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  1. My guess is not much total wag perhaps $2-$5 each, never really tried to look for anything like that before.
  2. Some really nice additions guys, true wow material.
  3. Coinbuf

    Photo help/direction

    We have an ongoing discussion about pics using cell phones here cell phone photos, if your using another camera then that discussion may not be of much help. If you are a member of the PCGS forum in the BST section a member is selling coin photo systems so you might be able to get some ideas from looking at his systems and website.
  4. As Mr Feld said the price you've indicated is close to melt value so little downside risk financially. My best guess on grade is unc details due to the rim marks, it's a fine looking coin with nice details and luster just lots of small rim nicks and hits. If you have had other transactions with this seller and your comfortable with his assessment of the coin then I think you will be fine.
  5. My opinion is that the color is very dark and the rim looks really banged up or damaged, like from being in a bezel or something and should have received a details grade due to the rim issues.
  6. Coinbuf

    Too minor, not recognized?

    Actually you did receive an opinion, one that says NGC does not recognize the die break or cud as a mint error. I do get that it sucks to pay extra and not get a notation on the slab. It is also possible that NGC doesn't think that it happened during the minting process, it would be nice if the tpgs would provide more info as to what they see or think is going on but they don't.
  7. It's the wild west in this market for toned coins, the doctors are pumping out colorful coins each and every day many of which are finding their way into slabs. Not even the best TPG's can stay ahead of the AT game anymore, having said that buying toned coins in a top tier TPG slab reduces your risk of ending up with a collection of AT'd coins. I don't collect buffs so no help with your question other than to say that I've heard good things about JJ Teaparty in the past for raw coins, nice looking start you have going and good luck finding some new additions.
  8. Coinbuf

    Too minor, not recognized?

    Looks like a die break or retained cud, I have no idea as to if any added value due to something like that but I've seen many early 1800 US coins with die breaks and cuds not ever labeled by a TPG. It's up to you if you want to fight over it but I wouldn't spend the time and effort unless I knew it would add significant value.
  9. Looks like a 1794 to me, the face and hair profile and the indent under the lips match the 1794 better. I see what Mohawk is seeing as it looks like the bottom curl does curl under; like a "C"; as it would on a 1795, but I'm still going with 1794.
  10. So far this is the best raw coin photo that I've taken, lighting still needs work but it is close to the in hand look. I'm using a Samsung phone and the camera doesn't seem as good as the iPhone judging from some pics I've seen put up ats. I have not had any time at all the past two weekends but may set aside a few hours this weekend for photos.
  11. Coinbuf

    Grading estimate?

    Very nice SLQ, I'm in the 50 camp also.
  12. No I'm still a work in progress myself and your last photo looked great. I have had much better luck shooting raw coins vs slabbed so far, I have a couple different thickness of cardboard and I'm going to experiment with putting those under the slab to raise it up slightly to get a better focus/sharpness. Also trying some Jansjo lights from Ikea (fairly cheap with good brightness), and different diffuser materials.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this Ian, Helps to bring the situation into more focus.
  14. Cell phone pics are not that easy and something of a compromise, ats I asked for some suggestions on this subject recently so here is a link to that discussion which may be of some use to you. Photo help
  15. Coinbuf

    Result of my first submission

    Very hard to make an accurate judgement with the pics available, my thoughts are that the hits/marks are small but there are just too many and when added up they equal MS66.