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  1. Go to the auto parts store and get some Plast-X from McGuires and polish that slab up by hand. You're going to need it to polish up slabs in the future. A scratch should come out in a couple applications. Those old sticker residues come off easy with it too.
  2. This is my pocket piece. I've had it now about 15 years. It's fallen out at work, at the Chiropractors, in every car I own, and my easy chair at least a hundred times. It keeps coming back. I keep it in an AirTite to prevent wear. I use it as a card protector when I play live poker. It's always an interesting conversation piece. Lots of fun for a $50 coin.
  3. I agree with Mark. There's rub or mushy high points on the bits I can see.
  4. I'll bet each coin has consistent, soft BOOMING luster along with no ticks. Excellent coins.
  5. It is generally understood that a gold sticker means the coin is "at least" one full grade higher than the grade on the label. Accordingly, the value of the coin should increase to the new grade (as a new starting point) with actual sales results varying higher from there. There are people paying huge premiums just for the fact that the coin got a gold sticker. Additionally, I too have sent JA an MS 63 Walker that I felt was seriously undergraded. Mine came back green beaned but as a Collector submitting there is no fee if the coin fails to get a bean so the Collectors expense is
  6. Would have been interesting to describe the circumstances of the find. Maybe which state, without revealing too much info. The coin itself is one of America's great rarities but those who own the others probably don't share in the excitement since the number dilutes the dollars I'd guess.