the contrary, I'm very positive that I'll never see a legit special matte finish 1993 D dime.
  8. Nothing important about the coin, these were promotional gifts that banks used to give away to customers, board members, etc...
  9. I don't see anything different just a beat up nickel, perhaps the op can elaborate as to what is different about it.
  10. Notice the amount of polish lines just in front of the portrait and across the forehead and face which indicate the die was polished to remove the clash. The areas that still show some of the clash are lower in relief than the sections of the die that were worked on. Also look under the chin just above the "E" of IGWT and you can see additional markings form the clash that remain in the field.
  11. As greenstang said you need to tell us what your question is and where on the coin you are looking, posting a coin with no further info makes it a guessing game.