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  1. coinsandmedals

    2008 Silver Eagle

    If you verify the cert number and look at the reverse picture that pulls up it appears the OP may have accidentally paired the wrong reverse picture with the obverse picture. I personally do not collect modern coins, but I do believe the reverse picture in the cert verification shows a 2008 reverse.
  2. coinsandmedals

    Found detecting

    Interesting find! Do you have a question about these coins? If so, you will need to post pictures of the observes as well.
  3. coinsandmedals

    Wafer thin 1940 D Washington quarter.

    Well the odds and ends I found were old buttons, early military insignia, and just stuff. It’s the kind of stuff that accumulates in a box because it’s cool but you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I’d be happy to start a new thread with a few pictures if there is interest.
  4. coinsandmedals

    Wafer thin 1940 D Washington quarter.

    Update: I looked everywhere I could think of and I have not found it. I did stumble upon some interesting odds and ends that I still have no idea what to do with. If I happen to stumble upon it I will post a picture.
  5. I am wondering about that as well. I will have dig a little deeper and see what I can find.
  6. coinsandmedals

    Wafer thin 1940 D Washington quarter.

    Wow I completely forgot about this. Thank you for bringing it back up. I’ll try to dig through some of that stuff and see if I still have it. I went on a selling frenzy before my first trip to the UK and I prioritized some of the more “liquid” items I had like proof WLHs and unc barber dimes. I doubt I ever got around to submitting it. That should be an exciting journey down memory lane. I’ll investigate and get post what I find!
  7. coinsandmedals

    NGC Coin Grading Gift Certificates

    I would also be very interested in this as well.
  8. coinsandmedals

    1844 Victoria Crown Grade opinions

    I would guess either a VF-35 or an XF-40. That is a very nice coin!!
  9. coinsandmedals

    Mint error or PMD? 1797 SOHO Penny

    I had wondered about that. I may just end up sending this coin in with a few other submissions. Is that something that NGC would likely put on a label or consider when grading the coin?
  10. coinsandmedals

    Check out my new $.

    I have always been so mesmerized by this series. Some day I will finally be bale to afford to collect them. That is a stellar example!
  11. coinsandmedals

    Mint error or PMD? 1797 SOHO Penny

    I probably should have noted that line starting in the left field stops at her hand. There is no connection between that line and the line seen in the right rim. Not sure if that helps. Thank you for responding.
  12. coinsandmedals

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    I have had these two 1887 half crowns for a few weeks but I purchased them from a member of this forum "British coins". The toning is even more pronounced in hand. 1887 Half Crown #1 1887 Half Crown #2
  13. coinsandmedals

    Ancient identification help

    You are very kind JKK and I can not express how thankful I am for your help. I plan to take a shot at #3 as soon as time permits. I will post what I come up with and see what you think. I also purchased the copy of Aorta by Rasiel Suarez listed on eBay!
  14. I stumbled upon an interesting 1797 SOHO penny. The obverse is typical of a lightly circulated coin, but the reverse has a “Ridge” running through the middle focal. The design details appear to be on two different levels so to speak. If looking at the coin on a level surface from top (“Britannia”) to bottom (“1797”) the design details that occur before the line are at a noticeably higher level than those below the line. This difference can also be seen if looking at the coin in the same orientation but from the left to the right side or the right to left side of the coin when on a level surface. When measuring the thickness of the coin with an old school plastic caliper the top edge reads almost 4mm and the bottom reads closer to 3.5mm. It may be some form of PMD, but I have not run across anything like this before. I am hoping one of the more seasoned expert collectors can lend a hand. I have included several (not so great quality) pictures as well as a visual aid below.