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  1. Nutmeg Coin

    1878 CC Morgan

    Really low end, not really what a collector would looks for; will go details at any service, even ICG and Anacs, it doesn't even have a normal look, so may not be real. I would eyeball the mint mark and then compare it to known varieties to see how it compares. ICG or Anacs would run around $10 to certify, NGC/PCGS will cost a lot more for the verdict.
  2. Nutmeg Coin

    ICG and ANACS vs PCGS and NGC

    s What I would have done would have been to send them in to PCGS as crossovers, would have cost you around $20 a coin through a dealer and you could have specified minimum grades. You still have the options to ask ICG to put them back into the old holders if you have the proof or the tabs still. They are usually good about that. ICG also has the guarantee submission option like other services if you believe what you have is over-graded. Get a letter from a well known numismatist backing you up on the actual grades on the coins and approximate value and have ICG respond. Trade dollars are tricky, if they have eye appeal and are a little "brushy" or "cleaned" ICG may have weighed the positives and negatives and felt they deserved straight grades. I know a long term dealer who will not send much to NGC these days just because they are ridiculous on the "cleaned" issue when a coin may be market acceptable. PCGS is more lenient on the "cleaned" issue.
  3. Nutmeg Coin

    Scratches on Coin Holder

    Maguire's ScratchX with a poly cloth should polish those out with a lot of elbow grease.
  4. I have a couple PCGS MS62 somewhat better date $20 Liberty gold coins. I was trying to get input on the best solution to get the surfaces free of the undesirable substance. PCGS guarantees are running upwards of 3 months; NGC has their $50 conservation/grading option on these. And then I could just immerse them in a bath of acetone or xylene, no negatives on that but that I might not free the surfaces of the substance. I sure wish that submitters would use acetone more often before submitting as stains and unwanted dirt, etc. are aesthetic problems.
  5. One of the worst fakes I've seen. My family had a lead copy of one without the obligatory "copy" stamped on it; along with the Louisiana Purchase coin entitling the owner to who knows what.
  6. Nutmeg Coin

    What do Original early US gold coins look like?

    Original vs. cleaned is like night and day in terms of the "aura" of the coin. It is pretty tragic that so many of the old holders and original coins were ruined for a few points.
  7. Wasn't this graded a while ago?
  8. Does anyone know when the company was sold out to the FL concern? A totally different grading team and business manager (who usually determines standards).
  9. Nutmeg Coin

    NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

    When long term dealers like him get a rejection they just send to one of the other services, or later to the same one. Not a "look" I would want but sure looked XF to me.
  10. They provide a high level of professional and intellectual rigor to their analysis. Their sticker on many coins is worth a lot more than sellers will get. More liquidity with cac. I often get ebay offers around cac bid from dealers and serious collectors because they realize there is not risk for them.
  11. You could call around to major buyers who are on CCE and the other dealer networks and see what they offer, you will have to ship. Apmex, Upstate coin, maybe numismatic buyers like Heritage. You should get a small premium over spot price. I agree ebay and Great Collections are a real loser for those. Do not sell bullion products or common Saints or type gold Libs. up to MS64 through auction because they will bring wholesale and you will be hit with substantial percentages. Cash and gold buyers are terrible in what they offer usually, even for relatively honest precious metals buyers the hassle of putting out all that money to make a few percent is not advantageous. With numismatics dealer advantage comes in buying quality high grade at generic prices, coins that will grade over a certain level, cac and so forth, even as they deliver a scary critical analysis. But it looks like you have bullion related issues which are easily researched on ebay, (or othter auction) in their advanced auction results, with "sold" checked.
  12. Nutmeg Coin

    NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

    Actually the dealer bought it in one of those early Anacs flips graded XF40; if NGC allowed crossovers they would have seen that. I wonder how many submitters got a problem grade with a market acceptable coin and gave up, then some sharp dealer can buy at fire sale prices? Look up the pricing of XF on that key date coin vs. problem VF! With most of their money being made with foreign and modern coins it seems they are getting too cautious with good coins. With coins on the edge they could net them down a little.
  13. A guy at the flea market had two bottles of 90% silver, he wanted $1200 for what Apmex would have paid maybe $1250 for, check their buy prices. Most of the major buyers are pretty close.
  14. Nutmeg Coin

    NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

  15. This coin was in one of the early pre-slab Anacs holders as EF40: NGC called it VF details, improperly cleaned. The other major service called it XF40. Is this a reasonable difference of opinion, or an example of one company being conservative and the other less so?