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    My collecting goals are mostly geared toward toned copper. However I do collect toned coins of any type except morgans. I do occassionally buy for investment
  1. Hands down 2nd coin The 1st has a nice reverse but I can't get past the obverse
  2. Someone worked hard on that roll Wonder if the date was significant or if they put others together
  3. Saw this ATS Stunning coin if I were still collecting I would offer you moon money for it raw
  4. Prices are shipped Returns are 7 day no questions Prices are firm either they sell as marked or go to GC next week 1917-s pcgs 64bn $175 1915-d pcgs 64bn darker than the image $130 1912 ngc 64bn $120 1909-s 1c icg 64rd $395 1909 vdb pci 65rb $65 1916 1c raw darker than pictures $45 1916 5c au raw $15 1944-d 5c raw $20 1916-s 1c raw $135
  5. Looks to me like you almost got what you wanted. Someone to scan the listing then get stuck paying you back some lost funds. Not saying the buyer shouldn't be more thorough, but you should have just taken them to the bank.
  6. I emailed Ian at great collections about this and you are correct. There is no option to have the coin certified again and you can not have the coin sent back. He said all I could do was buy it back under another account. I have a few others to be certified also so I think I will just piggyback with someone.
  7. I am going to have GC send it in. Just not sure which service yet.
  8. I have no concerns with the color. In previous discussions on the form this coin could go anywhere from an AU 58 to an MS 64. If one company is more likely to grade mint State versus AU it may make more sense to go that route. For example if one company was AU 58 and the other was MS 62 would there be much of a monetary difference. If not I would just go with whoever would bring the best money should I get a better grade.
  9. Planning on sending to GC. Wanting to know wether NGC or PCGS is more conservative on these and who is bringing more money. Not my series so opinions will be helpful.
  10. Full of recycled information from a member who's condescending attitude has ran off more than one new collector. IMO PM sent for some good material
  11. I believe Kenny would be very helpful to you and what he can't help with he will guide you to the right person. If you have any wheat cents I may be able to help. Just so you know I recently sold off my entire collection and I am not actively buying so I would only try to give sound advice. I hope all goes well for your family
  12. Mumu's comment is understood by 99% of forum members including you. So either you are watching out for the 1% or you are simply stirring the pot. Everyone knows that there is a risk with any raw coin. You could have the same coin come back in the same grade 10 times then on the 11th drop a point or 2 or not grade. 99% of us know that point or two can make a large monetary difference. Hate may have been a strong word but a point was being made. Now you can make your long winded rebuttal which will most likely be to boring to finish reading but I will try.
  13. Your blanket statements over the years about numerous subjects are entertaining but make anything you write feel pointless to read.
  14. My grad is 64 although I believe PCGS is all over the place with toned copper so a point either way would not surprise me.
  15. As long as collectors are willing to buy blue copper the lustrous pieces will be market acceptable. It is a another area the TPGS can make money and keep collectors happy. Also I have searched the forums and asked several experts in copper about the stability of blue toned copper and I have found no reason to believe it is not. I had many coins that people felt were MS70 treated and saw no changes in 5 years. I have also seen many of them cross to PCGS.