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  1. Last purchase of 2017

  2. Well my guess is the first four coins are 62 possibly 63. That last one probably got 65 maybe 64+, but I would say gem on the last one from what I can see in the photos
  3. Great Collections

    While I have not sold any through them yet I have purchased from them for several years. I have always like their turn around times, and the world coins I collect I can usually get them at real good prices as compared to ebay. Yes, they do start some of the world coins high, but I always assumed that may be more the seller wanting a certain starting price. I have also found them to be very accurate with their in hand assessment of coins that I have sent emails on and won. I have talked to Ian several times on the phone, and he has always been very willing to talk about what ever topic I called about. He left a great impression with me. This is one of my favorite coins I got off GC.
  4. 1923 Peace

    The pictures not the best to try and grade from, but I'd go 64 with a good chance at 65 on this one.
  5. 1882-O Morgan

    I'd call it 64 possible 65
  6. 1880-S Morgan

    Very nice cameo look to it!
  7. 1923 Peace

    My first impression is 63
  8. 1921 Morgan

    My guess is it will not straight grade. Improper cleaning
  9. Coin club raffle win

    Great looking walker..
  10. So the OP knows, I would weight Jason's opinion more heavily over my opinion. The first book on grading I read was Jason's. However I really do not like the coin......No disrespect to the OP
  11. 1883 Morgan

    Surfaces look pretty smooth to me, my first impression was 63 with the photos. If the luster is as good as it looks in the picture and with closer perspective of the surfaces, and nothing else shows up I think it may have a chance for a 63+ or possibly 64
  12. All the fine scratches in the fields and on the devices.....I know its gold, so are they more tolerant with gold versus say silver?...Maybe its the magnification. Just looks overly beat up to me with little to no circulation rubs at the high points. I would expect to see greater wear at the high points with the surfaces of the coin that beat up.
  13. Probably wrong but I not sure if that strait grades.....Id go unc details