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    Up 20 words per minute since I signed up

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    My collecting goals are mostly geared toward toned copper. However I do collect toned coins of any type except morgans. I do occassionally buy for investment

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  1. Hands down 2nd coin The 1st has a nice reverse but I can't get past the obverse
  2. Someone worked hard on that roll Wonder if the date was significant or if they put others together
  3. Saw this ATS Stunning coin if I were still collecting I would offer you moon money for it raw
  4. Prices are shipped Returns are 7 day no questions Prices are firm either they sell as marked or go to GC next week 1917-s pcgs 64bn $175 1915-d pcgs 64bn darker than the image $130 1912 ngc 64bn $120 1909-s 1c icg 64rd $395 1909 vdb pci 65rb $65 1916 1c raw darker than pictures $45 1916 5c au raw $15 1944-d 5c raw $20 1916-s 1c raw $135