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  1. Very simple for me I'm a Lincoln collector, shinny red pennies have been my passion for the bulk of my collecting time. There are of course subsets, wheatbacks, memorials, shields, short sets, varieties, proofs and so on. I have also collected Morgans and have a semi complete set just missing the really expensive keys but those are just a side distraction from my main love Lincolns. I completed the main subset of Lincolns from 1909 to 1958 (the wheatback years) a couple of years ago and took a break for a bit to decide if and what to do next. Still not really sure on a direction yet but have been adding slowly to a few important year sets I have in progress and I may replace a few less than prudent purchases in my Lincoln set over time. I may continue to add to the Lincolns from 1959 to date or I could add to the Lincoln proofs that I currently have, just not committed to a direction yet.
  2. 1) not uncirculated 2) not rare 3) not a key date 1884-S is a better date and can be expensive for a true uncirculated example, the coin you have posted grades about XF40 from the pic and that assumes it is a genuine 1884-S. Prices for an XF40 example of this date/mm are around $60-$75 on average, if you paid more than that return it at once for a full refund and never buy from that source again. If you truly feel that this is what an uncirculated coin looks like you need to learn how to grade or you will be taken to the proverbial cleaners. Welcome to the forums, hopefully you will take the advice I and others have offered, the replies may seem harsh but better to find out now rather than after you have spent lots of money on wrongly graded possibly way overpriced coins.
  3. Way out of my area but as a WAG I'll say PR65 no cam. The mark on the cheek is the limiting factor imo and it seems like there is a break in contrast around some of the letters of America.
  4. Many many years ago there was a local coin shop that had a bid board, the board would be populated on Mon and the auction/bid board close was Thurs night if I recall correct. It was a very popular event and would draw 40+ on most close nights and I bought many inexpensive items that were mostly US coins from the thirtys to the seventies on average. The owner did also have a drawing of sorts for a giveaway each night, usually an inexpensive silver round or something along those lines. I won the giveaway a few times and received a few Canadian dollars,1966 and 1965 both .800 silver. A couple of Mexican dollar sized coins that are .720 silver, and one 50 Francs coin which I'm guessing is also silver but not sure of the fineness. Those are my oddball coins still have them sitting in a drawer collecting dust, perhaps there will be a big run on silver again and I'll cash them out.
  5. If your on the new look registry on the left side click "My NGC Registry" and a drop down will appear with one of the selections being "My Competitive Coins" If you prefer the old registry look and feel you can still access your sets and coins in that format by going to Old look
  6. Much too far and expensive to travel from the west side of the US so its a no go for me. Hope everyone has a good time.
  7. We will need a much better closeup of the coin to be able to answer you question, however you shouldn't be expecting a yes
  8. Chances are that if all the coins are toned this is not a true unopened roll as usually only the end coins and perhaps one or two next to the end coins would have been exposed to the elements enough to be toned, I'm not saying its not possible but unlikely. As far as the color goes these days toned is in and many collectors (not me I prefer mint red) will pay big money for properly certified toned coins. If you think the toned coins you have look legit then I would suggest sending in the 3-5 best most colorful examples for grading to see if NGC agrees that these are natural or at least market acceptable. If they grade at least MS65 or better you have a shot at selling them for a profit. 54-s is a super common coin as tons were saved in rolls at the time, if you look at the pop NGC has certified 7,248 in MS66RD and 875 in MS67RDand prices range from under $20 for MS66 coins and under $75 for the MS67's. The RB and BN pops are lower but have been rising due to the increased demand for toned coins which is a more recent development in coin collecting and those coins are bringing $50 and up depending on the grade and color. There are no significant varieties for this date that would be worth saving/selling. The woodies while very cool will never have much value or widespread appeal, only a small handful of collectors would have any interest in a 54-s Woodie so I'd put those in 2X2's and see if you can find one of those few buyers on ebay. Please update with more pics as you go and best of luck with whatever you decide to do with them.
  9. Norweb and Eliasberg certainly have to vie for the top spot, who is best will depend on each persons criteria in making a choice. I would probably go with Eliasberg but that is perhaps because I know more about that collection than any other.
  10. Not really, are you unhappy with the lack of participation on these chats (btw you have contributed a whopping total of 2 posts per month since you signed up) or are you unhappy with some other aspect of the unnamed brand.
  11. Perhaps you could be more specific as I get the feeling that I am not the only person here that has no idea what your rant is about.