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  1. Just thought I would try to catch up with folks. I have been away for awhile as many of you know. Health reasons. My tests are finally in the normal + range. But in February I had my 4th back surgery which left me much worse off than what I went in as. But in July we got my next hobby to keep me waking up for something to do each day, being disabled and retired, in no particular order, and waiting for Mrs. to retire in 1 1/2 yrs. It is a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with matching numbers and near original interior 84,000 miles. We owned one when we got married in 1973 and miss it sinc
  2. Done both of those. Only was able to upload in comment section
  3. Will try to add photos again
  4. Don't know why photo wasn't uploaded, maybe that's whats altered.
  5. Got this back from grading. Bought it from the Mint. Called NGC to find out what this meant. Got a gal who read a prepared sentence. I called the mint to see if they had done something to this coin, and they say no, can't be responsible for coins once they leave the mint. Still don't know what is wrong with it. I guess the Postal Service did something to it before NGC got it, because I know that they don't "alter surfaces". Anyway, can someone explain what the mints do to alter surfaces so as to negate a coin from being graded. Thanks anyone.
  6. In response to my journal about the 14 day turn around. I sent them in with the Modern tier, World coins. Also here is my colorized coin rejected as colorized outside the mint.
  7. I guess NGC edits journal entries. Some of my language has been deleted. Sad to see this. It took away some of my emotion that I felt was necessary for the entry
  8. WOW!!! I sent in 18 World coins to NGC on April 10th via small flat rate priority mail. They received it on the 12th. The 13th of April, the tracker said received and verified. I checked the tracker and it said scheduled for grading on the 16th of April. The 17th of April it said finalized/shipped. WHAT THE F!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can it be?????????? Received it this morning the 24th of April. Only 7 days to ship here. Other submissions took 2 weeks or more. WHAT'S UP WITH THIS?????? Anyone have any thoughts on this miraculous turnaround. By the way I was very pleased with the grades on thi
  9. I too am sorry to read this post as I revealed my own serious illness just a few days ago. I don't know RMW, but I feel your pain in many ways. I am sorry that We may no longer enjoy the fabulous posts and tremendous knowledge that RMW showed. My SINCERE heart and prayers to you my fellow member. I really hope that treatment stops and reverses the ills that you have.
  10. I guess that sometime everyone gets the "dreaded" phone call in life. Whether it is being notifyied of a family member death or failing health. This time it is my turn. Failing health and serious problem has made it's way to myself. I am having to start selling and don't really know how to approach it. I think there are members here that work for auction firms and people who sell online alot. If anyone could contact me about advice or people to contact I would appreciate it. If you are looking for something, let me know if I have it maybe we can work something out. I won't make a firm
  11. Hello friends, I am letting you all know I have changed my Public name. It was Eagles-R-it, but now it is RMK-Collectibles. I did this to better reflect my hobbies and buying habits. I am kind of a accumulator of lots of things, not just Silver Eagles. So all my friends here at NGC especially Rick, Brent, Keith, Glenn, Troy, and Dan I hope you continue to follow me as I will still follow you all and more. By the way, where can I find the follow/following part since the change. Anyway hope ALL members continue to enjoy my sets. THANKS THANKS THANKS. PS how do I add photos to this new f
  12. We were not allowed on the floor. But they were cranking out pennies and dimes. We also got a free packet with a cent and a planchet in it. Tour was very good I thought.
  13. Two things on my top ten list is tour the US Mint, and attend a large coin show. The Denver ANA show fit the criteria for a trip like this to get two of my top tens done. We made reservations and purchased airfare tickets in early April. The days went by and two days before our trip I decided to check the Mint website again for info on the tours. To my shock all tours were cancelled during the week of the ANA show. This was not the case when we decided on the trip. Oh well disappointed but still going to a big show. DAY 1: Wednesday. Left home at 10AM for the 2 1/2 hr. drive to the
  14. Where was this notice posted? I did not see any posts. At any rate this new journal/chat system is very difficult to understand much less participate in. It was so much better the way it was. Has NGC ever came out and said why they have done this? Curious.