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  1. What Grade on this. I'll guess! Um... MS 67* PL Cameo
  2. Yes.. There are some Great Skilled Guys here. I've been a member here since 2009, & they still fascinate me with their knowledge & Sharing of information. You can't Buy that for Free Anywhere. I learned this exact thing as a Newbie about 6 months after becoming a Member here in 2009. A Seller on here, (which is very rare) was offering around 30 Slabbed Mostly Newer Dates, of Kennedys. All were MS or PF 70's. I saw the photos after inquiring about them. I'm thinking I gave around $7 a piece for them. Several things I myself learned about that experience was that I mostly went with what looked like Great Photos of NGC Slabbed Kennedys. I received them, & immediately could see minor Scratches & small blemishes on the Holdered Coins. The second thing I saw was that there were small & then slightly bigger of what appeared to be Super Glue at certain points around the Holder. I contacted the person immediately & asked for a Refund, but my 3rd mistake was not asking if he had a Return Policy. Hard lesson to learn. He disappeared almost immediately after that because I threatened to contact NGC. It was pretty clear to me, he had tampered with the Holders, & replaced the Coins with New Coins, that probably wouldn't grade 68 if that. If he had been like the other 99.99 % of Honest people on here, he would have made it right. Again... I take full responsibility for a Lesson Well Learned. One last thing to mention is that NCS has a FAQ, describing exactly what you are asking as far as sending in a Cleaned Coin. It goes into Great Detail about what they do & don't do. If I can find it, I will Post it here.... Good Luck!