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  1. coinsandmedals

    And so it begins... Updated 2/19

    Sending prayers to you and your family. It seems as though your wife and son are making good progress. My sister-in-law is a nurse at Vanderbilt children’s hospital in the NICU. I can say with confidence that the medical staff in those units are very devoted to both the patient and the family. In Private they celebrate the triumphs and cry over the sorrows. I have witnessed this first hand. So rest assured, he is in good hands and his fighting spirit will prevail.
  2. coinsandmedals

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    Yeah…there was a time when I collected Philippines coins as well. Like I said, my collection was all over the place because I bought what I thought looked cool without any real goals for my collection. It is so easy to do that, but the issue is that you end up with an endless number of unfinished projects. I share your enthusiasm for finding foreign coins in change. I recently went to Starbucks to get my wife coffee before her afternoon class and I received a 1998 Lesotho 5 Maloti in change. The odd part is that I live in a small town in Mississippi. I have no idea how it found its way into circulation here. The coin is not worth much, but I think it is cool. There are some very nice coins in this thread! I always love seeing what other people collect because there are so many different possibilities within foreign coins. Here are some pictures of the other graded coins in my collection.
  3. coinsandmedals

    Winged Liberty's? Yes please

    Nice coins! I’m really digging the look of your 1916.
  4. coinsandmedals

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    They really do! Before I took a break from coins my collection was all over the place. I never collected anything from New Guinea, but I had a pretty big collection of New Zealand pieces. I sold most before I had them graded and I regret that now. I also really enjoyed the Australian designs as well.
  5. coinsandmedals

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    I primarily focus on world coins now and I must admit it never ceases to amaze me how interesting some of the designs are. Recently I have really focused on Irish and English copper (pics below). There was a time I collected the large Canadian cents (1858-1920). I have always thought the Canadian designs were nice to look at.
  6. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    I did my best to incorporate as many of the suggestions both in this thread and the one coinbuf posted ATS. I also played around with PowerPoint a bit to get the background and circular cropping.The colors are way more accurate but it seems as though I lost some of the sharpness. Let me know what you all think!
  7. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    Thank you for letting me know coinman1794! I adjusted my white balance as best as I could. Please let me know if new pictures how the same reddish tinge. That is a petty sharp looking image. Copper seems to be the hardest to capture the true look/color. Keep us updated please! Thank you!
  8. coinsandmedals

    A huge thank you NGC & NCS

    Wow NGC and NCS did an exceptional job. The degradation of the slabs paired with how they turned out afterwards is a real testament to the quality of the materials they used. The kindness and willingness to help never ceases to amaze me within this community.
  9. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    Thank you! I am particularly proud of that one. I have not even started to think about photographing slabs. I have a few slabs from my last submission that I will eventually try out. Please update this thread with your images and what you discover. I started the thread to share my new purchases, but I had really hoped this conversation would take the direction it would.
  10. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    Hmmmm that is interesting. Do you think a single light source would be sufficient? I may try this out next time.
  11. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    I took your advice Revenant and tried to diffuse some of the light with white surfaces. I am very pleased and encouraged with how these images came out. This coin in hand has phenomenal toning which is captured fairly well. Even the hints of red luster nearest to the devices showed up much better. I also tried using different color balance sheets and found the black to be most accurate. I plan to incorporate some of the things I read in the link shared by coinbuf next round. I will be sure to share my journey as time permits. I also want to thank everyone for the thoughtful replies and encouragement. 5. 1806 Great Britain halfpenny (S-3780; Peck-1342).
  12. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    I am more so disappointed in myself than embarrassed. My newest line of research involves eye tracking technology which requires constant calibration. If I had only applied the principles I use in my research to my hobby I may have been able to take better pictures. Thank you for sharing the link Coinbuf. That was a very informative read. I will try it out next time. Do you personally have any suggestions? Thanks for the reply thisistheshow. I never use the flash because it often creates “hot spots” that are not easily avoided. My lighting leaves a lot to be desired for. It is a work in progress, but I am happy to have such a supportive community here.
  13. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    Thank you for the thoughtful response Revenant! I have seen your photography skills in your journal posts, and I think you are more than qualified to give me advice. Bouncing the light off white surfaces is a great idea. I will have to test that out and see if it works for me. Part of the issue I am having is that I do not have a set space or setup. I usually use a stack of books to get about 5 or so inches from the coin and I use a single desk lamp as my lighting source. I typically keep the edge of the lamp at the same level as my iPhone 7. I never adjust any of the iPhone settings from default because I am not familiar enough with them to do so; however, I do typically touch the screen one time to focus on the coin. I need to try to find a 101-crash course on iPhone photography. I checked out some of the DSLR cameras, but I cannot justify that kind of investment right now. If I must choose between the camera and a coin, the coin will win every time. You bring up a very good point about calibrating my computer screen. I am ashamed to say that it did not even cross my mind. Nice 10 Guilder by the way! I appreciate the encouragement but that is not my work. Maybe sometime in the future, I will be able to take images like that.
  14. coinsandmedals

    New additions and growing photography frustrations

    4. 1789 Middlesex George III Felicitas Publica Medal (D&H 180). This was an impulse purchase. I was aware of the reverse issues when I bought it, but I was happy with the price and it adds to both my Soho and Droz sets. The pictures are from the seller. He was kind enough to share them with me.