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  1. They could be a lot pickier back in the day, especially with all the dignity accorded and expected back then. I've dealt with dishonesty in a few dealers and keep personal feelings out it. I was a little surprised to hear a well known and respected dealer from VA this week refer to a dealer who went to jail as "that worm".
  2. I have this 1875-cc $20 Lib. NGC MS60, asking $7450 delivered.
  3. If they certified the coin with the pvc on it how could they claim that their guarantee is null and void? This one has subtle hard to see pvc. NGC used to have a fairly efficient guarantee method, around a one month turnaround for coins that turned in the holder, etc.. I had a gold coin that took a lot of effort but was able to get PCGS to conserve the coin and then pay a differential between the downgrade and the holder numerical grade.
  4. I have a gold coin certified by NGC around 20 years ago, a top firm said it has pvc. I spoke to customer service that also verified with a supervisor that if the coin were conserved the grade guarantee would be off even though it currently has a numerical grade and is in a no-problem NGC holder. Also the NCS and NGC fees would apply. Does anyone know what the NGC guarantee revisions have been and why they are not standing behind properly stored coins in their holders years later?
  5. The idea that coins are worth what the market determines neglects all the conditions of a sale; having collectors or dealers bidding, and willing to pay strong. There are a lot of coins that go below market, on ebay, GC, even HA, why? The bidders weren't there at that point or the maximum one was willing to pay was not competed with other bidders. So if someone was willing to pay 50% over what a coin sold for the seller was unlucky not to have other bidders bring it up to that price.
  6. That's why it's impossible to comment accurately on individual coins; if consignors are looking up prices on PCGS or NGC price guides or Numismedia retail, Coin World trends, they will almost never be able to expect those prices in an auction unless they are upgrade coins or fantastically toned. It is relatively easy to look up likely ranges of prices on coins through the NGC or PCGS auction results or Heritage Auctions--free to join and huge archives. But keep in mind the extra costs tacked on that the buyers are anticipating.
  7. I would like to see a lot more honest feedback on ebay instead of the sugary, saccharine positive feedback that is not real; sure there are happy buyers who are pleasantly surprised with their numismatic item but there seems to be a real reluctance for disgruntled buyers to leave an honest critical assessment, because I guess they can always return the item. A couple recent returns I frankly had to do; one raw gold coin that was clearly cleaned/polished, I won't leave feedback on it because a return is enough of a pain for buyer and seller. Another was a non-P/N certified coin called "65+" when there was clearly altered surfaces on the cheek of the Morgan. As a consumer advocate I'd like to say something, but the seller is already known for some sleazy tactics, why pile on?
  8. I've had similar, but nowhere near such a loss; another option would have been to have the lots pulled. The problem with an auction especially a lot smaller than Stack/Bowers or HA's signature auctions is the bidders may not be there or that strong in their bidding. It never hurts to contact leading experts at Stacks or HA to see what they would offer on a given item, I have had luck doing that. Or you could get someone to list items on ebay where it may take 6 months or even over a year to find a reasonable buyer.
  9. Those are not real excuses for longstanding problems now, I don't know any business that would send out one email on receipt of an invoice and then yet another two days later notifying the submitter yet again that the order was received with a date two days later. And a little off topic what has happened to these forums; PCGS has over 100 posts a day while the forums associated with this site get less and less?
  10. I don't get it, why the delays? I can see if they said the show is causing a slowdown. This shouldn't be that difficult, people aren't asking for special service but normal responsive customer service. In all the work I do both self-employment and company work, fast turn arounds and responsiveness are vital. In the past I have found NGC to be good and responsive, this seems like something new.
  11. I had a gold rush submission arrive get logged in on Wednesday this week with an email end of day with standard info on the submission accepted. I spoke with someone yesterday in customer service who said everything is on time and unaffected by the FUN show. Then she said there was a two day delay now on submission log-ins, so what was a 5 day tier appears to be 7 days. Then I get an email end of day yesterday with the same submission accepted information again, but with the start date on the submission *changed* to yesterday. Is anyone else here seeing this problem?
  12. It depends on the coin series; I know a long time dealer, 40-50 years who doesn't want to spend all the money that P/N charge, instead uses Anacs, at under $10 a coin, they are an option on lower cost coins, ICG is never under $10 even with their specials. I find ICG very responsive with one of their graders even giving specific responses to questions, neither P/N will do that, but they remain the market standard, especially with the cac sticker.
  13. NGC hit me with a bill for conservation on the appearance review coin today; I believe that it had been puttied up to cover some hairlines which popped when it was conserved. JA once explained that to me on a PCGS coin, saying it was like "make-up" designed to cover-up facial issues.
  14. But the gold dollars were generally not workhorses. Maybe the silver and copper coinage was. They were keepsakes and curiosities especially the type IIs. I have had coins that cac flagged as problem coins that PCGS agreed to no grade, straight grade here; I have also had a lot of quality coins get tagged "improperly cleaned" to the consternation of me with long term dealers agreeing about. So the question is would the result be the same if the coin were raw, that would be truly objective if coins sent in under appearance review were graded raw with the label covered.
  15. The impaired coin was in an NGC 58 holder. It was sent in under appearance review, I had to pay shipping to and from. A quick dip and reholder and it was sent back to me. No information was provided. There were scratches on the surface, I sent it back, again no communication to me. It just got sent back to me. I doubt that they would have been so cavalier had it been sent in raw for grading. It is all about making money. But I paid $650 in good faith for the coin, and have all these extra charges tacked on due to my intention to do the right thing.