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  1. Happy to help! I'm out of town at the moment but if you would like I can send you a picture of the cover. I think the title was something along the lines of ”America's Foreign Money”.
  2. I imagine this was a clerical error of some sort. I have noticed this before on some British and Irish coins as well. I would email customer service about the issue.
  3. I have two main core collections, English and Irish copper from the reigns of William and Mary to that of George III. At the moment, English copper has taken the majority of my focus, but this is mostly because Irish material comes up less frequently. Within both of those core collections, I have focused my attention on the numerous patterns, proofs, restrikes, and currency strikes of the Soho Mint. My ultimate goal would be to complete a Peck variety collection for the English Soho coins. The sheer number of examples needed combined with the number of "unique" and "likely unique" pieces make this an impossible goal. You may already have a copy of it, but Schilke and Solomon published a book on the topic in 1964. I bought a copy a few years ago, but I have yet to take the time to read it.
  4. Here is one of my recent auction purchases, an 1805 Ireland proof Halfpenny. I am still waiting for this one to complete the journey across the Atlantic. I am so excited to see how the toning looks in hand!
  5. I rarely carry cash, and checks are essentially archaic for trivial amounts. I have had the same checkbook for three years now, and I have only used two checks. One of which was used to pay for a purchase at a UK auction house that only accepted checks and bank wires. Although I only used cash when I was in Europe this summer and it made me realize how much I miss receiving coins in change.
  6. That is a good reason to have a few oddballs in your collection Coinbuf. I want to join a local coin club, but justifying the commute is hard; however, it may be worth if they do fun stuff like this. Bob, I imagine you have a very eclectic collection. About 90% of the stuff you have shared is something I have never come across before. The ice card is definitely among that number. Although this makes sense because I assume not many survived since they were made of cardboard.
  7. Very cool! My entire Soho collection started somewhat like this, so I can completely relate. Your Dassier is essentially my Jean-Pierre Droz. The whole set came together when I purchased my first pattern halfpenny engraved by Droz. I researched the coin a bit, and it directed me to the history of the Soho Mint, which I found fascinating. Now my entire collection is mostly focused around the English and Irish coins produced at the Soho Mint.
  8. We all have that odd coin, token, or medal that doesn't really seem to fit with the rest and yet we like it all the same. The type of piece(s) that appeal to you in a way that is unique to that item. For me, the coins in question are part of a 1957 Jersey proof set. The most distinguishing factor about these coins is that they depict a time in history that is nearly one and half centuries after the era of my primary collection. Furthermore, they are rainbow toned, have little connection to me personally, and are so far removed from everything else I collect. Although I probably wouldn't buy another example again, I have no regrets about this addition to my collection. So what kind of oddball pieces are in your collection?
  9. I have never been, but I would love to go. The trip would cut too far into my budget, so I would not be able to buy anything. Window shopping would be fun, but it would be unfair of me to crowd a table if I am unable to make a purchase. Maybe I will make the journey after I finish up my Ph.D. Of course, I can only imagine what my wife will say if I tell her I am traveling to Orlando for a coin show.
  10. Very cool! Thank you for sharing. I am not nearly as well versed in his tokens as I am his regal issues. I see myself eventually going in that direction but for now, there is more than enough for me to focus on. I find that period of history to fascinating and the token trade was an integral part of it. I see the two as historically inseparable. I also find it very interesting how these tokens were viewed by some as collectible items form the start. That seems to be a somewhat unique aspect of these token for the period.
  11. I mailed the coins off to NGC today along with 3 other invoices. The scheduled delivery date is this Thursday but I sent it registered so who knows when it will actually make it. I will be sure to update the thread when I find out more.
  12. Haha now that you mention it, I can see where you are coming from. Your post made me chuckle.
  13. Haha, I take it you do not find the design particularly appealing. I share your disposition but in relation to the vast majority of 20th century US coins. Take for instance Jefferson nickels, Washington quarters, and Franklin/Kennedy halves. I find all of those to be in my personal “take or leave” category.
  14. You and I both. I was very hopeful. Can you provide us with the basic details Conder101?