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  1. I never had an issue with Delta until this trip. I will do my best to avoid them in the future. I love British Airways. They have always been more than accommodating when they make a mistake. Wow, that is a great honor, Tom! It means a great deal to me that my collection was able to serve as some inspiration for you. I can not imagine how difficult that hunt must be. It can be hard enough to find nice examples of the coins I collect and your focus is centuries older. I bet it will be so cool to have the copper alongside the silver. I really hope I get the opportunity to see your collection in its entirety someday. Delta gave me a few Amazon gift vouchers as compensation for the trouble. Given our prior conversations, I am strongly considering adding my first dinosaur coin to the collection. Do you have any relatively inexpensive recommendations?
  2. As some of you know, my wife and I just got back from a trip to London, Paris, and Edinburgh. As a dedicated collector to early English and Irish copper coinage, I had set aside June 20th (also my birthday) as a day to explore the handful of coin shops in London. Before arriving I had “the coin” I wanted to purchase. I went to the store and asked to see it only to be told that it had sold on June 13th. I was very disappointed but it obviously wasn’t meant to be so I checked out the dealer's other coins. The quality of their stock was phenomenal; however, the coins were well outside the realm of my collection. I was upfront about my budget after I realized the caliber of their stock. The dealer was very patient and even took the time to pull out coins I obviously could not afford (£5,000+). We had an awesome conversation about the pieces and I came to find out the dealer was a fellow collector of British patterns. The dealer didn’t become rude or discouraged by my inability to purchase anything and instead seemed to just enjoy showing me stuff. I left the shop empty handed but amazed by the personal touch they added to the process. Realizing the limits of my budget in relation to the caliber of the larger company stocks I decided to check out some smaller shops. Most of these dealers were not nearly as receptive and showed little interest in trying to help. I left those shops a little discouraged but I had one last option to check out. I knew Baldwin’s was located in London, but I had also heard that their prices were usually on the high side. I set aside that idea and decided to check it out anyway. I walked into their shop and started looking around. At first, I was very disappointed because their showcases were full of rather generic coins. At some point, a salesman walked up and asked if I needed help. I told him what I was looking for and he told me that I would need to go upstairs and talk to one the specialist. I was a bit hesitant but decided to do so. I am so glad I did. Upstairs I had the honor to meet a gentleman named Chris Tyrimos who pulled several trays of coins for me to inspect. As it turns out he too is a copper guy. We had a very good conversation about the coins and some of the subtleties that are likely not appreciated by collectors of non-copper English coins. We talked about the difference between the US and U.K. markets and the impact of TPGs. In the process, I got to examine a few exceptional pieces and have a personally tailored buying experience. I found that the prices were a bit high on certain pieces but others could be had a decent price. Chris was willing to negotiate with me and I eventually ended up purchasing the 1807 Proof halfpenny pictured below. I was really trying to hold out for another pattern piece for my collection but he didn’t have anything that really caught my eye in that category. It’s a bit dark at first glance but tilting it slightly in the light shows brilliant reflective fields that exude a bright blue hue. The devices are distinct against the field but not quite to the point of a cameo. The coin is mostly clean with just a handful of very minuscule hairlines. Otherwise, this coin is essentially as struck. Although this isn’t the coin I had my mind set on, it is a nice addition to my collection and fills a gap that was previously empty. Plus, I really did not want to leave London without adding a piece of English copper to the collection.
  3. Tom, I have flown more times than I care to admit for conferences (domestic and international) on more airlines than I can remember but this has been the absolute worst experience I have ever had. In my book, Delta has really earned the top prize for the biggest screw-up. Five delayed flights, lost luggage, damaged name it they messed it up on this trip. We spent nearly 5X longer in delta lines on the flight to London alone than we did in security across 9 airports combined. I’ll be posting a bit on my coin shopping experience when I finally get a chance to examine and image my new addition. The quality of stock was amazing at the two major stores I stopped at. The ancient selection was very extensive from what I could gather but I don’t know enough about them to speak intelligently about what was available. Overall I found it very difficult to find anything to add to my collection because my focus is so narrow. Almost every dealer I talked to said I would have to focus most of my buying efforts on large auction houses. I really did think of you when I looked at that coin. I recognized it based off your posts but I had to read the label to confirm. Seeing one in person I can fully understand why you enjoy them so much. Wow sounds like you’ve been busy my friend. I look forward to seeing the new additions. I am so honored to know I may have influenced you to explore copper!! I can only imagine finding well-preserved copper examples is nearly impossible. I look forward to seeing what you add in that realm.
  4. Thanks Farthing! You have been super helpful. I am a bit puzzled though. It appears the attribution is incorrect on the slip from Baldwin’s. The coin is in fact a proof halfpenny, but it is dated 1807. I suppose I will just have to wait until I get back home to explore any further. Somewhat surprised Baldwin’s misattributed this piece. Pictures to follow when I get back home sometime tomorrow.
  5. Hey Tom! I suppose layovers are just part of the misery of traveling. This has been by far the worst flight experience going to and from Europe. Delta managed to really mess up our trip. On any note, we are back in the Tennessee area, but we won’t return to Mississippi until tomorrow so I still have some time to wait until I get back to my reference books. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I checked out wildwinds but I had no luck with 1380. Nonetheless ,it is still a very impressive source of information. I am excited to research my new purchase and I will definitely post some pictures when I can. I need to catch up on posts. I can only imagine some of your new purchases have arrived by now. There is no shortage of ancient coins in London. I actually found a Faustina sitting in a tray and thought of you! Looking over some of the displays I could not help but realize my general lack of knowledge on the subject is astounding. Even though I didn’t entirely know what I was looking at I still enjoyed browsing.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of Peck handy that would not mind looking up 1380 for me? My reference is back in Mississippi and I am currently stuck at JFK in what seems like a never-ending layover. I added a new addition while abroad, and the wait to look it up is killing me! If it is not too much trouble a picture of the page would be so helpful.
  7. This coins just exudes character. Nice new addition Tom!
  8. Hmmm, I think there may be some confusion here. Mohawk was saying that the coin is mint state in that it is not a proof. To be clear, do you know the difference between a business strike coin and a proof? No harm if you do not, but I am sure just about anyone here will be more than happy to help clarify the difference for you. Secondly, mint state is simply a term used for a coin that reflects an uncirculated state of preservation (i.e. MS-60 to MS-70). A “Gem Uncirculated” example is usually considered to be a coin grading MS-65 or better. With that said, I would personally grade your coin around an MS-63. If you do not already have one, I would consider picking up a Red Book. It has some very good information for someone just starting out.
  9. It appears that we have stalled out. I know this breaks the rules, but maybe if I change the country it will revive the thread.
  10. Well you’ve already found more than I was able to. As always, thanks for your help Bob!
  11. To spearhead some the “I found this on eBay” posts, I just received this item in the mail today from a seller on eBay. I usually try to avoid buying oddities that do not fit in my collection, but this was pretty cheap and interesting. The first thing that caught my eye is the odd denomination. I have never heard or seen a “modern” 8 Ore coin or token. That is not to say they do not exist, I personally have just never seen them. The other thing that caught my attention was the fact that it is uniface which is somewhat odd. I also am a sucker for die cracks and the reverse has a decent looking die crack. I did an initial google search to see what I could find and had very little luck. I did stumble upon a wiki page about “Foreningen Norden” which makes me believe this may have been a token issued by them; however, I could not find any evidence to substantiate that idea(Link to Foreningen_Norden Wikipedia page ). Given my limited knowledge about the subject area, I wanted to see if anyone here has any other ideas that I could explore. The coin/token is roughly 23.76 mm in diameter and less than 1 mm thick. The fields are reflective and it appears to have been struck in brass. Any and all help provided is greatly appreciated! I did not have time to use my typical setup so please excuse the crude photos.
  12. Everything I have listed has a reduced price. I am very motivated to sell so please feel free to make offers either here or on eBay.
  13. I am all too familiar with that agonizing wait game. It will be worth it in the end though! There's nothing quite like coming home to a much-anticipated package in the mailbox.