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  1. NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

    Actually the dealer bought it in one of those early Anacs flips graded XF40; if NGC allowed crossovers they would have seen that. I wonder how many submitters got a problem VF grade with a market acceptable XF or dozens of other stigmatizing possibilities? Look up the pricing of XF on that key date coin vs. problem VF! With most of their money being made with foreign and modern coins it seems they are getting ridiculously cautious with good coins.
  2. Dealer buy prices for junk silver coins

    A guy at the flea market had two bottles of 90% silver, he wanted $1200 for what Apmex would have paid maybe $1250 for, check their buy prices. Most of the major buyers are pretty close.
  3. NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

  4. NGC VF details to PCGS XF40

    This coin was in one of the early pre-slab Anacs holders as EF40: NGC called it VF details, improperly cleaned. The other major service called it XF40. Is this a reasonable difference of opinion, or an example of one company being conservative and the other less so?
  5. PCGS old holder and cac doesn't crossover

    This was the original coin; it cleaned up a little with Maguires but not enough. In retrospect, I should have saved it for a reholder, true view, etc. with PCGS.
  6. PCGS old holder and cac doesn't crossover

    Why cross? The obverse holder was impaired, I could not fix that. But it looked PL to me and another dealer. So it could have gone 63 pl or 63 plus at NGC. The other option was sending it to PCGS to reholder with true view and secure holder.

    The old ICG with the serial number on the front was accurate, and conservative on some coins. Not so much the new ICG, they just don't have the quality control or capital to be competitive with the main two services. And their guarantee especially as regarding money grades is much lacking. Under $200 coins I wouldn't be too concerned with them or Anacs for that matter.
  8. PCGS old holder and cac doesn't crossover

    The coin is MS63; but it would be almost impossible to make a grade assessment in normal conditions with a marred plastic holder especially with the scanner image. And certainly the grading services are sensible sometimes to err on the side of caution because once they take it out they are responsible.
  9. PCGS old holder and cac doesn't crossover

    The holder was marred, I could not fix it, there are others who can who contacted me on another site. I did not want to ship it out again on that proposition, the NGC submission cost shipping and submission cost.
  10. PCGS old holder and cac doesn't crossover

    Some grades are as objective as 2 + 2 = 4, like this one was. The obverse holder was scratched and then cleaned up with scratch repair but was still a little marred. The coin went through NCS first, not grading. If an already certified coin is in an impaired holder it needs to be viewed in semi-darkness like the graders and cac does; I'm not sure how NCS views coins and holders and what provision they have for somewhat impaired holders. I can think of a dozen reasons why crossovers do not happen aside from an accurate grade judgment.
  11. I sent in a coin worth around $2000 to crossover to NGC; they would not cross though it was an old green PCGS holder and recently cac stickered. The coin was at least semi-pl and original, the obverse holder had been scratched and I used Maguire's to clean up the holder. The "lens" was still a little impaired, but not enough to preclude cac liking it. I did not get a reason just that they could not guarantee it would be the same grade. Strange.
  12. outrageous auction fees

    When you look at auction results on the various pricing sources, you need to deduct the auction cost for a coin's value in a lot of cases. I have heard that brought up over and over when people are offering coins to sell them.
  13. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    I don't think a President has ever been able to change the results of a court case like this, plus it is not a priority and he would gain limited political capital, and he is not on very thick ice at this point.
  14. Increased bids on NGC coins Group&utm_medium=Email Blast&utm_campaign=17-NG-2268 Heritage Sight-Unseen eBlast&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTlROaU1ESXlPR05rWldabSIsInQiOiJvUTVcLzlKazBwTXlvdDRpcW5oejd2ZUVqV0tXVnNaS2JNM2NmZWhQcUJEbHVXOEFDVzFiQkVneFpxUmtwV2tjTklRZUlEanRJbFUya092a0Y5UkhOVWpySU9DNGk5aFVmREloUXN5Y1Jlc1pRUmdTN2RcL0lKd2VRVndTeUlBVmd5In0%3D I'm wondering if this is perceived greater strictness by NGC compared to the alternatives?
  15. 1903-S $20 Gold Liberty

    Definitely not much of a numismatic premium in a low end AU $20 Lib.. Even as an MS62 it would not be worth much of a premium. For coin research I would check out PCGS coinfacts, or just look at comparables on the Heritage Auction results to compare apples with apples.