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  1. It is with much sadness that I tell all, my good friend and mentor Bryan Sonnier has left us. RIP my friend
  2. It pretty much represents the coin as is. The coin itself may be a tad darker.
  3. I am having this made for my man cave by coinclocks right here on the boards. What a great looking piece made from a picture of one of my GSA’s. I emailed him asking if it was possible to make me something from my picture. He sent this back in a few hours, what an amazing looking job he did. I could not wait to get it in hand , so I’ve jumped the gun and posted the picture of the mock up. Great guy to work with.
  4. I still have several of those tapes, if I’m not mistaken the bidding was on Sunday nights.
  5. Held this coin in my hands, what a cool coin. It graded XF 40 making it the only circulated in a hard pack that I know of.
  6. It looks like from the NGC pop reports that the one and only 1893-CC hard pack has been found and graded MS-63+
  7. Mark man, would LOVE to see some. Snizzle, very impressive
  8. Agreed, just using mint marks as an example. Most will agree that the underlying luster of S mints coins enhances the look of toned coins. This coin has that look in hand. Most GSA coins lack this luster.
  9. Color like an S mint ,but it's a 79-CC