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  1. The most famous "specimen" U.S. coin I can think of is the dollar owned by TDN, while I don't fully buy the story that is now being told with the coin it has been graded as a specimen by PCGS.
  2. I would love to hear more on this subject of "evidence that gets habitually destroyed by the US Mint"; where are you getting your facts from to support this statement.
  3. Without any photos it is impossible to give you any guidance other than it's worth the face value of one cent.
  4. I was thinking that at lest one might be a white metal type but not at all familiar with these so than you for the additional info. And heck if it was easy anyone could find them, right.
  5. This!! If you had a 55/55 the main 72/72 or another very well known and obvious DDO/DDR the TPG's will usually note those even without the variety service. But small minor DDO/DDR's, RPM's, VAM's, missing initials, and other types of minor stuff you need to pay extra for. The coin in your photos looks to have some die deterioration doubling.
  6. Those are some very cool additions to your Alabama theme set @Woods020 I can see some copper pieces, are the others all silver or some other metals?
  7. Would be helpful if in the future you would post both sides of the coin and please crop the photos so that we are not looking at lots of background. The 58-D looks to be a dryer or spooned coin, coins that get caught in a dryer for a long time will have the rim compressed like this from all the constant rolling around. The same effect can be achieved by tapping the coin with a spoon on the edges while rolling it around, a trick for the really bored.
  8. Kids are great durability testers, but you may be correct in holding back on that type of testing.
  9. You do realize that the person you tagged made one post back in 2011 and it does not look like he has been back since. So the chances of him answering your post seem very slim.
  10. Just to be clear all 1921 Peace dollars are high relief, all the Morgan dollars are normal. @dollarfan Thanks for the additional pics, those do look to be die polish lines so I'll reverse my statement on those areas and the worries on cleaning. I'm not much of a gambler so I would probably just sell and buy another in the plastic/grade I wanted but I think your chances are better after seeing those new photos.
  11. Hmmm well I have been a member at PCGS since 2002 and here since 2004 and I do not recall there ever being a time that PCGS allowed NGC graded coins into the PCGS registry. It is allowed to add non PCGS coins to your inventory in the PCGS registry system; just as it is here; but not into competitive registry sets. I came here because I wanted to be able to start sets that would allow for both and back in 2004 NGC did allow this for US sets. Then that feature was taken away and only NGC graded coins could be added (any PCGS coins were grandfathered in) to US sets just like the world sets;