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  1. Hello, unfortunately those pictures are on where near good enough to take a guess at grade for me.
  2. It is impossible to give an opinion on grade of a coin with only a picture of one side. With that being said the fields look nice to me, and the devices look ok in the picture. now in hand the devices may show rubs, so I would go AU58 - it would be a slider for me from the picture.
  3. Same problem as your half dollar, its been harshly cleaned.
  4. Welcome to the board. Unfortunately, I don't think the coin will grade, looks like it has been harshly cleaned.
  5. Why do you put the WLH with the Franklin? The WLH is a beautiful design and the Franklin is one of the ugliest. Ok ugly is a strong word, but the Walker is one of the top design in US history in my opinion. Certainly in the half, the only coin worst than the Franklin is the Ike, and that is because the Franklin will tone nicely.
  6. They have a forum "ask NGC" where you can get that answer, scroll down the page farther and you will see it. Welcome to the board.
  7. My opinion is it's graded fairly. I'd take the 67 and run. Nice coin
  8. Personally, I have never found it important to collect coins based on who owned it at one time. I typically buy the coin because I like it, and don't really care who owned it at one time. Certainly would not see why one should pay a premium for it. Of course If I'm selling a coin and some one wants to pay a premium because of who owned it at one time that's ok.
  9. I love the colorized coins also, but prefer these type of colorized coins "All Natural"
  10. My first impression is AT...but by no means would I consider myself an expert...there will be others that will comment that have a lot more experience than me. I really don't think NGC would give that one a full grade....If you are trying to get it in a slab with a grade I'd try pcgs....they are a lot more liberal than ngc... After looking at it on my computer screen it does look a little more NT to me now. I think it would have a good chance with PCGS. If the toning isn't covering up anything in the picture, and the luster is good. I think it could go ms66
  11. What Rick said. Its their site and they will do it the way they want. Its accurate because they say so, end of story!
  12. I think I would. If they were able to remove the spot the coin vaults up to Gem. I have sent several coins in for conservation, and have on every occasion been really amazed what they can remove. So why not, go for it. Nice coin, and good luck!