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  1. My Thread: Bottom Line
  2. I really cannot stop laughing at the commentary regarding classification.
  3. More attrition from the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set: Standing at 123,997 total units combined accompanied with the 2017 Congratulations Set. Consensus welcome.
  4. US Mint Sales: 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets Dips to 49,314. Sales of the closely watched 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set dropped by 655 units for a new total of 49,314 sets, according to the latest figures from the United States Mint. Released four weeks ago with virtually all 50,000 sets claimed within the first 32 hours, the U.S. Mint has been consolidating orders against returns and cancellations. In the prior two weekly sales reports, the set’s total had moved up by 26 and down by 25. Total: 124,314 combined with the 2017 Congratulations set.
  5. Addendum: Does 'lady liberty' appear to have a somewhat dark complexion and "Is this the same lady liberty", on the American Eagle? * These are 'medals' "not" coins! ; rather expensive.
  6. This is apparently the last of the 225th Anniversary sets limited to 50,000. I would like to hear what each think of the design and of the end result of the series. Personally, the artists appear to be etching some designs that are questionable.
  7. Most certainly agree with the 'on the mark' synopsis in its entirety. I was unaware that the limit was lifted. Most assuredly, as you state that the L.E.P.S. sold out due to this fact, "no question". You are most knowledgeable as referring to the downward trend of the Eagles, which I totally agree. I would say there were approximately 250,000 players about seven years ago. The U.S. Mint knows the statistics more so than the collectors, due to the record keeping which they release not to anyone.
  8. *Irrespective of the reverse proof or the 2008 reverse of 2007. Seeing that you purchased, would you agree that the bottom line is $139.95 for the 2017 'S', I cannot view it any other way? Actually, with all the disgruntled 'collectors', I am somewhat surprised on the quick sell out. Possibly, dealers using so-called proxies to accrue more. Your views here.
  9. "Sellout" as 'Expected' "Total Mintage of the 2017 'S' now stands at 125,000 pieces > 2nd Lowest of the American Silver Eagles. Bottom Line for the 2017 'S' { $139.95}
  10. Part ll On October 5, 2017, the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set will be offered at $139.95 with the limitation of two per household. The mintage is 50,000 sets; included is the coveted 2017 American Silver Eagle ‘S’ that was originally offered in the 2017 Congratulations Set numbered at 75,000. Place the two together and the total of 2017 American Silver Eagle ‘S’ equates to 125,000; “Second lowest mintage “, as the 1995W A.S.E. being minted at 35,000 pieces. To all the naysayers which scoffed at the original offering as being of limited value, may wish to review the totality of the A.S.E. ‘S’. The bottom line is that the price of $139.95 shall be the starting point for the 2017 American Silver Eagle ‘S’. Would any pay $139.95 for the L.E.S.P.S., and not recognize that the A.S.E. ‘S’ is the most valuable coin. In this respect, prices are surely to move upward, especially with many dealers holding a huge amount. In my personal opinion, if the dealers were wise, they would scoop up all they could, as to set the market price. If this aspect should occur, prices for the A.S.E. ’S’ (2017) could skyrocket: ’Like the 1995W”. A game of chance which many decide to play. All the experts are most welcome to add their opinion.
  11. Willing to trade one 2017 Congratulations Set for one 1994 American Proof Silver Eagle as offered from the U.S. Mint.
  12. Is it not true that the many are only looking out for themselves, caring little for anyone else? The collector delves upon what they can acquire as to reap a profit, "Just like the U.S. Mint". Not any can fault a government institution; a business at that to produce the most profit accordingly. People who collect coins are the same while trying to outsmart those that have founded the U.S. Mint. We keep everything in mind for future reference but certainly we have no qualms with the U.S. Mint, none. Thank you very much.
  13. Personally, I like the United States Mint.