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  1. I agree that it most likely will grade ok, but this date/mm is super common in high grade, I think you could buy one already in a holder for the cost to send this one in.
  2. This post violates posting guidelines, you are supposed to have a price listed and photos of the coin for sale.
  3. One of the real issues in putting a value on a coin like this is that its a very thin market, not a lot of collectors that are looking for this coin. So if you can find that right collector a good price can be had, it just might take some time to find that needle in the haystack.
  4. I like this coin, has a kinda mate like finish to it
  5. I don't see any errors on the 64-D, I think he kept it because its better struck than most of what was produced from the mint during that timeframe. And yes if you can photos of the 1981 Balboa would be interesting to see.
  6. I agree with @Just Bob split plate from the striking process.
  7. Welcome, looking forward to hearing more from you and please share any coins that you collect with us.
  8. Earlybird standard is $35 per coin value up to 3K. You have to do separate submissions for any coins that you want to submit under a different service tier like the economy tier. To save on shipping and handling fees you want to submit as many coins as you can for each tier you use. There are some situations where a special label can be done I don't know if your situation is one of those; and just being honest; unless your father was someone of stature in the numismatic world the label will not be of value to anyone outside of your family. Plus a special label could actually reduce the amount you might be able to sell for as some buyers will factor in the costs of reholdering to get rid of the label. If your planning on disbursing the coins to family members rather than liquidating a special label would be a nice addition to honor your father. As a side note if the color of the coin is just like in the photos you've provided; very nice pics btw; I have some doubts that this will straight grade. You are correct that this is a coin that your should have graded regardless of what grade is assigned, most collectors today will be suspicious and guarded of a raw 09 S VDB
  9. Very little a gem MS65 sells for $80-$100 in big auctions, yours grades around VF20. If I had to guess I would say you could get $5 for it.
  10. You are the proud owner of a coin that is worth 1 cent, congrats.
  11. Its a site dedicated to seated coinage so unless you are a collector of seated coins it wouldn't help you as only seated sets are represented. As I said its a very limited registry in the scope of the sets involved.
  12. Looks like one of the modern fakes that are found quite often these days, do you have a weight in grams?
  13. No when proofs are used in commerce they are then referred to as impaired proofs and have no numismatic value, I find them quite often even found a 2003 just this week. A fun conversation piece but nothing more. And in fact a 1968 proof set is not very valuable anyway.
  14. This isn't about marketplace values its about coins and displaying collections, in that regard the ANA should be neutral and more inclusive than a registry run by a TPG. I understand the reasons why perfectly, doesn't change my opinion. One of the reasons that has been given in the past is that ANACS doesn't have or doesn't allow access to a database of cert numbers. With no access to verify cert numbers anyone could enter any coin with any grade they wished make up a cert number and nobody would be the wiser. There is one registry that does allow ANACS, SEGS, others, and raw coins to be listed and given scoring, but its a small somewhat limited (limited in the kind of sets allowed) registry and relies on the members being honest and ethical. That works well because no monetary prizes are awarded thus very little motivation to "create" false entries. But when money enters the equation the motivation to cheat changes, we just had an example this week of someone that attempted to use an NGC cert number of a coin that was crossed and is now in a PCGS holder in the registry here.